Energy Update: Personal Experiences Of Blissful Unification From Within And With Others

By Jelelle Awen


We’ve been receiving such powerful light activations and codes through various portals and openings since the Lion’s Gate opening in August. These energies are continuing to be offered through mid-December as a boost to usher us into the New Year. There can be a calibration to these energies that needs to happen on the physical, emotional, and chakra levels. This calibration can ignite a sometimes intense detoxification, purging, clearing, and cleansing for you as ‘every living cell’ and your emotional body (AND your chakras) prepare to receive these upgrades. Depending on where you are in your ascension process, emotional body/3D healing, and your Metasoul access/capacity, the experience of this calibration can be quite intense and, often, lead to Dark Nights, death and rebirth, moving into a void space of isolation. In general, it can feel very MESSY at times, dark and bleak to parts of you.

I’ve had two beautiful, blissful awakening experiences in the last week that I wanted to share with you. I feel that sharing THESE aspects of ascension can support the drive in you (and for parts of you) to keep going, keep trusting, keep growing through the sometimes necessary mess phases and the letting go and the death and rebirths. I need these bliss experiences myself as a beacon to remind me of what really is possible in our ongoing ascension into 5D sacred human in our bodies. I need them to continue to feel in overflow to share love and these possibilities for you and with you.

This week, after a particular amazing love making experience with my BEloved Raphael, I felt as if my ‘every living cell’ was having an orgasm. It was beyond the body bliss that I could associate as orgasm though. It was IN the body for sure, every living cell, yet also, I felt as if my whole consciousness was expanded out into the Universe and BEyond. I had loose mind and I couldn’t really track or put thoughts together. We went to the beach afterwards and the sun codes seemed to amplify the effects, which I felt for several hours. This was like afterglow times a thousand!

I’ve come to recognize this as Kundalini driplines, an infusion of Kundalini to lighten, to expand, to help me feel BEyond the mind. They are wonderful and not frightening, although when the energy of Kundalini is flooded in it can be very intense for the body/emotional body/chakras to absorb. I believe then the Inner Protector comes in to shut down the energies, even as much as the conscious personality wants to experience such states of consciousness.

Raphael and I had a very connected and beautiful process together this week, with him connecting with his Gatekeeper in a deeper way and feeling more how we are Counterpart Soulmates to each other, opening up to going into journeys together to meet more of our pair bonds in other timelines, lifetimes. The Gatekeeper is a very important energy from our Metasoul that guards and protects (keeps the veil up to our remembering) our Metasoul until we awaken, connect with them, and gain fluid access to it. This experience brought an even deeper ground of unity between Raphael and I as partners and to our USness, offering a wonderful sense of conscious duality, as another layer of defensiveness dropped between us. More about Gatekeepers in this writing, which we’ve been working with since 2008 and have recently gotten much more clear about due to the veils being lifted on seeing and remembering them:

The other blissfully expansive experience I had this week was yesterday during meditation. I connected with my Metasoul Aspects in Avalon, a fourth dimensional timeline overlaying Glastonbury, England. I was standing in a circle on the top of a sacred hill called the Tor. All of the Metasoul Aspects that I have connected with were there with me, about 15 in all! Each of these aspects has been revealed to me in the last few years in an organic way. This is beyond ‘past life recall’. This is a deeply visceral and meaningful experience of relationship with these aspects as alive, existing in the now, energies and personalities. Connection with our Metasoul aspects provides many gifts in the exchange, including the quantum clearing of karmic patterns and wounds. I am noticing that it is becoming more efficient to engage in this clearing as more Metasoul aspects are woken up, as they then help each other.

In this circle were Metasoul aspects I have written about many times on my, plus in my book Keep Waking Up! Morgaine from Avalon was leading the circle, along with Ealanthra, who is the Faerie Queen. My most recently awakened Metasoul aspect named Priscilla from the Ancient Greece timeline was also there, now undergoing studies in Avalon with Morgaine to become a Priestess. When I first connected with her, Priscilla was suicidal and very hopeless. It is amazing to feel her transformation in just a ‘couple of weeks’! The feelings of unity amongst my Metasoul and these fractals of it, really my BEloved sisters, was so strong and comforting.

The Divine Mother then emerged from the center of the circle, energizing toward all of my Metasoul Aspects that we are projections from Her as our source. She was supporting our re-unification with Her in a conscious way through our individuated expression. I cried as I was so touched to be reminded (rehearted) how unification begins and originates from WITHIN us. It was amazing to feel this connection feeling from inside of myself, not dependent on any other person, inviting me to ‘come together’ as a team. I am experiencing more and more my Metasoul as a ‘collective’ energy and this collective has now become the gatekeeper of it. Not a specific energy as described in the Gatekeeper writing I linked to above, yet rather, a choice from the Metasoul about which Aspect to awaken next.

It is these blissful experiences of unification from within AND with others that makes the ascension and awakening journey worth it. All the process. All the spaceholding for self. All the letting go of relationships that no longer serve and fit. All the peeling away of distractions of the 3D self. All the choices that others didn’t understand or judged. All of the going within. ALL of these things become worth it as you experience your Infinite Love essence arising from within, overflowing to others, and BEcoming whole again in its expression within your sacred human body!


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond.

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