All Seven Chakra Meditation & Sound Healing Series (All In One Compilation Video) | Jelelle Awen

By Jelelle Awen

All Seven Chakras: Chakra Meditation And Sound Healing Series

Per request, this video is a compilation of all eight videos that I recorded in my daily Chakra Meditation & Sound Healing series last week. The 1hr 20 minute video includes a sound transmission from a 432HZ tuned bowl with a specific resonant note playing that corresponds to each chakra: the root chakra, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

I also offer a meditation to tune you into each chakra along with affirmations/recoding for each one. You can read about each individual chakra through the descriptions of each video on my FB feed or in the playlist at:

In the final part of the video, we tune into all of your chakras as I’m playing all the sound bowls that activates/clears/opens all of your chakras. I particularly focused on playing the Root Chakra (E note) and Heart Chakra (F note) as the grounding into our heart space is the base from which we can most effectively open out all others.

This video would be great to play as you are falling asleep as well, just letting the codes come through as you drift into theta/delta states.

I’m grateful for the Divine inspiration that guided me to offer this series and for the inspirations that come in the future that serve love within me and with you as we embody our I AM on all levels.

More sound and voice healing transmissions to come, esp now that I have my handpan!


With Love,

Jelelle Awen with Divine Mother

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