Creating A ‘Column’ of Sacred Humanity Guided Meditation During Group Call

By Jelelle Awen


Still an opportunity to join our group call that happens in five hours at 11:11am CST (mexico city) time zone! Email us at or connect through facebook if you would like to join us! Feeling good energies of Archangel Metatron coming in through my upper, upper chakras…all the light codes integrating that I’ve taken this week through direct sunlight, integrating during sleep…AND feeling rootedness and groundedness from many days at the shore, the beach, scrambling over rocks, laying in sand with Mother Gaia. I will lead a d meditation today for about 30 minutes during the call that will help to create a column, connecting us to our upper chakras, cosmic and galactic connections while moving through the spine-light body and down into the center of Earth-Gaia. This column is key to the inner gridwork (if you want to call it that) of the NEW sacred human. This span from ‘wings’ to ‘roots’ is our capacity, our range, as we integrate our star BEing-ness with our human-ness. It really does feel like a tree!

Integration of these energies is what creates a sense of balance and also capacity to hold the emotional woundings and pieces that come up from your past experiences this life and karmic binds from other lifetimes. Feels like we’ll be talking and teaching more today in the call about the process that we offer through SoulFullHeart that responds to and holds space for the awakening and healing of these places inside the emotional body and soul field that cause suffering loops and can act as ‘anchors’ to the ascension process. Held and responded to with love though and they can unclog, heal, and integrate….moved on in a flow of love! More on that process here:…

The call today is scheduled for about two hours with individual check in time (if you want to, it is totally your choice) meditation and teachings withRaphael, Leena, and Gabriel. We do ask for a love donation in the form of money (no minimum amount) as it creates an exchange of intentional energy between us. You can offer that donation here in whichever currency you use and we’ll send you the meeting ID link on zoom:….

Much love from my heart to YOURS….Jelelle, Metatron, et al.

photo taken by me of the POWERFUL sun rays, golden earth frequencies, at the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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