Premise 18: Communal Living In SoulFullHeart Community Offers Deepest Path To SoulFullHeartenment

By Raphael Awen


Well, today’s premise writing should prove engaging, for many it will be controversial, but for you, I hope it makes your heart dance. Welcome to day 18 of the 21 day SoulFullHeart Magical Mystery Premises Tour.

The premise is called the ‘SoulFullHeart Community Premise’ and it goes this:

“SoulFullHeart communal living arrangements at a sustainable sanctuary offer the deepest path of SoulFullHeartenment.”

Our western and industrialized societies are so marked by a deep isolation and anonymity, and loneliness. There is little ground to be authentic or to practice authenticity in such a separated society. We feel we don’t matter and for good reason, in many ways, we don’t. Social media wars in comment boxes are a good evidence of this deep angst in our modern way of life. We’ll even take quarrelling as a means of connection. In our current technological society we have more means to connect than we’ve ever had, yet meaningful connection feels to be in the shortest supply it’s ever been in.

But on the other hand, most of us are not drawn, consciously at least, to something that we would call a ‘communal living arrangement’ either. So, what might this be about?

SoulFullHeart offers that since it was in our first experience of communal living arrangements, namely the family, or whatever semblance thereof, where our wounding occurred, it makes a ton of sense that parts of us would work hard to never again get in a situation so vulnerable and so painful. With these wounds left gaping and unhealed, any kind of personal relationship becomes too big of a challenge to find true intimacy in. We again settle for crumbs and call that enough.

But as we get to know, feel, and heal the parts of ourselves that were wounded deeply in our family of origin dynamics, we find that we can’t heal in isolation. Our wounds didn’t occur in isolation and our healing doesn’t either. We actually find that we need relationship as well as want deep relationship and meaningful connections as expressions of deepening self love.

SoulFullHeart goes further than just highlighting the need for meaningful connections to advocate for a communal living arrangement of sharing life together. Without a communal living arrangement, we are simply left too isolated and separated to find the healing ground we need for the deeper processes of the SoulFullHeart healing path. How that communal living arrangement looks and feels is an ongoing discovery as well an ongoing experiment that changes as more people are drawn.

Currently, we are four of us living in a single residence in Puerto Vallarta. The single residence part of it is more about what our budget can afford. Much more ideally, we see separate living spaces for people and couples with shared meals and projects in a communal space, and this will, of course, become necessary as we grow and more people are drawn to join us.

A distinct piece for us with the four us though has been living from a single pot of money. That is probably the biggest challenge as well as the greatest gift to our healing journey to work out all the rigours that this entails emotionally. For me personally, this is an amazing time as primary income for our living expenses have come from Leena Colibri‘s and Sequoia Heartman‘s on line work teaching English as well as Jelelle Awen‘s SoulFullHeart facilitation sessions. I’m having a time of letting in being supported by others to pursue what is my deeper calling as a SoulFullHeart teacher after letting go of a career and livelihood in Canada. Somehow, we feel that until a community can share money, some bedrock of community hasn’t quite formed.

There are others beyond the four of us that we are currently serving through sessions who if they choose to continue in the SoulFullHeart healing path, we see and hope for them to be naturally being drawn to community living. We feel the desire for community is something actually native to all humanity, even as we work our separation issues and necessary individuation healing growth as well.

Then, we see that a sustainable sanctuary is what we feel to keep our hearts set on. Two years ago, the four of us purchased a plot on an off grid ranch in Mexico where we lived for 18 months, busy with gardening and natural building until just 11 weeks ago. With Leena and Sequoia leaving a bit earlier than that as they drew English teaching jobs online. Our needs for money to live on and a call to serve SoulFullHeart’s unfolding drew us back to living for now in the city. But our vision remains clear for a sustainable sanctuary. We see our present industrial society as going through a slow collapse and are ready to make sudden changes as needed.

It’s so interesting to feel deep changes in the core of what we feel life is about, what a community is, how healing occurs, and all of that timed with the demise of industrial society. This should make for a awesome ride if we can open our hearts, dare to want what we want, and hold a space for it to arise.

That sacred space and that sacred something we want from it we call ‘SoulFullHeartenment’. It’s a term we made up obviously and so is the essence of it. It’s something different than awakening or enlightenment and something different than a therapy or healing modality, so we took the liberty to make up a new word for the thing we took the liberty of creating! Or maybe with a bit more humility, we could say that we felt the Divine wants to create through us.

But then, the Divine isn’t distinct from us in another way, so we’re back to something that looks like surrender, yet without abdication of desire and embodiment. We are all called I feel to live out our dreams and desires fully, not suppress them in the name of any misguided spirituality. For us, that’s about a communal living arrangement.

You can read more about what SoulFullHeartenment is about as I discussed it early on in another premise here:…/premise-2-mature-the-ego-a…/

This is a big deal, isn’t it? Many people we share about SoulFullHeart with of course ask us what is it with our ‘community living thing’ with some noticeable reservation. We understand where that’s coming from as we’ve wrestled with our own conflicts together as well as needs for individual space and autonomy.

If this rings bells and sets off an orchestra inside you, I’d like to, and we’d like to, get on with building just that together. The doorway in though isn’t socializing. It’s more about learning a new way of being truly social and we offer that through sessions in person or over Skype as we seek to integrate more and more towards this picture of community. Our sessions info is here…..

Thanks again for your interest and curiosity.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information.