The Power of I AM


There are no two more life-changing words in the English language than I AM.  They are definitive in nature.  They send a frequency that either supports or changes your conscious reality.  The universe responds in kind to this energy.  Even in thought form, these words pack a co-creative brush stroke.  

In English we say “I am afraid”.  If you were to literally translate in Spanish it would be interpreted that you are the embodiment of fear.  You would be looked at a little funny. But in Spanish they say (literally in English) “I have fear”.  Or they use the more temporal version of “to be” to denote that you are in temporary state of a condition.  I bring this up because the words that follow I AM are catalytic.  When you say “I am frustrated” you are saying that you have become the energy of that state.  If you rephrase that to “I feel frustrated” or even better yet “A part of me feels frustrated” you have separated your true essence from the energy you are experiencing in the moment.  I don’t believe this is merely semantics.  However, now that I say that, semantics have an enormous impact on our reality.  

Is this just more of the positive thinking model?  To some degree yes.  But what I don’t want to ignore is that I have a feeling that still needs to be felt so that I can give it love to be healed.  By recognizing my essence as the highest vibration of Love, then I can feel this within the parameters of my expanding heart and not just fuse to the energy that takes me down a spiral staircase of lower vibration.  After the initial ground of healing the parts of us that originate this feeling, any other similar feelings can be raised by the offsetting of the power of I AM.

I have been through many moments with my parts that hold a lot of former pain.  I AM at point where my vibration is on an ascending trajectory.  My heart is opening, my self-love is growing, and I am serving that overflow to others.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have echoes from my former wounds that are working their way from the collective or other etheric beings.  The words that follow I AM are to course correct my purpose and path to my highest potential and expression.  I watch my thoughts without judgement and when things start to feel less than the highest love I have felt for myself, I take time to go in and re-calibrate.  To remember who and what I AM and what frequency is truly my natural state.

This is a daily practice.  We have been so comfortable with the uncomfortable, so familiar with what used to be unfamiliar.  It is a matter of patient persistence, this journey of ascending frequency.  It is also a matter of how to bring more love into your heart and BEing. You are no longer a prisoner to your conditioning, no longer a victim to circumstance.  You are an epically powerful creator.  Many of us don’t have the faintest clue how true that is.  I don’t feel I have grasped the enormity of it.  I AM choosing to heal and feel my way there.  I AM going in and seeking the guidance of those that have come before me and light the way to my Infinite Beginning.  I AM an angel soul.  I AM a part of a larger and magnificent galactic purpose.  I AM a leader, teacher, artist, and lover.  I am told I AM more than I can possibly imagine, so I trust that and keep imagining.  There is no ceiling other than the one we self-lovingly create for ourselves until we are ready for more.  I AM you and YOU ARE me and we shall see each other again at the height of our Glory as One in the Heart of Love.  I look forward to your own creation and what we can create together.  I AM ready.  If you are too, I would love to serve you in your journey to all that You Are.  

Sequoia Heartman is a writer, heartist, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.


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