Nurturing Gaia During Ascension

By Jelelle Awen


In the moment great question asked of me here in the comments on facebook that I responded to and thought I would share the exchange: Question: “What about the part of Gaia that is being poisoned, paved and cut? How do we nurture that part?”

My response: It feels to me like Gaia will actually ascend that damage by continuing to move into the healing that will come when a lot of that activity stops as She moves into more 4D and beyond. The activity stops as the souls awaken, as disclosure brings gifts from star beings that greatly change our transportation needs and energy needs AND repair the damage too, as those souls who DON’T change either leave the body or experience a timeline running where things stay the same or get worse. I can only share what is in my heart around this yet many are offering the same picture.

Oh and how we nurture Gaia is the same as how we nurture ourselves…making the inner connections, healing the pains and wounds (especially in the 3D pain body), choose to serve love in every moment, take risks that serve our soul, connect with soul family, etc….all these serve Her too as our consciousness shifts and She benefits too with that shift.

And I like to connect with Lady Gaia as a consciousness directly and she is very warm and very forgiving of it ALL….very much like Mother Mary actually! I asked her forgiveness for all the damage we have done and she embraced me SO deeply and forgave me right away and asked me to forgive myself and ALL Humans. She was so gracious and understanding and she helped me shift my consciousness around it. She also offered that just giving our energy and attention to nature and in nature helps Her to heal, even if it is just taking care of houseplants!

Painting of Lady Gaia is by Robert Donagher


Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher into 5D consciousness, Divine guide-scribe, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration.