Work As Play

301Photo by Mike Giles

By Raphael Awen

‘Sorry, but we’re all out of jobs now. There’s lots of play to choose from, but the jobs are all gone…’

If you are still seeking ‘work’ that can be exchanged for money, that isn’t coming from your deepest heart in the world, you are busy trying to fill a bathtub with a big ol’ drain and no stopper.

This used to work to some semblance of functionality, but the wheels are falling off this cart now. Where did we ever get the idea that doing something you didn’t love, that wasn’t coming from your heart, that you had to be in a big pretentious lie to endure, but that you could exchange money for, would actually contain any real value long term?

Money is only what we make it to be. It isn’t ‘real’, according to any laws of nature, other than it is what we energize it to be. When you make money doing something you don’t love, you are devaluing the value of the money you earn, and anything you buy with that money, is in turn filled with that energy, snowballing into deeper and deeper dissatisfaction.

We’ve collectively gone on to monetize everything and anything we could get our hands on, but that is changing fast. What I see happening now is a big demonetization scheme that the universe is supporting big time. The way personally into this energy is to feel more and more about who you are and what you are at a deeper level and begin to make choices deeper and deeper in alignment with this more authentic you. It won’t change overnight because it’s not meant to. You actually need to feel every step along the way, even if it feels like 1 step forward and 2 back at times.

Consider how the digital world collapsed the monetization of the music and publication industries. Huge mammoths that most took as a given would be with us till the end of time, are now considered dinosaurs. What we are on the verge now of having similarly dawn on our consciousness is the uselessness and the anxiety of the entire idea of ‘private’ ‘property’. Something very different, from different core assumptions of what the universe IS, as well as new technologies, will be at both the roots as well as the tallest branches of this new expression. You can feel this reality here now coming from higher dimensions filtering down into the more familiar 3D.

Want to start a revolution, with some web skills? Start a website called or something similar that resembles Craig’s List, but conditions everything on being free. Maybe it’s already out there. Sounds crazy to our current conditioning, I know, but watch how many people need and want to clear their souls of the monetization trap they find themselves in?

It feels like we are about to do away with money completely as we know it. This opens out a whole lot of questions of what exchange will look and feel like and how things like motive and security will play out, but these are the very things that are changing under our feet.

If you are still sailing on the ship built squarely in old paradigm values, and you are wondering about how secure your future is, that’s because your future isn’t very secure in the old paradigm, and the holes in your ship are getting larger. Your anxiety, along with your waning energy for it is proof of the crumbling foundation. Time now to ask new QUESTions as you self lovingly, one step at a time embrace a new quest.

I can tell you what your future will look and feel like whether you chose this path or not, as we eventually will ALL get this…. Your future will be about having the fullest of security and enjoyment and pleasure from doing what you love, that comes from your heart. We are heading into a world where in the not too distant future, it will be openly frowned upon and be very self evident when anyone is pretending a role play in a ‘job’ for money alone. It will be seen as harm to self and others, not from a moral place, but from a place of being counter to love, counter to joy, and counter to freedom. How could anything outside of love possibly create and hold any true value?

Talk about a climate where most business models go south! ‘Business owners’ are going to have to come up with carrots a whole lot grander than money, and fast, if they wish to survive and transition.

What’s your deeper play, that your heart is on board with?

If you don’t know, what steps could you take to find out?

What adjustments could you make, or get ready to make, to your current trajectory and circumstances that would support this unfolding?

What stresses on your physical body and relationships do you need bring into your honest awareness as part of the funding of this shift of consciousness?

These are some of the beginning questions that we are being invited into. The universe has an unlimited infinite journey ahead for all of us, and life as we currently know it, that seems unchanging at times, is only one tiny chapter in a much grander story. This present chapter of lack and control, and ‘take it or leave it’ bosses, was just needed to set up the next chapter!

If you personally are done with that chapter, then you get to go on ahead as an early adopter to assist these pieces into the larger collective.

It’s the funnest fun! And it’s all play.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about Weekly Sessions, Live Streams, Videos, and Community.

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