Casket To Cradle/Death & Rebirth Guided Meditation Video Four Deepen 2020 W/Jelelle Awen

By Jelelle Awen


In this fourth video of my video series called Deepen 2020, I (Jelelle Awen, SoulFullHeart Teacher/Facilitator) talk about the death/rebirth cycle that we are constantly going through in awakening…the ‘death’ of 3D conditioning and the layers of protection created from it and the ‘birth’ of our awakening, 4D/5D self with parts of us integrating into it as they heal. I share about how you might be experiencing this death/rebirth cycle in your life, on a spectrum from subtle to extreme life changes, choices, transitions, and shifts, and how tuning into Divine trust and soul context helps with it.

In the meditation, Mother Mary and Dark Mother join you in a funeral service to honor and feel the part of you that wants and is ready to die, to let go, and to move on. Mother Mary then guides you to connect with the higher frequency version of yourself being born in a cradle. The meditation helps you to bridge and hold space for the death/rebirth process in a conscious way while you are connected to Divine support and trust.

Thank you for joining me in this video….as we move into Deepening energies together… beloved part of us at a time! You can watch each video in the Deepen 2020 playlist on my SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel here:…

You can watch videos from my previous 33 Day Deepen series from 2019 here:…

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Navigating Choices Rather Than Avoiding Them

By Raphael Awen

While my ‘what it feels like to be me’ has shifted and grown so much in life, the thing that remains constant is the vulnerability to desire, courage and choice.

Growth doesn’t lead to less challenge, though it does afford a grace to be with challenge. Growth doesn’t mean I have less desire, or less occasions that call for deep courage.

Many are of the mind that raising their consciousness will be some kind of escape from being human, a transcendence into bliss…….only to end up feeling very small at their inability to actually achieve their desired escape.

We came here to fully feel, to choose between difficult options, to experience fully, to lose, to gain. We had all the bliss we could imagine and it grew boring and lonely. We wanted more and we still do.

If this is true, then what we’re really left with is finding a way to navigate choices, rather than a means of avoiding our choices. This is about finding and feeling each part of us invested in the losses and gains involved in any given piece of life drama. When parts of us get truly felt by us, they are freed to integrate with our hearts and surrender into the changes and growth. They become unstuck in the balm of our heart space.

Consciousness then makes great strides into new domains of being as we are prepared to vibrate at the new frequencies needed to be with life at the new level.

Raphael Awen

Incoming July Energies Support Change Choices & Integration

by Kalayna Colibri

It doesn’t feel like we’re in a phase of much being activated at the moment, though it depends very much on the phase that you find yourself in. If you’ve recently been navigating some significant life changes, you may find that you’re actually in a phase of integrating them… and if you’re trying to figure out your next step at the moment, or taking some sort of action in order to exit one phase and enter another, you may find that you’re being asked to find some stillness amid challenges that are springing up. It feels like whatever side of “change” you’re on right now, whether in the INcubation or INtegration phase of it, you may be feeling the birth canal of the rebirth these energies coming in are inviting you into. And what’s more is that these changes are a direct result of your awakening journey so far… they are all a graduation point, even the difficult ones, and they all want to lead you to your next places on your journey.

You may be starting to realize that parts of you have been over-focused on ‘making change happen’ in one particular area of your life, whether it’s trying to lose some physical weight, moving to a new home, looking for work, or completing/beginning a relationship. This over-focus feels two-fold to me: first, I feel there is an invitation here to feel how the work to ‘make something happen’ is a part trying to force something that perhaps has its own timing and probably out of a fear of missing out on an opportunity or to bring someone or something closer to you in your life for fear of losing them, or losing your next chance, whatever that may mean; and second, I feel too the invitation to begin seeing the bigger picture of the changes, that they connect to all areas of your life and not just one. It’s like trying to work out by only targeting one muscle group when really it’s your whole body that needs your attention and love. Plus, compartmentalizing is probably losing its ground for you in general, so the focus on only one thing/area or even person in your life is something you won’t actually be able to maintain for long as it all wants and needs to connect and integrate together.

It feels like July is a ‘hot’ month for bringing in and settling into changes too. I get a ‘coming and going’ sort of feeling around it. You may be experiencing a push-pull inside of you around change too, as parts of you want it and others don’t, and this polarization becomes harder and harder to ignore. You can choose to feel the parts and the ways in which they’re attached to what you’re taking steps to let go of and the ways they feel about what/who you’re trying to let in too. Your Inner Protector especially will have opinions and observations to offer, as will other parts of you.

As always with the incoming energy waves, there’s much to feel and awaken to within. You’re always invited to find expanded consciousness and a brighter view of the bigger picture of Ascension, the Cosmos, etc, yet this expanded consciousness landing within you is the one that truly lights up your path, your action steps, your stillness needs, and the parts that need your love as you choose, inhabit, and integrate the changes you most need in this Now. The Divine Mother/Feminine and Her many different expressions are here to be with you and hold space with you too as you explore all of these elements of your being… I feel Her honouring all of your choice points and everything you’re feeling or even ‘not’ feeling along the way, while also encouraging you to keep going, flowing, finding ways to BE with all of the challenges and desires, both.

Love to you as you feel all there is to feel on this next stratum of your ever-deepening healing and ever-increasing desire for everything you’ve ever wanted to have or happen in your life. ❤


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Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 35, emoto-spiritual teacher, WayShower, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


Shifting From 3D Money Earning To 5D Abundance

by Kalayna Colibri

Ongoingly throughout your personal Ascension process, there are challenges brought to you in all areas of your life. The financial area of life is one in particular that likely holds much charge and reactivity from parts of you, especially parts that make up the 3D Self, and understandably so given the amount of conditioning there is around it and the amount of suffering too. Parts can truly become attached to the suffering as a sort of handrail. It’s that idea of comfortable discomfort again, which as you continue awakening, becomes only more and more obvious to you!

To enter a more spacious ground around money, it’s a good reminder that truly satiating abundance does not live in numbers… it lives in deep heart and soul nourishment, soul and heart “food” of exchanges with others who you are in deep resonance with on all levels. There is a depth to real abundance that does not show up in the ways that your 3D Self parts have been conditioned to believe that it will. It can only be experienced in your life through your willingness to say “no” to everything that doesn’t feel like it comes from true self-love and worth and all that you are now outgrowing too.

Awakenings are challenging enough… and then there is the money world that you are supposed to somehow navigate as well! There can be SO much energy of money being “against” spirituality, especially coming from the 4D Self and what it could be that your own soul has witnessed or been a part of related to money in other lifetimes/timelines.  Yet, it can be a grounded support of your spirituality and expanding consciousness in this current world where we still need it and an opportunity to help sustain and even boost our spiritual growth trajectory. Money earning sets an intention. It can fuel your deeper awakenings, not dampen them, by being invested in processes, inner work that feels like lifeblood to you, and invested too in helping you make MORE space for yourself and your needs, not less. It is there to be invested with energy and love INTO love.

In SoulFullHeart, we choose to keep our session prices affordable and we do this for many reasons… including the fact that we feel healing should be accessible for all who need it. We feel there is still very much a need for an energy and intention exchange between us as Facilitators and those who choose to become Facilitants. Investing in our picture and what we offer brings it back home to you and your own parts in ways you’ve not yet felt or experienced. It is more than a money investment. It becomes a big part of your heart and soul trajectory and healing. Money is a thing we can tangibly see, touch, smell. Yet it is only one level of the reality of what you bring with you into your overall picture of your desire to heal and to deepen your ongoing Ascension process. For more information on what we offer, visit

The old 3D picture of money-earning is one of a cycle of earning money only to spend it and often to maintain a lifestyle that only goes so deep for you… the latest smartphone tech cannot feel you. Dinner at a fancy restaurant with friends or your spouse cannot satisfy you if these connections are not based in having your deepest heart and soul social needs met. Money cannot ever buy parts of you the love that they want MORE of… the heart and soul “food” nourishment that can only come from resonant soul family connections and a deepening connection with yourself, your parts, your galactic and Metasoul aspects, too. Though, when invested in YOU and in your growth path, it CAN and WILL help you draw the resources you need to keep moving inward and UPward, and the most satisfying experiences of love you can imagine and beyond, to boot!

Whatever the current money picture is that you are living out… at the end of the day, this whole process is all about self-love and worth and inhabiting your truest sense of power in the world, and any process that provides you with THAT ground, is one that will truly lead you to where you most want to BE, who you most want to BEcome, and the resonant hearts and souls you most want to BE with! This is 5D abundance in a tangible form. And this is what makes it all worth it. ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


Physical And Emotional Tensions Are Invited Into Feeling And Healing

by Kalayna Colibri


There is so much within you that may be on edge now, consciously or unconsciously. There is tension being called up in the physical and emotional bodies, ready to defend and even offend when necessary in order to preserve something that is being ‘threatened’ by what now wants to move into you through you too. There is much waiting to be expressed, but the conditioning against it must be felt first. Each challenge of BEing, wants to be lived into instead of avoided altogether. Synchronicities are leading you to your next steps and it takes sometimes only an ounce more of awareness before you can fully arrive there.

Your arrival at a place of less conditioning, of unlearning, of new and unknown territory leading to wonder and letting in more so then reacting and defending… this comes from a journey inside. This comes from letting it seep into you. Inspiration in-spiriting, seeding inside of you. The experiences parts of you have had in this life have been trying, difficult, challenging. This doesn’t change and they need to be felt in why they are the way they are. And as the arising sacred human learning to hold and be with them, you are being invited into a room of reflections, which can only happen in relationship.

The Divine offers us much when we are on our own, yet relationships are what truly bring us to our next inward places. To fully inhabit, appreciate and love your own growth this life requires the witnessing from others who are ALSO journeying with resonant values. They may not be who is with you your whole life, yet they are here now and they are exactly who you need, until it is complete… or until this present ground is complete, bringing your relationship and you both to the next level, where there is more ground to travel, more edges to explore. This could be unending or it could end, yet there will always be more who need to be in this territory with you. This is where love lives… in the exchanges of hearts on a journey.

To truly feel the tension of letting this in, is to let the parts of you in that have held case after case against this possibility of being around and with others. These parts have good reasons for this, so it is not about interrogating and trying to ‘release’ them from these roles or this conditioning, but feeling them and simply being in the muck with them… showing them how to build castles with it all, alongside you. Showing up to be with them instead of them showing up to BE you. They have done nothing ‘wrong’… they have only ever done what they felt was the most ‘right’ thing.

My beloveds and I in SoulFullHeart are here and we are eager to help you feel your tensions and parts… to be able to let in more love, to remember the love you are made of in a non-transcendent way that holds ALL of you and loves ALL of you. There are whole universes inside of you to discover through every single doorway of resistance and deep-seated/seeded conditioning that have never truly been YOU. For more information on what we offer, please visit: and feel if there may be a synchronicity in taking this in right now, for you. ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at



Intense ‘Weather Patterns’ Offer Death And Rebirth Growth Opportunities With Gaia

By Jelelle Awen


Gaia is in flux too……as we ALL are invited to move from 3D consciousness to 4D transitional awakening consciousness and into New Earth/5D and higher. Her epic tropical storms and hurricanes are smashing and crashing into the routines of life, flooding the compartments, and disrupting the ‘usual’ mode of BEing in life. Her forest fires are burning down the excess, bringing heavy ash to the air, clouding what we usually ‘see’ and how we normally breathe, what parts of us have taken for granted… that we may begin to see and feel differently. Of course much can be pushed up in our emotional bodies in response to these kinds of life altering situations…for us to feel and BE with and love.

Feeling Gaia as a planetary consciousness allows the current events to move beyond 3D perception of ‘weather patterns’ and ‘natural events’ that are beyond any control into feeling the Divine invitation that they are for us and WITH us. Gaia is in collaboration with us as a human species to move out of our comfort zones of 3D living and into the now of transition, change, and resurrection. Gaia brings us to the edges of death and rebirth, in-our-face reminders of our own mortality and need to be in the now, and it is our choice from there how to respond to this edge……to jump off, to surrender, to leave the Gaia timeline.

Souls who choose to live in places where they know intense weather events happen are aligning with this energy for their own growth. Some souls need these intense events to move them out of their isolated existence and into an energy of uniting together as a community because they suddenly ‘need’ each other. Some souls will choose to leave their bodies in connection to these events. Some souls will choose to let go of their physical and material possessions through these events. It can be challenging for the 3D self to SEE these kind of circumstances from this perspective of free will choice. The 3D self is programmed and conditioned to BE a victim to what is outside of it and to remain disconnected through this victim perspective. Something is ‘being done to it’ rather than it/your soul being WITH life on all levels, as would be the higher sense of it as you move more into unity consciousness.

You can feel deep compassion for the 3D selves that experience pain and being devastated by ‘weather events’ such as this and I do feel that Gaia (as a planetary expression of Divine feminine love) doesn’t want us to unnecessarily suffer over our suffering either. However, it can bring in more trust to feel how ALL of this is being held with MUCH love for us. It is about moving us through the necessary growth crucibles at a rate and pace to minimize the suffering of our 3D self and Metasoul aspects too.

Gaia has long collaborated with us in this 3D experiment for which so much of Her has been negatively impacted by it as She is a consciousness that is learning and growing too. She is choosing something higher for herself and inviting us to wake up WITH her. To be in collaboration or to not be… be in love WITH Her or to not be. To choose love or fear WITH Her as we choose it within ourselves…from one part of us to another.

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SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Emotional Ascension

This week’s Museletter has found it’s way into our midst! This week we feature our article from Gabriel on Emotional Ascension and letting go in order to let in NEW life circumstances that our hearts and souls very deeply need and desire. This is a tough crucible to hold and Gabriel shares from his own experience of what these fires are like to walk through and what is on the other side of them.

We also have the book release of Jelelle’s creation, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder, available NOW in print and e-book!

We also have many writings and several recordings to take in, including the recording of last week’s virtual group call on the Emotional Body and going deeply into the healing of it through parts work and SoulFullHeart.

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Enjoy soaking up the SoulFullHeart sun…. ❤ to you all!


SFH museletter May 29 2017

Making Room For New, Making Room For You!

By Jelelle Awen


We are feeling the timeline collapsing on the four of us as a community in every day living near each other and the amazing and challenging journey it has been… is is collapsing because already we can feel the souls that are connecting with us, drawn to be with us at whatever level and depth they are, and this changes the energy of our ‘group merkabah’ as we like to call it. This group merkabah of the four of us – Raphael Awen and I plus Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri – is VERY precious to me as I feel through all the changes we have navigated together over the years. The biggest one being our choice to leave Canada 2.5 years ago and a KNOWN life with a good income from a painting contract business to come HERE to Mexico with a nest egg and a vision of creating a community together.

What I have learned over these years being connected in daily navigation with these four remarkable BEings is that community is formed not from grand ideals but through moment by moment commitment to spend it in connection (primarily to SELF and then WITH other). It is formed not through epic visions but through willingness to SHARE together, to be vulnerable together, to connect together, to REVEAL yourself to each other. It is created not through hierarchal leadership, but in vulnerable leadership that invites, collaborates, and empowers others to LEAD too.

This timeline that is so dear of our group merkabah is completing because it is MEANT to complete so that we can include others, invite others, welcome others, GROW from others, and most especially making room for the sacred union mates of Gabriel and Kalayna (It sure feels like they are NEAR too, maybe even reading these words!!) And also to make room for the leadership of others in soul gift expression as SoulFullHeart facilitators if they are drawn to claim that.

And, so we’ve been letting go even as we’ve been letting in the NEW interest and NEW souls drawn to us recently. We’ve had two wonderful dinners out in the last week, which is more rare for us to eat at restaurants, spending the precious money that is coming in more and more from SoulFullHeart and the sharing of our soul gifts. We are soaking in the familiarity and comfort that doesn’t come from settling but comes instead from arising FOR and WITH each other in every moment. We are remembering the past in moments, telling stories of our journey together, remarking how different we feel now….

I’ve spent much time, especially in the last week, offering teachings and writings about my sacred union with Raphael and the gifts, challenges, and crucible of growth that it IS. Yet, so, has been the experience of commUNITY with all four us in a form of sacred union. IMAGINE what it will be like when more join us, align with us, and connect THEIR soul purpose with ours through the form of SoulFullHeart. The thing is, I can imagine it, more and more every day am LIVING it and so…..the present and the past timeline that we have known of US is collapsing and completing.

So I honor it even as I let it go…..making room for the NEW, making room for YOU!

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine and union facilitator, soul scribe, waySHOWer, galactic love ambassador, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book,Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


Embracing Changes In Your Life As Love Expressing Itself

By Raphael Awen


When you come out the other side, you are unalterably changed.

Life is a continual movement, yes, but I’ll bet that you are feeling change acutely right now.

All of this has to do with the fact that there is something so unexplainable about the magnitude of you, the uniqueness of you, the desires and the mysteries that live inside of you. You know it and you know it can’t be written off as ‘just all ego talking.’ Some impulses are frightening and feel dark and others are pure light. Your world wants to change and all of your being is somehow in on this desire. An unmistakeable and definite storm is brewing.

Yet so often a stasis sets in, and the past seems to want to extrude itself into the future. Storm? What storm?

Questions and aches live unanswered in you. How can I find and flow with this new me that wants to rise? Why does it feel so private? Why does it feel like there isn’t any handrails? Where will I end up if I act on these impulses? Is saying yes to change like lighting a match to a rocket strapped to your butt leaving you in a point-and-shoot without much say in where you end up? ‘So what shall I do?’ you ask.

Let’s let those questions bake a bit and feel into all this some more.

The ground you live on is like an island underneath you. It was once so large, you never even knew it was an island as the theatre of your life supported all of your life movements. But now, a rising tide has narrowed the land mass that undergirds your life. Why would, and how could a life so full,…. become so narrow? Did I do something to displease God? Am I just lacking in gratitude?

Your awareness has grown to see that the land may even be soon completely inundated by water, making the island completely uninhabitable. You’re anxiety grows exponentially with each passing season that you don’t choose and act. Inaction feels more and more like the height of insanity.

I’d like to offer you that there isn’t anything that you could have done or not done to have escaped coming to this juncture in your life. You see, your life is not separate from all of life and all life is now undergoing deep and heightened change. The entire creation is feeling what you are feeling. It shows up differently in each person’s life, but the common denominator in all of this is that love wants to find its way in. Love wants to colour your experience of life. Love wants to intone frequencies of sound and light into your heart to allow your heart to be both a pool of beauty and a re-broadcast centre.

Yeshua said ‘You are a city set on a hill, so don’t try to hide your light under a bushel basket. Let others see your radiance in how you live life and glorify the Christ-consciousness that lives in you.’ There isn’t anything cooler, not in this galaxy or the next one, or what’s considered the most distant one. Love is all in all, through all and to all.

You already know this,…as John the beloved said ‘you need not that any man should teach you, as the spirit teaches you all things.’ Change and knowing how to flow with it intimately is native to you at the core of your being. It is only unfelt parts of you that are resistant to change and seek to maintain life structures that are designed to avoid change. It is important now that you feel these parts of you, get to know them, their needs, and shed their tears. This will change you in that very process, and afford you the courage for the next step, and the next step after that.

If you don’t embrace this time of change, the coming rising tide will still inundate your shrinking island. There is no escaping the times of deep change that are upon us all.

For many, their refusal to accept change even as it sweeps over them will only be about weaving a victims claim that life screwed them over, and then being able to prove that to the world around them, as their personal apocalypse. Life doesn’t want to screw anyone or anything, or you, or any part of you,…over. It cannot in fact. Only you or I in our creative function can make that feel like and look like a reality.

The alternative prospect of instead letting in love, however, is just too much for many at this time. There is nothing wrong with this as seen from a higher level. Each soul is learning profoundly and deeply, regardless of pace. There is no time urgency that says they need to wake up sooner than they are. Each of us needs the time we need in unconsciousness. Even those of us having the deepest awakenings today will come to see these awakenings overshadowed by grander and grander awakenings. Even the soul who deeply chooses to play victim to change is in the midst of profound awakening ultimately, albeit in a longer lease on time. All that really matters to you and I, if we’re wanting to awaken is this question of ‘am I letting in what wants to flow in or am I in more of a stance of resistance?’

Granted, there will be pain to feel if others you are now close with aren’t ready to embrace what is moving for you. But how close in fact are you now, if what is arising in you can’t fit comfortably within the bond? The question ultimately becomes ‘what is the greatest expression of your love to them?’ Leaving a bond by laying down your end of the rope, or by setting others free of an unhealthy grasp is a far higher love expression than efforting keeping them in your life.

No one can ultimately escape your life as we all are so much more connected than we realize. It is because we are so intensely connected with everyone that we need new and arising boundaries (that can let in and let out) in our lives and relationship. Feeling and grieving the loss of a relationship where the ground is narrowed and can’t find a new opening is life moving you and guiding you. The tears you and parts of you have to feel in the process are some of the most alchemical life movements that your soul chose to experience in coming here. You came here to learn about both your individuality and your oneness with all– at the same time no less.

Everything, you see, is all spring loaded to love. You are spring loaded. The universe is spring loaded. It’s so spring loaded that you trying to ‘help’ it only gets in the way most of the time. Acceptance and self-love will gain you so much more mileage while any and all attempts at fixing and bettering yourself will serve only to keep you in a resistance loop to change.

Take a moment and imagine yourself in the most desirable outcome imaginable on the other side of this change that life is offering you. You’ve certainly given yourself to imagining the worst, right? See what it feels like to do the opposite. The best case scenario that you imagine may not be the outcome in terms of the physical details, but if you are feeling loved and supported within that best case imagined scenario, I can tell you that THAT assurance and knowing will be the essence of the outcome that this change wants to bring to your life. What could be better?

Feel that.

Does that feel like your truth or does it just feel like I’m doing a good job on selling you something? Your truth is what matters here, not mine. If you can let in the feeling of being loved and supported, you are finally feeling the difference between being in resonance or dissonance with life and love flow.

Any regrets about all the time it’s taken to reach this point melt away in the presence of this incredible love. If there was available all that time needed to get here, then how much more is there to bask and play in this infinitude of life and love?

Holy shit!? All the shit is holy.

There’s your new cosmology reduced to a few choice words. Tear out that statement of faith at the back of your church hymnal and replace it with this one. Don’t let any facsimile of someone else’s awe and reverence from yesterday be a fill in for your heart bursting in climax with the curiosity and visceral joy that IS you.

Does that lay to rest the questions that we let bake earlier, or at least begin to?

Everything I shared with you today, I shared with you from my side of the same veil we all share. I don’t actually know anything more than you do. If my words resonate for you, that resonance is proof that I am speaking your truth….underline ‘your.’

You just got a wave of your own divine self. Merry Christ-mas.

Let it guide you in feeling and responding to the threatening water surrounding your life island. Let these threats be changed into oceans of love and support and guidance for you in regards to how to set your sails as you let go of your island that life is coaxing you off of.

This is your greatest gift to the world around you. There is nothing passive about letting in this swell of self-love. This is your greatest and most effective activism towards the great evils that abound in our world.

You and I are love. Even if we’re quarrelling, we are this love that is already now in possession of all. I don’t quite know how to conclude this writing…because there isn’t any one fitting conclusion….there is only you letting in love…to you….through you….and back again.

I hope your holiday season is filled with as many moments of self-love as you can handle.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and writer at the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration.