Trust: The Merkaba to Infinite Love


There is one word that I feel has more influence on us in our healing and emergence as sacred humans than almost any other and that is TRUST.  It is the bridge that connects us to the Motherland of Love.  In our pure essence, the word just doesn’t exist (not that any word does but you know what I mean).  We just ARE.  We flow, move, and accept all that IS because we are in harmony with Love.  But if we were pure essence, I wouldn’t be here writing and you wouldn’t be here reading.  We would be ONE.  And we ARE.. essentially.  But we chose to live and experience in this differentiated/ fractured dimension to experience ourselves as Love outside Itself to experience Itself. Learning to trust Itself back to Oneness.  

This separation was/is a scary thing for us.  And for Love.  If we experience this existential terror then so does Love.  It too is diving off a cliff to see what happens.  But the one thing Love has is Trust that it will reclaim Itself no matter how hairy things may get.  I feel for us in our human expression, this is a very epic lesson.  If Love has trust, and we ARE Love then what makes it so damned hard to trust sometimes?  We clearly have a part of us that still hasn’t drank the heart-shaped KoolAid cup yet.  Welcome to the relationship with our 3D self.  

We so badly want to let go of all that holds us back from experiencing Joy and Purpose.  And we have on so many levels.  I don’t believe there is a single soul on this planet that doesn’t have an issue with trust.  It may be less of an issue for some, but there is going to be something that kicks up this very human relationship to fear.  It is why we are here.  To continue this healing toward Pure Trust or Ultimate Surrender.  The chasm between where we are NOW and this desired place is different for all of us.  It is through experience that we learn to trust.  We have to act upon something. Make a choice and see what happens.  The results that occur are not always going to be the ones we are hoping for.  Just because they don’t happen doesn’t mean that we didn’t receive something we were meant or dialed up to learn.  If the result is traumatic then our level of trust will determine our ability to let in the deeper meaning, while we allow for all our reactions to be had in response to said event.  

There are also other life experiences and soul woundings that have great impact on our relationship to trust.  By asking our guides for assistance we can be shown many different soulscapes that provide much heart data to what is THIS life wounding and what is part of our larger MetaSoul picture.  What is in our fractal that contributes to this trust wounding?  There are stories to be unveiled and felt.

Can we hold the Meta-space of Trust while we navigate our journey into our new sacred humanity?  It becomes our life-preserver.  Our invisible stepping stone or set of forgotten wings.  It provides a container, a Merkaba, for our entrance into and through unknown portals of experience.  Without it, we stay stuck and stagnant on some level, even if we have access on others.  Ultimately we want ALL of us to come with us into this new frequency of existence.  If there are soul aspects that still have issues of trust, we can have a relationship with it to bring more of our essence of Love into the heartscape.  
The Separation is a uniquely 3D traumatic experience, I feel.  In 4D consciousness we have the tools to hold space for that within us but we need support along the way.  So many times have I taken leaps of faith and taken the fear with me.  I was also gifted with not just my own guidance from angels and other aetheric beings,  but also that of soul family.  Our 3D self needs it.  There are those that have been across many trust chasms and have found their way on the other side.  Leaning into that experience is essential.  I feel this is an ongoing journey for us.  Continuing to embody our own bigness and gifts,  while continuing to lean further into the forgotten territories of Galactic Love Consciousness to bring more and more Joy and Bliss to our collective creation.  Trust is the way across and into this new territory.  Finding the distrust and feeling its very real reasons for not trusting provides us the ground upon which we may take one step at a time.

Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at

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