Mediocre Manhood


By Raphael Awen

Escaping mediocre manhood will require awareness of how you are showing up as man, what isn’t working for you, the humility to admit it and the choice to seek something more.

How each of us as men have become the man we are has so much to do with the patterns of manhood that we were shown. These patterns were ingrained into us going to the heart of our being.

The word ‘pattern’ is from the same original word for the words; father; papa and patriarch. Our father is literally our pattern, our ‘patron’ Saint, our admission into the ‘patriarchy’. Each of us as men is running a kind of emotional operating system that came to us via our fathers. Our father got it from his father, and so on and on.

These patterns also exist in us also through meta-soul aspects that we are connected to, from other lifetimes. These archetypal records are like music record albums that are then played on us as the record players, or to be more up to date, like mp3 files that we download and play, but are not actually expressions of our higher self, but rather energies that our higher self is drawing to our attention for resolve.

It is only as the contents of all this,…let’s call it our EOS (Emotional Operating System) become conscious and brought up into our awareness, that we can even begin to move out of mediocrity in our manhood.

This alone is a big step.

Many men have a weird codependent relationship between them as men whereby they agree not to speak any ‘negativity’ towards their fathers. What this really is, is an agreement to keep the patriarchy intact from generation to generation. Only as you refuse to participate in the insanity will you find a beginning ground to leave the insanity. This means you’re going to have get critical about dad and his pattern as it lives in you. You don’t need to be nasty about it. You don’t need to dwell here any longer than you do, but you can’t escape owning this arising awareness. Your critique will need to be honest enough and vocal enough to exit the insanity.

You don’t owe your dad a thing, and an emotionally healthy dad doesn’t expect a thing in return for his role and years as a father. Now, after this healthy completion of the childhood phase, dad and son can go on to forge a new relationship with the old one completing.

Only now, after this death and rebirth, can new patterns be explored and come to be a part of a new EOS.

Men want more. It’s in them at their very core. Exploring this more will be finding, feeling and healing the aspects of your EOS that no longer serve your most authentic version of yourself arising.

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