A King’s Heart is His Castle



For any man to embody his true essence as a sacred vehicle of Love, he must consider his heart his castle. It is where he holds the lost, forgotten, and wounded parts of his inner kingdom. Where he offers his benevolent compassion and healing balm of acceptance and gratitude. He lights the way home for his scattered brothers to return to the place that once held a circle of unity and integrity. It also beckons the return of his inner queen for whom he had lost but not forgotten. He combs his geography in the dark and murky places to offer safe passage back into wholeness. It is not an easy journey and is riddled with challenges that offer more guidance and opportunities for strength of heart.

As the castle begins to hum in glorious communion of self-love, the light turns itself outward to the greater lands of humanity and the cosmos. The inner lead and passion is reflected out and begins to call to his brothers to build their own castles and kingdoms. To send his Love call to his outer Queen for they were always meant to be together. She is what invites him to the higher realms and He provides the chariot for which they will travel in union.

There is no greater call in these ever-shifting times. It is our return to our inner sacred King that provides the thrust forward, outward, and onward. I hope you will join me in co-creating a new Heaven on Earth.

Sequoia Heartman is a writer, heartist, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.


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