Celebrating Pre-50th Birthday W/Beloveds

By Jelelle Awen

After quite a full day of responding to the responses to my post yesterday, welcoming dozens of new followers and friends to my page, setting up some intros and sessions…I THEN got to go to a pre- 50th birthday celebration party with my beloveds!

My birthday is actually next Wednesday, June 1st, but we celebrated early as a group because Raphael and I will be out of town on vacation next week to visit the coastal town of Nazere, Portugal. We haven’t been to the ocean since October, so we are def looking forward to taking in the negative ions and ocean codes there, plus just spending some sacred time alone together to bond and connect. Nazere has the highest and biggest waves in the world, although not this time of year!

It was so lovely to be honored last night by such an intimate circle of souls who resonate and know me SO well. Every gift, whether material or not, was just so perfect. My daughter Raianna Shai made me one of her stunning macrame creations that I proudly put on immediately! Bey Magdalene gave me a beautiful pashima scarf and other sweet items.

The highlight was Gabriel and Kasha singing me a song that they wrote about me! My goodness that was a lot to let in, I cried through most of it and then felt a flood of love afterwards as well. Letting in, breathing, letting in, crying some more to let in.

I really feel like I am rebirthing into a New me, esp with this ongoing fasting that I am doing that seems to be purifying my whole being and opening my heart up quite wide. Cellular cleansing and rewiring is going on, along with necessary detox too as my body upgrades.

I feel truly blessed and grateful for my life and those beings in it! And for YOU too, taking in these words and images, and celebrating along with me! ❤


Jelelle Awen

Info about sessions, online community, writing/books at soulfullheart.org.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Pre-50th Birthday W/Beloveds

  1. Happy, happy birthday Jelelle!

    I’m glad you’re feeling celebrated! And congrats on following your calling to do extended fasting – so exciting and impressive! GO GIRL!!


    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Shelly! Yes, it is an intense initiation yet has offered so many gifts honestly! I’m holding it lightly in terms of actually transitioning to living on prana mostly versus just an extended fast. My soul and body will decide readiness for that one feels like!

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