Twin Flame/Counterpart Reunions: Love Is In The Air!

By Jelelle Awen

Interesting experience this morning of having a person copy one of my writings on FB and share it as his own without giving me credit. Kasha commented on his feed about it publicly in order to inform his readers and I PMed him personally asking him to either delete it or give me credit. His name is Mike Harrigan and it seems that he has a pattern of stealing other people’s writings, esp those who write about twin flame relationships, and passing them as his own.

I wanted to let you know in case you follow him on FB about this lack of integrity that is going on within him and therefore in anything that he shares, even his own writings. This feels to me like a classic Matrix hijack, where something original cannot be created and so is ‘stolen’ and passed off as original.

I feel passionate about what I create and especially this writing which tenderly was catalyzed by a brief separation and reunion with my beloved Raphael. It was poignantly and Divinely inspired which you can’t duplicate the energy of actually, even if you share the words as your own. I can also feel a detachment from it as well. Ultimately my words are the words of the Divine and the Oneness field consciousness that we ALL share.

I felt to honor this writing that many people are seeming to like when he ‘shares’ it by sharing it again here in MY field, where it was first born and bloomed. ❤


Love is IN the air! Reunions of pair bonds/counterparts are happening at increasingly accelerated rates as the previous veils are lifted and you can see/feel and CLAIM each other again. What once felt like very real and valid reasons to not be together; to be together yet not fully and completely; to not ‘find’ or draw each other in the physical; to have push/pull patterns with each other….these barriers are now being dissolved by the Divine’s all consuming desire to experience reunion again.

The separations ARE as sacred as the reunions. The separations offer a full landing in self. What is learned and accessed within during this alone time is so precious and important to the transactability of the bond on heart/body/soul/mind levels once you do come together.

The deepening of the sacred union within you; the cultivation of connection between your inner masculine and inner feminine; this union within as a temporary experience of an internal ‘opposite’ provides a template for your beloved when they return to you.

If you are currently single, you can trust that the process you are undergoing to heal yourself on all levels, be with the Beloved within, and connect to the Divine AS your Beloved is the most important ground you can navigate in readiness for sacred union with your counterpart. Surrendering the timing of that reunion to the Divine allows for an experience of joy, goodness, and even bliss in that singleness rather than suffering, angst, and pain.

This is the ongoing journey of sacred union…..being invited to LET GO of fear, distrust, wounding, and separation-based relationship templates from 3D. To feel and heal the deep pain of separation within you that we ALL have……the shock that reverberates within our very DNA and at a collective level from that original separation moment from your pair bond, your ‘twin’ and counterpart.

The reeling feeling of being ‘cast out’ away from your Beloved at the soul family monad level before you individuate into your Metasoul and the veil of amnesia comes down so that you can truly be an individuated consciousness.

The masculine torn away from his beloved feminine and she from him….seemingly severed in an abrupt way that was so unnatural in the moment…..shocking……and yet completely necessary to the ongoing unfolding of the Divine duality experiment.

And then, always seeming to be reaching again for each other with an active ache to BE in that union again….Reeling and reaching in repeated patterns, over and over, lifetime after lifetime….until the ONE lifetime where you choose to truly be together in full conscious commitment and finally complete the cycle of reeling and reaching.

THIS lifetime is the one that many pair bonds are choosing to come back together in the physical again. The ultimate reason is always for the service of love and to/with the Divine. It is not for ego reasons at the 3D level or even for the gratification of the individuals, although it is very nourishing to both.

It is during this time of Humanity’s Ascension, during this Dark Night moving into the Light of Day, during this time of Matrix collapse to finally be free again…..this is the NOW for which pair bonds are most needed to be again in union.

If you have chosen for this reunion experience as deeply connected to your service of love here and the primary WAY for which you will serve the Divine, you have probably felt the call to sacred union reunion for most of your life and felt your counterpart ‘with’ you in a deep way, even if you have not met yet in this life.

You may experience this as a deep sense of missing something and that you are not quite ‘complete’ even as you may experience great fulfillment and self love/worth in being by yourself.

Love and created BY,

Jelelle Awen

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