SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Bigger Picture Of The Covid Global Awakening Event

The weeks continue to be catalytic and expansive. This one no less than any other. We began the new round of Free To Be Calls with the topic of Money and that set of a firestorm of process for all involved. There were many digestions, awarenesses, and movements as a result. We also continued to feel the current energies of the Coronavirus and the New Moon on May 22.  You can read it here

Featured this week is a piece from Jelelle Awen. In it, she takes an eagle’s eye view of the Global Covid Awakening Event and what different timelines are presenting themselves and how compassion is an important aspect of these times:

All of us who came to Gaia at this time have chosen to experience a phase within this 3D Matrix consensus reality for the growth it offers to go through it and emerge out of it. Some of us became more bought into it than others and sometimes have been deeply plugged into it for multiple timelines. Before you would judge and condemn others who are still ‘asleep’ or label them as ‘sheep’, you can feel with compassion the parts of you that needed to go through that phase too and WHY they did. For many awakening souls, it is possible that they STILL have parts of them that are plugged into/corded into this 3D Matrix (for example in birth family relationships, mateships, and jobs). You can lovingly invite these parts of you to be felt and help them unplug through healing the emotional/soul traumas that may be keeping them stuck and plugged in.

The next ‘Free To Be’ group call series begins this Wednesday, May 27th @ 10am PDT. The second call of this series will focus on the Inner Teenager and his/her relationship to what is currently happening in the world today. With the shifting times, there is an opportunity to share your truth and that can create waves in your social world that may trigger the ‘black sheep’ part of you that has experienced social rejection for being different. We will share about how to digest the trauma around this invalidation experience from this life and other lifetimes. You will connect with your Inner Teenager in meditation to open up negotiation and collaboration during these shifts. 

You can offer a donation at any time and receive the recordings and also the link to attend any of the future calls live if you can or want to. More information at 

In this week’s edition of our Museletter, there is a sample of the last group call as well as the series overview for those that may have not seen it yet. There are many new articles and audio blogs from SoulFullHeart Facilitators/teachers Raphael and Jelelle Awen, as well as SoulFullHeart Facilitators Kalayna Solais and Gabriel Heartman. SoulFullHeart Collaborator and Facilitant Deya Shekinah has two very potent writings based on her personal process and growth of her parts during these times. 

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