You’ve Won The 2018 Three Wishes Altered Reality Lottery


By Raphael Awen

So boom, 3 wishes, they’re yours for 2018. You won the Altered Reality Lottery, the one with the humongous billboard freeway signs.

Whatever you want, be it material, emotional, or etherical. Money, happiness, relationships, or Angelic visits, you name it.

It takes a bit of work, but you decide on 3. Turn of the clock, boom! 2018. They’re yours.

The depression is gone because you’re on full time happy. The not enough money problem is behind you and that feels relieving. And wow, this contact with Archangels is crazy magical…who’d have guessed all this was real!? You decided on a balanced approach between the material, the spiritual and the emotional, shooting for the best of all worlds.

You’re in a new reality. After the initial surprise, honeymoon, and adjusting to the new reality, settling in, you do what every being has ever done with any reality. You normalize it. You adapt to it. You don’t really want the magic to wear off, but you also need to integrate this new life somehow into what’s left of your old life.

You begin to wonder if you chose the three best things. You could have chosen a loyal mate instead of the money piece. What difference would that have made you wonder. ‘Am I lonely?’, you ask. But you really can’t tell, because your happiness never wavers now, thanks to your first wish. You never guessed there could or would be any issues around having too much money, but, wow, did that ever turn out to be more than a little naive! But, again, though, you’re emotional body has one setting now, thank God, wish number one took care of that too. No regrets now, or ever, for that matter.

You’re able to talk with the Archangels about anything and everything for as long as you want, but it doesn’t take that long actually, and it was sort of like the initial ‘wow’ of the internet wearing off. You could talk to anyone of the Archangels, anytime, about anything and it sort of run out of gas. There just aren’t really any problems anymore. You’re happy whether you speak with them all day or not at all.

You don’t really ‘happen’ upon anything like you used to, and feel happy as a result. You’re happy 24/7/365 regardless of what happens or not. You’ll be happy a year from now, and every year from now.

Your friends around you can’t relate to you as you don’t seem to have any needs, but why then do some still hang around? Good question, but you can’t get too worked up it, or about anything else for that matter. You have everything you want, though some close to you would surely guess that all is not as well as it seems in Denmark.

You have these growing feelings of wondering if you literally had life taken from you in the lottery you ‘won’, but it’s super hard to tell, again, because there’s only one damn setting on the emotional dial. You’re stuck on fucking happy!

And all of a sudden, you wake up and realize, it was all a dream. ‘Thank god’, you gasp, as you take in a very deep breath, ‘I was only dreaming I was happy all the time; that I never would ever again have need of anything that money could buy; and thank god, I get to smash that already broken thermostat on my emotional body!’

What a friggin’ prison that was.

You get to feel the parts of you that have needs. You get to feel the parts of you that have wants. You get to be unhappy along with the very unhappy parts of you in order to to feel and move what they feel as they are feeling it. You get to walk out and live your real life, one self loving step at a time. You realize the life you are in now is the real one you really chose, the one in which you get to make and evaluate new choices, feeling everything as you go.

Welcome to the real 2018!

I’ll meet you there… 🙂

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about Weekly Sessions, Live Streams, Videos, and Community.

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