This Is Awakening

By Jelelle Awen

This is Awakening. To trust what you are BEcoming, to let go of what isn’t you and never really was in order to return to and remember who you really are……this is the unfolding/arising/surrendering process that the Divine energies all around you are supporting.

This is Awakening. To let go of others that can’t see you, can’t let in your love, your light or all of what awakens as your soul comes through….and yet to invite them to come along, both, yet without settling, shrinking, grabbing at them.

Your energy of open, ready, desiring, yet not compromising or playing games invites them to BE the same or to move on.

To no longer need of convincing, contending, or proving to others even as you teach/lead/respond/offer them your soul gifts, healing heart, growing sense of Infinite Possibilities.

As you SHARE what you are here to offer as a soul from a place of authenticity, so you become a mirror for those who are ready and meant to see and be this as well.

This is awakening. To FEEL what is real inside of your heart and soul, what has been contained, restrained, reframed, conditioned and now wants to leak, peak, burst, purge, open, reveal and heal. This revealing gives others the space and inspiration to be real too and new deeper intimacy can flow then between you.

This is the personal disclosure process inside that leads to a life experienced as transparent and open and current with nothing to hide, no compartments, no bubbles that need bursting……as you are loving all that you are and so experience a life that is reflecting the same!

Jelelle Awen
Next group transmission is this Friday at 10:00am, connecting to the SOULstice codes/activations! More info here:

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