Releasing Body Traumas At The Cellular Level During Ascension

By Jelelle Awen


I spent the first days (maybe weeks) of my life inside of a incubator. I was six weeks premature and had underdeveloped lungs or specifically small air sacs. The incubator provided the controlled environment I had left early in order to begin an incarnation during one of the potentially most tumultuous times in human history. The fact of my early birth and time in the incubator are aspects of my life story, yet, I had previously relived the emotional reactions I felt during that time during a process group many years ago: fear, powerlessness, and a strong desire to go back ‘home’.

This last week, with my lungs in an agitated state and a deep cough, my body took me back to this time when I was newly born with fragile lungs. I heard the whoosh of the machines near me and the muffled sound of the nurses’ voices. Occasional hands would come in through the openings and sooth me or take me out of the incubator for feeding and cleaning. What I had not previously remembered were the light beings around me, brightness outlining angel wings. I had not realized before that I came close to death (maybe my mother never told me or didn’t know). The Ethereal Beings were there to offer that I needed to stay to live out my purpose on Earth….I had ‘a lot to do’.

I could feel the memory of this newborn experience living in the cells of my body, in my DNA, which as it is upgrading in the ascension process is letting go of the memories stored within from my lifetime as a carbon-based human being. I also felt this week the memories stored at a cellular level from fifteen years of cigarette smoking. I started when I was 17 and quit nearly 13 years ago now, yet the damage from so many inhalations of nicotine and other chemicals seems to live inside of my cells: in their memory. Over the years, I felt the emotional pain that drew me to smoking and, also, the biggest motivation of all, which was a means to escape daily life for a few minutes and have peace to myself. This week, I am experiencing the cells purging the memories of this repeated damage.

I’m sharing these experiences because they illuminate for me an interesting aspect to the physical phases of the ascension process. This process is about raising our vibrational frequency to experience a higher consciousness and filtering of reality that is more in alignment with our essence as Infinite Love and from a Divine source. What does it actually mean for a body to become a crystalline body or Christ Consciousness/fifth dimensional (and higher) body? None of us actually know, although many are experiencing the transition to it.

We are experiencing food craving changes and appetite shifts. This is leading to more and more people choose being vegetarian or vegan, eat more organic vegetables, no longer eating processed foods, as they connect eating certain foods with a raised or lowered vibrational frequency. We are getting headaches that are beyond just some pressure in the head and that feel like things are actually getting rearranged inside of our skulls which, in a way, they are. The pituitary and pineal glands especially are getting rewired and expanded. You can almost hear them crackling with new energetic strands being wired up. I have seen mine forming new crystal structures that look like snowflakes. They become the new processing center for the new Crystalline human, along with the heart chakra.

There are the ascension flu symptoms that I’ve been experiencing lately which I now feel, as I shared, is actually the cells letting go of memories of illness and damage. We can’t take these denser frequencies ‘with us’ and so they need to be moved out of the vessel to continue the rise in vibrational frequency upward. I recommend thinking about what might be stored in your body’s cells, what memories of 3D life might you need to heal and release? There doesn’t seem to be ‘time’ when it comes to cellular memory, so even the earliest childhood experiences of physical trauma are stored.

The sense that I have about all this, and what I have been offered many times by my guides, is that this is all part of a sacred process. This sacred process has been given to us as a gift by Gaia herself who is ascending already and our hostess is inviting us to come along. It’s a process provided to us by star beings who want to exist with us in a collaborative world on a Golden Earth. The discomfort of purging, releasing what no longer serves, moving beyond the old to embrace the new….it is all worth it in the dawning of a new beginning, new reality, with new bodies in a new world made of love.

Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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