Moving From The Isolation Of The Void Space And Into Being Filled Up With Love

By Jelelle Awen


Then, there is the void. It feels like many souls will be in this as consciousness continues to shift and change. Maybe you are in this now or, at least, in moments? The void is the space in between the dips of necessary purgings and clearings and the peaks of feeling connected to Divine love, All That Is, the sense of your Higher Self kNOWingness. The void is the place that is the ‘during’…….the AFTER of the old and yet BEFORE the new has fully come in.

I was reminded of the void yesterday and how deep it can feel and BE. My heart went out with compassion toward the walking out of this phase as I felt it during session space with a beautiful, brave soul who is navigating this ground and asking me to support her to discover what arises on the other side of it. I could feel a resonant experience of it for myself too and for how it feels like the void will become more and more the collective experience too as we move from 3D consciousness to higher.

How lonely this void can feel. How isolating. How crazy making. It can seem to get bigger and bigger, never ending, a chasm that you can’t possibly jump over. It can feel like there will not be something on the other side of it again. Nothing to land in, nothing that will rise up to meet you.

Parts of you may feel so lost in this void. It feels like living in an empty house. It feels like looking in a mirror and seeing NO reflection there. You may feel like you truly have NO IDEA who you are anymore.

This void grows in your life as you awaken, as your soul frequencies rumble through you. As you are vacating the previous 3D life that parts of you, your 3D self, built up so carefully. You are purposely tearing down, pushing away, letting go. Things are slipping/cracking/completing. The previously nourishing relationships running out of ground and feel more and more shallow until they just fade away. These relationships once ‘told’ you who you were and you may find that you can’t locate yourself that way anymore. Another person’s ideas of who you are no longer offer the outlines that they once did.

The void is when compelling careers and jobs (even the spiritually-based ones) are no longer able to be responded to and the new means of livelihood based on soul purpose expression have not been connected to yet. You may be financially ‘broke’ as you break away from money earning energies that don’t fit anymore. No self identify or self image is able to be propped up by the doing or showing up for the role anymore, so there is a drifting confusion about claiming a soul purpose expression. There are moments of feeling that you want to serve and share, yet a persisting lack of clarity about HOW and in what way.

It can feel like the void will last ‘forever’, yet, it is ultimately temporary. As you rewire your entire life, there is a necessary ‘lights out’ phase. If you are truly letting go of what doesn’t serve your soul, love WILL eventually come in to fill the space UP again. Love wants to do this. Love comes in to fill the void in the form of soul family connections that offer a deeper intimacy and realness, a true reSOULnance. Love comes in the form of self intimacy that grows as you embrace what is authentically you and no longer resist ANY aspects of yourself, responding to love all that is within you. Love comes in the form of synchroniticies and opportunities and resonances that you learn to trust, following with less doubt.

Love wants to light you UP again. Love wants to fill the voids. Let it INTO your life again in whatever ways and means it is inviting you to. Trust your opening upper heart to guide you through and out of the lostness. Trust your soul to find the way through. Trust love to show you the way to the NEW where the spaces are filling in, arising into Infinite Possibilities in every moment.

Jelelle Awen
We offer through SoulFullHeart a free intro session to experience our process….a heartline to navigate the void, moving through and to the other side of it.

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