Harvesting The Fruitful Darkness Into Love

The last few days have been quite a slug for me as I have been revisited by an energy that has ebbed and flowed in my field since I was in my early 20s. It is a very despairing energy that can be triggered in many ways, most notably in relationship to 3D money needs and intimacy.

I have felt both a masculine and a feminine energy in that despair. A feeling of not feeling like things are ever going to get off the ground and into abundance and flow. A feeling that I am not deserving or worthy of a lofty and joyous place. A seemingly inescapable condition of self-judgement and criticism. It is like a rolling snowball downhill that expands as gravity has its way.

This energy in me calls itself DC which stands for Dark Cloud or Don’t Care. It is a primordial energy that is quite ancient and collective. It lives in a very dark world yet in that darkness there is a deep need to be felt and heard even if it doesn’t admit to it. Forging a relationship to it helps to create the space for compassion and love to enter the space even as it feels hard to do so.

I have admittedly given it way too much power in my life. It has been a work in progress and is much different than it used to be. I have come to know this as an aspect of my soul but I needed some external reflection to really let that into my heart. This is a fusion that we know we are in but just need an outside mirror and lever to tilt it back into the Higher Heart and Consciousness.

I feel how these ongoing energies are ramping up that which is still embedded in our soul and is taking up residence in our bodies. It leaves little vacancy for our Higher Self to come into the space until we chose to relate to it on a personal level.

In our continued journey to wholeness, we are also healing the collective and that can be quite a chore. It is a process of personalizing the energy that takes it out of that well and into your own heart space. It loses some of its intensity and density and becomes more open to feeling in its own time.

Today’s Harvest Full Moon is another opportunity to harvest the fruit from this darkness and finally get to the root of what keeps us from truly embodying all that we are meant and desire to be. We get to do this together through our sharing and our connection. We may even seek the space of another to help transmute it back into Love from whence it came, it just has forgotten and felt forsaken.


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Energy Update: Palindrome Dates, Friday The 13th Harvest Moon, 9/11 Digestion/Disclosure, Plus 9/9/9 Portal

By Jelelle Awen

This is a dynamic and intense time for energies right now! September is already creating a sense of momentum and acceleration. It is a high frequency month geomagnetically due to the Equinox and we’ve already had some strong geomagnetic storms and high SOULar winds moving through with more to come.

I already shared about the 9/9/9 portal gateway that extends through September 18th and how it is offering more access to clear and feel karmic binds and energies from Lower 4D timelines and lifetimes. There is more about that here: https://soulfullheartblog.com/2019/09/10/energy-update-9-9-9-portal-opens-up-access-to-lower-4d-matrix-karmic-healing-metasoul-timelines/

Also, starting yesterday and through 9/19/19, this is a week of palindromes for those who use the month/day/year format, where the numbers of the dates are the same forwards and backwards. Example…. 9/11/19 is the same forwards and backwards (such as the word ‘madam’.) This is considered a blessed and fortunate energy that offers the opportunity for karmic reset and completion of soul patterns that have been playing out in this-life situations.

Yesterday was September 11th as well….a date that holds a lot of energy in the collective memory of sorrow, loss, and outrage for those in America and around the world. The September 11th violent events bring up a mix of mourning, loss of individual privacy/invasion of governmental monitoring, AND disclosure of the true causes of them beyond what has been reported by the ‘mainstream’ 3D media. 9/11 is one of those ‘lynch pins’ that as it is pulled by more and more awakening souls begins to reveal the true web of corruption, control, shadow-based Lower 4D energies that exist behind so much of the governmental, banking, and cooperate structures in the 3D world. Many more souls will be following those bread crumbs of discovery as guided to by their Higher Self.

We also have Friday the 13th tomorrow and a harvest full moon occurring on that date or on Saturday, Friday the 14th (depending on where you are in the world.) Friday the 13th amplifies whatever energy is coming up for healing due to the collective focus and projection on it. Good or bad, unlucky or blessed….this day can be a matter of the collective consciousness creating its reality. A full moon then, as always, offers illumination of this energy that needs to come out of the shadows in order to be seen and felt.

All of these energies may be creating a feeling in you of being unsettled, disorientated, and just ‘off’ from how you normally are. Because what is in the subconscious is being amplified, it IS an opportunity to learn and feel something new about yourself and your soul. It can be helpful to move into personal exploration during intense energy times like this rather than tune too much into the collective energies that are moving through.

For those of us who are so sensitive to ALL energies, the collective process of disclosure and digestion can be VERY intense for us to feel. The push and pull of the newly awakening (although we have been through it ourselves) can be overwhelming as we hold and make space for more of our own veil to lift and more karmic healing to take place from within our own souls.

To radiate love from our higher heart space, to feel compassion for those who are newly learning about difficult realities, to forgive those who have chosen to play the challenging and polarizing roles in this experiment. These are ambassador of love energies we can offer to ourselves and to others, as templated for us by the Divine Mother. Trusting the Divine on the timing of all of this as an alignment (even if it feels like a misalignment) that the collective needs as we move into the higher timeline year of 2020.

To go into the more feminine heart space offers more sense of inner peace right now. To be in the overly masculine mind trying to ‘figure it out’ can be challenging and lead to more distrust coming up, more anxiety, more reaction from your masculine Inner Protectors. Connecting to sources of compassionate calm in the storms both inside of you and from outside creates a beacon for others of how they might navigate through it too.

Much love to you as we navigate these intense yet very necessary energies!

Jelelle Awen

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