Navigating Choices Rather Than Avoiding Them

By Raphael Awen

While my ‘what it feels like to be me’ has shifted and grown so much in life, the thing that remains constant is the vulnerability to desire, courage and choice.

Growth doesn’t lead to less challenge, though it does afford a grace to be with challenge. Growth doesn’t mean I have less desire, or less occasions that call for deep courage.

Many are of the mind that raising their consciousness will be some kind of escape from being human, a transcendence into bliss…….only to end up feeling very small at their inability to actually achieve their desired escape.

We came here to fully feel, to choose between difficult options, to experience fully, to lose, to gain. We had all the bliss we could imagine and it grew boring and lonely. We wanted more and we still do.

If this is true, then what we’re really left with is finding a way to navigate choices, rather than a means of avoiding our choices. This is about finding and feeling each part of us invested in the losses and gains involved in any given piece of life drama. When parts of us get truly felt by us, they are freed to integrate with our hearts and surrender into the changes and growth. They become unstuck in the balm of our heart space.

Consciousness then makes great strides into new domains of being as we are prepared to vibrate at the new frequencies needed to be with life at the new level.

Raphael Awen

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