Premise 20: Accepting both light and dark inside of ourselves leads to balance

By Raphael Awen


Welcome to the 2nd last day of the 21 day SoulFullHeart Magical Mystery Premises Tour.

Today’s premise is both a stick of dynamite and a sleeping lamb, and we need both. It’s about the polarities that are present in reality, and even in what we call God, but so personally avoided and denied in spiritualities, faiths, politics (if that’s of any interest) and especially in our relationship to ourselves. Here’s the premise.

“The universe is made up of polarities. Balance is gained by accepting both light and dark-shadow in the Universe and inside of ourselves rather than suppressing the negative or rejecting it as not coming from the Divine.”

When we begin as I did in my life with a deep Christian worldview that God is only and all light, then we have to relegate all darkness to an enemy outside of God. It of course follows then to be ‘godly’ as we strove to be, we needed to ‘overcome’ the darkness inside of ourselves, as well as to embody only the light as much as possible.

This picture finds ground in our heart whether in Christianity or just in common sense because of the portion of truth that lives there. Human decency and even healthy self-interest lead us to kindness, care and respect over hatred, bitterness and anger. We have a deep inborn and innate desire to grow towards the Infinite Love that is the source and only root of all things. But all that doesn’t mean these ‘negatives’ don’t live in us, the universe, society, or the gods we fashion. Half a truth is still a lie.

When we come to accept that we all have a shadow and that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with our shadow, so much moves in our growth and personal healing path. While we deny or suppress the shadow, and strive only to get to know our light, we actually are only half human. Half humans are insane humans, who dine on half truths.

While in this half-human state of our personal suppressed shadow, we flail about being buffeted by others whose shadows we can’t see. Who we have and esteem as friends, mentors, and teachers, and to whom we even bestow the beloved name of ‘family’ alike are then also others who are polarized to this shadow suppression. We can’t see and feel the degree of toxicity that is alive and well and effecting us deeply, let alone effectively set our boundaries in regards to it. When we can’t own and take personal responsibility for our own shadow, we are left out from seeing and dealing with 1/2 of reality.

People and teachers drawn to the non-dual often have this suppression of the shadow as a motive ground for their draw. The polarities of light and dark are after all deep dualities. How I feel this reconciles is that duality is birthed out of non-duality. Non-dual oneness needed duality as a way to get to know its infinite nature. It birthed us as soul beings, and individuals, expressions of both duality and non-duality. If that’s not a pretzel, I don’t know what is, but it is our magical essence that we are here to grow, learn and heal. You already have it in essence and you have yet to enter it in experience.

Here, until we come to terms with this pretzel, one can feel as they get deeper into their existential healing a deep anger at God, or the universe for being subjected to such flights of fancy. Where does one file anger at God or the universe if they can’t recognize a shadow in themselves?

A whole human is a balanced human, knowing, feeling, and healing all that is in their light and their dark. Now, we no longer need to polarize to dualizing Christianity or non-dual Oneness teachings as a way to escape the shadow and polarity that is in the very fabric of the universe, and that resides in all of us. (not just Donald Trump)

The shadow by its very nature is difficult to see, for it is after all the shadow. How SoulFullHeart accesses the shadow is by getting to know parts of ourselves as subpersonalities that are invested in our dark, rather than our light. These are precious parts of us, that hold our very equilibrium of being intact. We cannot root them out with an exorcism in Jesus’ name, or an Ayahuasca trip to oneness. We feel them and get to know them in an act of profound self love and self intimacy. I don’t know of a better way to end our relationship with this half human expression that currently is both so popular, as well as collapsing in our collective consciousness.

If you’d like to work directly with myself, Jelelle Awen or Sequoia Heartmanas a way to begin your own SoulFullHeart process, please check out our sessions page here:

It is so exciting to feel people finding their own inner dynamite and their sleeping lamb both in their sacred autonomy.

Also, I welcome your comments, and even more so, your questions. This subject touches on so much that I didn’t attempt to explain, but left room for your quester to question, and hopefully for us to find a deeper way together.

Raphael Awen is a teacher, facilitator and co-creator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.

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