Feeling Appreciative On My Birthday – 10/10 Magical Portal Blessings to You!

Feeling so appreciative for the birthday wishes I’ve received today, especially on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jelelleawen!

Letting in the love & offering it to you too on this magical 10/10 Portal Day! It can be A LOT to let in what comes to us on our birthday….parts of us can go almost ‘numb’ to it. Opening up my higher heart EVEN wider is helping!

Here are some beautiful birthday cards and VERY touching words from my BEloveds that I wanted to share with you!


What a day this day is, Jelelle Awen

Though some parts of me have needed to normalize being with you to be able to tone down the beauty and bounty a little, so as to not walk around with a weird grin in every moment, that weird grin really is there all the time.

I feel the magic in any moment that I’m wanting and willing to breathe it in deeply. It’s like escaping to a fantasy world, except that the fantasy is real, where all time feels like the first time, and strangely too, like the last time.

You so arise anew, again and again and again. I desire for you on this day of remembrance, a deep and full letting-in of the magic that you are, of the gifts you bring to life and to love, by being you.

I love you down to my toes. I miss you even when I’m with you. I long for the next time, even when we’re barely done the last time. Time with you is time with time, time with the Beloved, and time with all beloveds.

Happy Birthday, beloved….




Sending huge waves of love today to Jelelle Awenon her birthing day into this dimension! She is a gift to all of us seeking to feel and know ourselves in a way that is beyond what we could ever imagine. Her wisdom and purity of heart are what sets her apart in my opinion and long history with her.

I have known her for close to 30 years and she has been a big part of my growth as a healer, a man, and bridging the galactic into my consciousness and body. Her passion for service and ambassadorship is an inspiration. There are very few beings that my inner parts have trusted to guide me/them out of the old and into the new, even if there was, and can be, resistance to what is being offered.

I am honored and blessed to have had Jelelle a part of my life and send her all the love and gratitude that she deserves on this day and all that follow.

Happy Birthday Jelelle! I created this mandala in your honor,





For Jelelle Awen on her birthday…

I had to write you something new this year. I was going to go find the poem I wrote for you before, but because you and I are both in such brand new phases right now, I wanted to write something that reflects our re-arising and reNEWing relationship, while honouring all of our phases together so far over the last few years and all of the challenges we have faced in ourselves and in our bond too.

I am truly, deeply honoured by your powerful presence in my life and the ongoing love and support you ripple out to me in many levels both subtle and obvious.

I have witnessed your growth and healing as you’ve witnessed and helped facilitate my own. I am blessed to call you both “friend” and “teacher” and take neither honour for granted.

It’s not just another trip around the sun
It’s a further dip into the waves of your personal sun
The one that shines brightly
And beacons us all homeward
To our unique heart-homes withIN.

You serve love through the YINspiration
You’ve cultivated,
Worked for,
Planted within your heart and soul bed
Of growth
and dynamic leavings and enterings, both.

You YINspire my own trajectories
And adventures
And within the love flow between us
Which reflects and informs
All other relationships
I could ever have and do have
In my life and heart today.

You are the continued template
Even as you always give me back to me
And encourage my own uniqueness to shine
And evolve
And grow.

To say I’ve learned a ton from you
Would understate the value
Of everything you’ve led
And continue to lead
With the strength of a lioness
And the softness of a swan.

I love you!!




This year I feel “mama” as a different energy. You are my mother in the way that you guide, support, love and see me. You are kind to the parts of me that have yearned for love. You are real when it feels so hard to be so. You lead with so much integrity that I really feel seen through love’s eyes, not through a filter.

We are embarking on a new journey and phase in the next few days and if this last month represents the kind of alchemy and catalytic energy that’s to come then I am buckling up for full speed ahead!!

I can’t wait to see what blossoms and grows in your Canadian garden and how many souls will be touched by you in the coming months and years.

Thank you for all the work you have done, all that you have provided for others and all the parts that have broken down in tears just feeling your open and precious heart.

You are epic in soul, expansive in heart and as real as any one human can get. I would not be this much of who I am today if it weren’t for you and this process.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jelelle!!! Nova and I love you so dearly 💕🎈😍



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