Leaving Credibility Behind


By Raphael Awen

Come with me for a moment, leave the world of the so called ‘credible’ behind to feel the world of the ‘IN-credible’…

Imagine for a moment that planet earth is likened to a single grain of sand, and then imagine that, for each and every of the other grains of sand on planet earth, that there exists another earth-like planet in the cosmos…watery, inhabited and abounding in life. One for every grain of sand!

Start with a pinch of sand…that’s countable, right?… bit of a challenge, but doable. Then try a tablespoon. Jump to a wheelbarrow of sand, and then to a sandbox full. One earth like planet for every single grain…. No wild way any of that’s possible, let alone one for every grain of sand in the earth!

But who’s to say?

Our minds are quick to point out that we don’t have any ‘credible’ science to back up such a notion (which actually isn’t accurate as new science is in fact emerging to strongly support this), but I invite you to FEEL this idea first with your heart and let your mind follow. Does it FEEL possible? Does it FEEL desirable? What about the opposite; that we on planet earth are the only ones ‘here’ in the cosmos…does that FEEL desirable or even possible to you?

Credibility is so far from all that it’s sized up to be. Something that’s ‘credible’ simply means that it is a ‘truth’ that has been given its stamp of approval by someone or some group, outside of yourself, who took it upon themselves to grant such accreditation, as a correct truth or a right truth for you to believe in. ‘Credibility’ is the world of mutual agreement where you are offered a false sense of belonging in exchange for suppressing your own truth. That if you believe what you are told is true, you won’t be frowned upon by the group or by these self declared gods of ‘Thee Truth’.

The truly IN-credible is the world where what you believe and see and feel as YOUR TRUTH is authorized from withIN you, from your own heart. Where you are the author. Where you are the creator….where the seeing that leads to believing is the seeing that YOU see through your third eye of true sight. The world of the INcredible is the world where you assume full power and full responsibility for what you believe and why.

You are free to believe whatever you want to. You are free to believe whatever you feel to. You no longer have any need for being ‘right’. You get to be wrong in fact, and change your mind and heart as often as you wish or need to. You get to invite others who are ready to explore their own truth to feel you as you explore yours. You get to live from your curiosity, rather than what you think you know as any kind of final truth. You get to let the world of not-knowing lead you to a truer and deeper ever unfolding kind of knowing, where even that ‘truth’ is again surrendered into deeper still realms of knowing what you never actually knew.

The only thing stopping you from taking this power of yours AS YOURS is the degree of your own unmet need to belong to something outside of yourself. What will ‘they’ think and what will ‘they’ say about me if I don’t agree or sign on with their deal? Are you ready instead to entertain the feeling of belonging entirely to yourself? Only as you belong to yourself are you able to truly share yourself with others. You cannot share what you do not own. Conforming in order to belong can’t actually provide any lasting sense of belonging, as you have not actually entered yourself into the circle, but instead only a caricature of you that pretends to believe and see the world in a certain conformist way. As they say in football, ‘you have no skin in the game’.

If the picture of our single planet earth that we were taught to believe is everything, as far as inhabited planets are concerned, is actually only the tiniest piece of a much greater thing, then we are brought to an awe; a surrender; and a curiosity of truly staggering proportions as we stand before that greater thing.

Then we also see that that ‘greater thing’ is also what WE ARE, as we share in the essence of that awe-filled reality regardless of the size comparison of our ‘known’ world to the unknown cosmos. Essence and ‘The All’ permeates all and vice versa.

We are brought to reverence.

We are brought to child-like wonder.

We are brought to LOVE.

Raphel Awen

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Published by

Raphael Awen

Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Masculine & Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, BEloved King.

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