Visit To Fatima Mother Mary Religious Site and Grutas da Moeda Coin Caves: From Matrix Complex To Inner Earth Lemuria

By Jelelle Awen

We went on a day trip yesterday back to Fatima, the religious and spiritual site here in Central Portugal that honors an extended visitation with Mother Mary to three children over a period of six months in 1917. It has the look and feel of a massive religious complex with three churches within a courtyard of concrete…one is able to seat several thousand visitors/pilgrims.

Here is my previous writing about our experience visiting Fatima in December and digestion within my soul afterwards:

“Mother Mary shared with us that while the first visit with the children was genuine as it was only the three of them (which was Jacinta’s favorite one), the visits after that were somewhat hijacked by the Matrix False Light frequencies. The purity of Mary’s message of peace, an end to wars, and hope/love/support for ALL of humanity was distorted by this hijack and used to convert even more souls into the religious trap of self condemnation, seeking salvation outside of themselves, and False God Worship of the Papal ‘corporation’. Mother Mary offered that the Miracle of the Sun event witnessed by so many souls was also a Matrix hijack and tweak of the Matrix hologram in that moment.”

After the intensity of heat and crowds at the Fatima site, we were then blessed to go to Grutas da Moeda (Coin Caves), a fairly large limestone cavern complex nearby just ‘discovered’ in 1971. The energies within the caves were calming, cool, and grounding…such a needed balm! We spent some quiet moments in the depths of the caverns, taking in the sounds of running water

I felt how many visits I’ve had with my Inner Earth Lemurian aspect Ruma in which we connect in a healing pool within a cavern as a bridge to Inner Earth. So many explorations with people’s Gatekeepers as well in sessions that began in caves and tunnel systems running off of them representing timelines/lifetimes. AND I could feel of course all the lifetimes in which I have been drawn to solitude. meditation, and prayer within the cool comfort of caves.

The caves felt both wombic/yonic with moist walls and valleys carved out by water over time…..and protruding lingual looking limestone stalagmites rising up within them. I can so feel the portal and bridge that caves offer to Inner Earth, where it truly is another world of higher dimensional possibilities/codes/way of living in harmony, unity, and love that the Lemurians are preserving for us there until we are ready on the surface to receive them.

Spontaneous light language came out of both Kasha and I within the caves, felt very Lemurian, which is shared on my FB feed. The message was one of joy, reunion and an encouragement to ground/connect with Inner Earth and our Lemurian aspects/ancestors waiting there for us.

We are moving out of the Matrix reality of control, shame, and excess and back to the roots of our grounded experience of the Divine within us, with Gaia, and within the authentic heart of our sacred humanity.


Jelelle Awen

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