Energy Update: Total Lunar Eclipse Offers Emotional & Cathartic Release

Energy Update: Total lunar eclipse energies coming through NOW! We’ve been preparing for the emotional illuminations of this eclipse, the deeply feminine frequencies of it, with a focus on shadow exploration with much coming up and out into more conscious awareness now.

During these ‘blood moon’ eclipses, there is an easing up of the moon matrix to whatever degree the sacred feminine lunar energies have been hijacked in the collective and within our wombs especially. The ‘hijack’ itself is going through shifts and changes right now with ambassadorship possible to the Matrix if there has been enough unplugging in your emotional body, soul fields, and relationships. There are big shifts in the agenda and momentum of the Matrix agendas, even with a peaking in the narratives (more on this soon.)

This ‘freeing up’ of the emotional body during lunar eclipses can bring forward intense emotions, sensations of pressures building and releasing from within, even the sense of ‘break downs’ within yourself or those around you. It can be a roller coaster of the highest highs of Unity Bliss and then some unusual ‘lows’ that haven’t been experienced for awhile.

Along with the ongoing pressure, tensions and relationship challenges/completions caused by the consciousness bifurcation going on the last two years, this may be an intense time for you in relationships. It’s like what has been all right to be in shadow or to be dismissed or diverted is coming up to be dealt with and felt NOW.

These catalytic urgent energies can be a bit crazy making unless you are centered into yourself, feeling the parts/soul aspects who are in the churning and need you, discerning what energies are yours and what are other people’s, reclaiming your boundaries as needed. I find these lunar eclipses to be the most intense leading up to them and during the passage between them…and then there is an exhale and release after they are complete.

Ultimately it is cathartic to express and share (even if it needs to come out messy or tense) rather than to hold it inside and internalize, going into a caretaking or people pleasing mode. It is necessary to be current, to be truthful, to share what your heart and soul discernment is…even risking being rejected, hurting others at times (yet not actually harming/abusing). It is especially necessary during these times of death and rebirth. These eclipse energies assist in that process, inside and out.

The 11:11 codes are waiting right there and already coming in, as I shared about yesterday…offering new beginnings, wake up calls, and next movements, connection to your higher vision. 11:11 codes offer a harvesting of the churning, tilling, and planting that has been going on the last month.

You can view the lunar eclipse here from start to finish…8am to 2pm Portugal/WET/UK time….

Love during this intense eclipse and 11/11 passage!

Jelelle Awen

Join Raphael and I for a 11:11 portal and eclipse energies in our livestream here on FB coming up tomorrow, Wed. November 9th for our weekly SoulFullHeart livestream at 5:00pm WET Portugal/UK/ noon EDT. We will also offer a brief guided meditation to connect to these 11:11 energies. You can join us live here on my FB feed and take in the recording here too.

And our monthly group call on Sunday, Nov 13th is focused on connecting to the inner teenager, a part that is often in shadow with much emotional intensity to be processed and soul gifts waiting to be freed up! More info at

Here is the recording of a shadow exploration livestream and guided meditation:

Energy Update: The Powerful Growth Passage From 10:10 to 11:11 to 12:12

Energy update: I’ve been seeing 11:11 in synchronistic ways a lot lately, especially in the last two weeks….as you may have been too. Our minds can’t always track what these numbers mean, yet the codes they transmit interfaces with our DNA, our light body, our emotional bodies, our soul fields.

1 is of new beginnings, fresh starts, rebirth, and openings. 11:11 is an amplified soul wake UP call, a bridge from your Higher Self to receive what is needed to move into your higher timeline and become your higher timeline self.

The passage through 10:10 to 11:11 to 12:12 is not just about marking linear time….yet what I have experienced and seen in others is actually a three month journey through shadow, through completions, through sometimes sudden deaths and lettings go….even while the NEW is coming in.

10:10 can be uncomfortable in that way, the void is amplified, the transition space, the in-between….here and not there. Illumination CAN be painful, to see what you couldn’t before and life/your Higher Self bringing that mirror in different ways.

11:11 is more activation and sense of the New even as illumination of the ‘old’ is still moving through. Starting to integrate what was seen and felt in the 10:10 portal. Reconciling what was revealed into your heart space, self love and acceptance.

In 12:12 we come into more union, the masculine and feminine, the old and the new are resolving together. Magdalene-Christ Consciousness codes come streaming in to support this. All of this occurring inside of us, from parts of us to each other. And in our relationships as well.

The 11:11 energies we are letting in now also offer bridging to energies that previously brought up fear or resistance. Mostly from within yet also with others. To respond with love, to not defend, yet to have healthy boundary. To say ‘no’ to harm without hate or judgement in your heart. To be connected to your vision and sense of what you REALLY want in your life and speak/act/be from there.

Love to you as we move through this deep passageway of growth and learning and becoming,

Jelelle Awen

Raphael and I will share more about the 11:11 portal and eclipse energies (with my favorite full moon lunar eclipse tomorrow!) in our livestream on my FB feed coming up this Wednesday for our weekly SoulFullHeart livestream at 5:00pm WET Portugal/UK/ noon EDT. We will also offer a brief guided meditation to connect to these 11:11 energies. You can join us live on FB feed and take in the recording there or on our SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel.

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Energy Update: Eclipse Passage & Samhain/Halloween Offers Shadow Exploration

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: An eclipse passage is opening up…with a partial solar eclipse tomorrow October 25, 2022 with those of us in Europe and in the Middle East getting the best views of it. And with a corresponding total lunar eclipse (my favorite) happening on November 7th-8th and best seen in Western U.S. and the Pacific.

Eclipse passages are often catalytic times, mostly internal although sometimes external too, with big shifts and movements happening during them. The intersection of Gaia (ascending feminine), the sun (sacred masculine) and the moon (Sacred feminine in her pure essence rather than hijacked expression) provides a powerful balancing blend of energies that can shift us out of trajectories, stuck patterns, and routines.

This eclipse passage is also occurring during Halloween, Samhain, All Saint’s Eve….and along with the profound lifting of veils that thin out during this time between dimensions. Access to deeper places within your emotional body and unconscious become available, along with channeling/connection to your soul field, the astral plane, galactic connection, and higher dimensions.

Shadow aspects ‘show’ themselves in interesting ways during this time through reactions, triggers, and even strange or unusual behaviors. Timelines and lifetimes bleed through (esp those with dramatic or traumatic endings and experiences) during dream space and strange dreams even nightmares come through. This is also amplified by Matrix energies of horror movies, violence, ‘dark’ and evil costumes etc.

It can be an unsettling time, where it feels uneasy and uncomfortable to be in your life and be you. Sudden conflicts and messy outbursts in relationships (esp. counterparts and twins) may bubble up during this time….and esp in relationships under already strain from the great bifurcation happening the last few years. What is in ‘shadow’ is so often the rage, the disagreement, the TRUTH that has been judged as not acceptable to others.

While it can be an uneasy thing to feel these previously suppressed energies coming out, it is also a good thing, a relieving movement, a cathartic release. Being with and connecting with directly the part of you or soul aspect that is feeling, expressing, reacting can be hugely helpful during this time.

Allowing becomes the energy that produces movement and leads to clarities and integration. All this passion needs to land in your heart. You can always ‘clean it up’ afterwards and apologize as needed if harm is truly done (esp from within or in relationship.) Yet, often womb roars and hara rumbles are needed in our lives at times to clear out what is no longer serving us.

Embracing the shadow, the darkness within…and still feeling our own goodness, light, and purity becomes possible as we allow and embrace and connect directly with ALL the complex energies within us and in our soul field.

Much love to you as we move through this shadow passage,

Jelelle Awen

Raphael and I will share about shadow exploration and offer a guided meditation during our weekly SoulFullHeart livestream here on FB on Wednesday at 5pm UK/Portugal…12:00pm EDT. You can watch live and ask questions/leave comments or watch the recording after.

Kasha and I will explore the shadow energies within the feminine during our women’s group call over zoom on the day before Halloween and during this eclipse passage…. Sunday, October 30th at 5:00pm UK/Portugal/1:00pm EDT….hope you can join us by donation via or (usual is around 11-15 euros/USD). You can join us live or take in the recording. More info at

Info about free intros and 1:1 sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators for support, access, and connecting during this passage at

You can watch the solar eclipse which occurs at the times below (all UTC/Greenwich time):

Partial eclipse begin – 09:52

Maximum Eclipse – 11:07

Partial eclipse end – 12:18

SoulFullHeart Museletter: Oct 8, 2022

10/10 codes are streaming in!

The featured piece this week, by Jelelle Awen, invites you to feel what these codes mean to you and how/what they are stirring up for you. You’re being invited into your next-level upgrades and clarity too about your truth, about who you are and what you are here to serve, as well as what relationships are most nourishing for you.

There are a few new writings from us this week, including digestions of personal process and invitations for you to feel your own process and journey in some new ways. 

Our next group call led by Raphael and Jelelle will focus on the ‘homecoming codes’ that we could all feel during our recent gathering and would love to transmit to you as well. This group call will take place on Sunday, Oct 16th, on Zoom, by donation.

Jelelle and Kasha will lead a women’s group call on Sunday, Oct 30th, also on Zoom and by donation. This call will focus on exploring the Shadow Feminine, which is a deep process with many gifts!

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Much love from all of us!

~ the SoulFullHeart Community

Lion’s Gate 8:8 Update & Message From Sirius: Separation Is The Illusion; Unity Is Real

By Jelelle Awen

Today, August 8th 8:8, is the Lion’s Gateway, peak of the galactic alignment with the planet Sirius. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. From our viewpoint from Gaia, Sirius (as the brightest star in the sky) comes closer to us. We have often called this day “Cosmic Christmas” for the gifts that it can bring on the soul level.

Sirius is a STRONG and powerful source of soul activations, upgrades, and Ascension frequencies. As we connect to our soul aspects from Sirius, we can receive codes that bring us into our next levels of awakening. They often appear as feline beings with blue skin tones, although that can vary. The veils are lifted during this gateway and the capacity to see/feel/know these soul aspects and other lifetimes and timelines is revealed.

As I meditated this morning, I connected with Sela, my blue feline-humanoid Lionness Queen from Sirius. As we touched third eyes together, She offered me waves of calm support and spacious grace as always, especially connected with my Inner Queen who is feeling relief and goodness as we settle more deeply into our ‘light ship/house’ here in Central Portugal for longer term…serving love from here.

I also felt Sela through my cat Ravyn, who is being very attached to me the last 24 hours, sleeping next to me and laying on my chest and in my lap a lot. I shared about her in my post yesterday and the temple cat and deep theta frequencies Ravyn transmits to me. Connection with a Earth Plane Feline aka ‘house cat’ is powerful today if you have one in your life.

Sela as a Sirian aspect always seems to deeply feel and understand the energies of death and rebirth going on for humanity right now, as her species has gone through the Ascension process bliss mess phases and stages as well. She offered compassion for the messy transition we are in as we stumble and fumble through the dark to find our way into the light.

Sela encourages you to feel into whatever messages you receive from your Sirius aspects on this day, offering that they are specifically connected to the Lion’s Gate frequencies and the upgrades available during it. I could sense too how in tune we were with them during the Lemurian age, precious allies and friends of ours from the stars.

I’ve been feeling a lot of activations and transmissions from Inner Earth Lemuria as well, especially in the Hand Pan music that I’ve been listening to. And today I gifted myself with a handpan and am excited to feel the transmissions that come through me when it arrives in a couple of weeks! I was deeply guided to listen to the wombic, cosmic, playful yet deep frequencies it transmits the last couple of weeks and it felt really right to get one on Cosmic Christmas! I look forward to sharing it with you as the music and sound healing comes through (along with our crystal bowls and light language.)

Here is my favorite handpan music right now:

The Sirius energy (and Inner Earth Lemuria) reminds us of the bigger picture that can be lost with so much contentious content and polarization. They form a bridge to our galactic nature and the remembering of the assistance and support that is ALWAYS there for us. As we are vulnerable and ask for it, so we can then receive it as love from the Divine in whatever forms and ways we most need.

Sela says now, “Trust the light that you are emerging into as you wake up from your long sleep.

Remember that the dark has been a necessary illusion.

Forgetting is the illusion.

Separation is the illusion. Fear is the illusion.

Love is real.

Unity is real.

The Light is real.

The Divine is real.

The rest is a play out of the illusion that is dying and being slowly reborn into what is real.

This process of dying illusion is happening within you and in your world.

As you can see this process, you can separate from it and connect to the love that you ARE in any moment.”


Hope you can join Raphael and I plus our whole community later today 8/8 for a Lion’s Gate transmission and meditation group call at 5:00pm (WEST/Portugal and London)/12:00pm EDT. We will be sharing energies of our Sirian aspects and bridging you to whatever guidance/messages/transmissions want to come through for you on this powerful portal day! You can join and receive the recording by offer a donation (usually $15 CAD/$11 USD) via or More info at

Blessings on this Lion’s Gate, Cosmic Christmas, and may new vistas of your soul’s bigness be revealed to you that provide support to navigate the shifts and changes!


Jelelle Awen & Sela

More info about 1:1 sessions, books/writings, videos, events at

Lion’s Gate Energy Update & 8:8 Group Call Invite (Video) | Raphael & Jelelle Awen

In this video, Raphael and I share an energy update as we move deeper into the Lion’s Gate portal with August 8th being the peak of the energies.

We share about the meaning of Lion’s Gate, making it personal to yourself, and the gifts that are offered from this Cosmic Christmas time of increased visions, soul clarities, alchemy, truth telling, and more. You may be experiencing these high energies through body symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and/or emotionally as intense waves of highs and then lows.

We also acknowledge that it can be challenging to parts of us to let in the codes/upgrades/activations available during this time due to traumas, soul fears, other lifetimes bleeding through and karmic loops.You can connect to these ‘grinch-like’ parts of you with love, acceptance and as a portal to understanding more about yourself and your soul.

We invite you in this video to join us for a Lion’s Gate 8:8 group meditation activation call on Monday August 8th at 5:00/17:00pm WEST/12:00pm EDT/9:00am PDT to bring these energies into your awareness in a personal way. In the call, we will share about our most current personal processes as individuals and as a sacred union pairbond related to these energies and how we are experiencing them. We will also share about how our SoulFullHeart process can serve to allow for more integration, digestion, and receiving of these energies.

In the guided meditation/transmission portion of the call, we will create a bridge to connect with the Lion’s Gate energies by traveling to the pyramids of Giza in a powerful visualization meditation. This will open you up to receive whatever codes, messages, and upgrades want to come to you during this portal. We will also tune in as a group to receive codes to assist humanity’s ongoing awakening process, especially against the current backdrop of death and rebirth/good and evil narratives that are so heightened and playing out currently.

Divine guides and Sirian aspects will join us to hold a safe, higher vibe space for this exploration and offer inspiring transmissions of Infinite love and light. We will also repeat affirmations as a group that provide a new coding of anchoring spirit into our physical bodies during this portal.

You can receive these frequencies live with us (highly recommended) or take in the recording afterwards. If you attend the live group, you’ll have the opportunity to share with us about what you experienced during the meditation and receive feedback/next steps of integration from us (this is totally optional). Plus, you’ll be able to take in and receive sharings from other souls (both women and men) in the call, which is a powerful activation of its own!

This group is open to the public and to anyone over 18. You can attend the group and/or receive the recording for an energy/money exchange of whatever donation you feel to give ($11 USD/$15 CAD is the usual amount people offer us).

You can offer your donation via our shop at or and we will send you the zoom link to attend and the recording afterwards. If you purchase via paypal, please include your email and what you are purchasing in the note section so that we can send you the zoom link and the recording afterwards. More info at

Hope you can join us for this powerful exploration into these Lions Gate energies!


Raphael and Jelelle

Lion’s Gate Energy Update: Waves Of Higher Frequency Light Moving Out Densities in Emotional/Physical/Energy Bodies

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: The energies really have been so intense during the last couple of weeks! Waves of higher frequency light are being delivered/offered through star family/soul family connections…..Sirian and Arcturian especially. Activations during this week of Lion’s Gate opening (light language, contact through dreams, inspired thinking/visions/dreams and star DNA too) are preparing us for what we are calling, ‘Cosmic Christmas’ on Monday, August 8th.

These higher frequency energies are sort of pressing down and in on 3D reality in order to move it out. This pressing down can create a heaviness in the body and a sense of being ‘very sleepy’ or just ‘out of it’. And, we are ‘out of it’ in terms of 3D reality and it can really be felt during energy flux up phases like now. You also may be feeling buzzing in your head or headaches, plus a swirling/dizzy/vertigo feeling in your crown as the light codes come in.

You may be increasingly sensitive to foods during this time and need to rest from some of them or even move into fasting. Even that which is super nutritious is being amplified right now and a little can go a very long way. Eating very light, fruits and fruit-vegetables (such as tomatoes and avocados and cucumbers) can support the body through this upgrading process. We are two months into our daily pure celery juice drinking process and finding it so helpful at detoxing and clearing the body out. Any denser foods (such as those with oils, high fats or processed) are cleaned out right away while drinking it!

This out-of-it-ness may extend to your emotional body too with the purges and surges of lower frequencies of 3D traumas from this life and other lifetimes/timelines coming up. As these come up for processing and you move more into your higher timeline, you may draw fear-based frequencies from others in the form of conflicts, tensions, passive aggressiveness, and even outright attacks.

Trust that anything that comes is a mirror for you and not ‘against you’ even if you don’t want it in your field and life anymore. Trust with love and set boundaries with an open heart from there that you feel that you need to.

I feel a heartline extending to ALL of us from our higher selves and galactic/angelic aspects/guides, who are right there surrounding us and offering help. The degree that you can feel this support and help is related to how ‘fused’ to your lower frequency aspects that you are. This fusion with your Inner Protector creates a sort of defensive energetic shield that their love can’t penetrate.

Allowing control to run or anxiety or rage without holding it and being with it can push your support team away from you and even into the ‘other room’ or even farther away.

Bring all of you in closer and what you are feeling and your loving guides/aspects can come closer too and help you hold it with you. Your higher self and galactic/angelic guides/aspects are amazing heart healers and want to help you with this important work of upgrading your physical, chakral, and emotional bodies.

Anchoring into your heart line even as you surrender to the ‘out of it’ reality can allow a flow up and in and out with what is coming in to support our continual global/collective awakening and your continual personal awakening too.

Allow into your reality the timelines into the New that want to unfurl before you….riding them ‘out’ even as you detach from them. Be with all that is coming up and coming in and coming out with LOVE………as it is offered in so much love!

Please join Raphael and I for a special event…..Lion’s Gate 8:8 activation group call on Monday, August 8th at 5:00pm WEST/12:00pm EDT for support and amplification of the energies able to be let in right now during this portal, creating a bridge to your soul/star family too! You can join us live and will receive the recording by offering a donation at or More info at


Jelelle Awen

Here is a guided meditation to connect with your star family:

And I have shared this meditation even recently with someone doing sessions with me as it can be SO supportive! Connecting to an Arcturian Healing Chamber:

Energy Update: Galactic New Year Completes 10 Year Cycle, Resets For The NEW

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: Happy Galactic New Year and Lion’s Gate portal week! July 26th was the Galactic New Year as offered by the Mayans/Star BEing elders/founders. It feels like it marks the completion of an intense 10 year cycle of preparation that has been about truly becoming your service of love self.

This transition to the New Year seems to offer feelings of being in the void, assessing your life, feeling in-between timelines new and old. A time of reset & renewal as the Ascension process offers ongoingly. There is also sometimes intense purging and clearing going on in the emotional body and soul field during this time.

There is a feeling sense as we enter this new cycle of more ease going forward to embrace what resonates with serving love and letting go of what doesn’t serve love. These last ten years have often felt like trudging through mud while your house is burning down. Massive amounts of bush whacking as we go, laying a new trail down on sometimes unfriendly ground and offering our growing truths about a possible New way of living and loving to often silent and unresponsive (and even sometimes hostile) rooms filled with people we used to resonate with.

2012 launched the accelerated Ascension timeline that so many of us started to orient our lives to. In ways both big and small, we shifted our priorities and our choices toward this New Earth timeline. We dove into our emotional wounds, no longer ok with ‘being traumatized’ vibrating in fear, and the patterns of behavior that come from that. We swam into our soul’s waters, wanting to experience the depths there, emerge out of the murkiness beyond the veil and into the light.

These ten years have sometimes been spent in a closet in terms of outed expression during this exploration. Undergoing the process of awakening in secret as ‘regular life’ went on. You may have maintained relationships that didn’t fit your awakening self in order to provide the safety and space in 3D to dive into the deeper soul waters. There are always soul agreements on the Higher Self level around this…..both in terms of when to stay in relationship with others and when to complete and split apart for the growth of all.

You may have had more tastes of your service of love self during these last ten years than full embodiment of this energy at all times yet. Tastes of experiences of offering your soul gifts ‘when it was safe’ and when you felt supported to do so. Or, you went into full expression of your service gifts and then retracted away to harvest the lessons learned, the karma revealed, and respond to the wounded healer that needed your love.

So many people have lived in ‘two worlds’ during this last 10 year cycle: one where they are awakening and the other attached to 3D still. As we move into the new cycle, you may now really be experiencing that you can no longer do this. You can no longer ‘span’ dissonant energies with resonant ones. You can no longer hide. You can no longer keep your ‘crazy’ back and away from others that would judge it as such. You can no longer live life in secret….nor do you want to.

This next cycle moving into 2022 and beyond is about becoming the outed, powerful expression of your authentic essence in ALL areas of your life. This current passageway between the eclipse season and the Lion’s Gate on 8/8 seems to be providing a ‘reset’ to this new cycle. This allows for more clarity about next steps, completions that are necessary to be made, and bigger picture sense from your soul to support you in these movements.

It is interesting to feel into and remember on this New Year Galactic day what you were doing 10 years ago and, also, who you were at that time, how you related to your awakening (if you were consciously then), etc. What awareness and alignment did you have then to your soul purpose?

You could connect to your self from ten years ago too during meditation, creating a bridge to them in order to connect your ‘past’ to your Now and feel what might need to be digested and felt from the last ten years.

Ten years ago, Raphael and I were living part-time on a magical Gulf Island in Canada, BC called Gabriola Island. I was connecting deeply with my Gatekeeper aspect/guide to my Metasoul at that time and this is when I received the name ‘SoulFullHeart’ to call the spiritual and emotional healing work that we were doing with a few people in the Vancouver area. ‘SoulFullHeart’ came forward to me in its exact spelling, representing the fullness that we experience when the soul is filled up/made full by the heart and the heart is filled up/made full by the soul. It speaks to the ways that the healing of our heart (emotions) is so essential to our soul’s awakening and vice versa.

I was getting a sense of beginning seeds of what SoulFullHeart would eventually become and bloom into back then. Ten years later, we have served many souls in sessions and group calls with a recent surge in response and interest. We have grown a bit our intimate community seeding this process and work into consciousness as a way of life. I’ve written four books, including my most recent Free To Be 5D, which was inspired by these last six years esp of serving love in sessions, within myself on the self and soul levels firstly, and in our community too. It is the perfect timing I am realizing now to be downloading and offering as this cycle completes and a new one begins!

MUCH love to you as we move into the embodiment of our sacred humanity together, through all the important and necessary cycles that the Divine guides us through!

Here is a shadow exploration guided meditation video with Raphael and I which could take you into the grounds most needed to be seen/felt at this time:


Jelelle Awen

Join Raphael and I for a Lion’s Gate 8:8 activation group call event on Monday, August 8th at 5:00pm GMT/WEST – Noon EDT as we bridge to the alchemy/new timeline codes coming through. More info at

1:1 sessions available with me and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators to connect to your Gatekeeper (guardian of your soul/timelines) and other important aspects as you move into new cycles of higher timeline embodiment. More info here:

Links to purchase Free To Be 5D as audio book, ebook, PDF, and print:

Energy Update: Biggest Supermoon Of The Year Bringing In Higher Timelines & Digestion Of Them

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: These full super moon energies are potent and powerful as this one is the biggest of the year! The lunar energies are amplifying, illuminating, drawing out whatever needs to be revealed…. especially so it can be responded to, FELT, and receive love. These energies are supporting feeling grief and the mourning process of whatever needs to be let go or has been….and digesting even the trauma of the shifts going on collectively and then manifesting for all of us in different ways.

Yet, also, these lunar energies (plus the ongoing Sirian portal through 8/8 Lion’s Gate) are bringing in higher timeline realities through visions, inspirations, creative urges, dreams, projects, connections/synchs, alchemy, and sudden pronounced draw. You may be experiencing this in your soul purpose/service work where you are suddenly visible and drawing those who match you. I am certainly experiencing this with our SoulFullHeart work recently and letting in goodness even as calibrating to it as well!

Often these are happening at SAME time….the new is coming in with waves of goodness as the old is coming UP to be digested, processed, and let go of. It reminds me of cleaning house while we are already hosting a party! We are not given much ‘time’ to prepare for the goodness or to stay in suffering over the old realities/densities/suffering patterns. We are moved ON quickly now by our Divine Selves as love, light, goodness comes in to take over more space in our hearts, souls, and lives.

We are drawing in lessons learned from previous suffering and karmic cycles, responding from a new, more embodied, less reactive place to ‘old’ situations, esp. in relationships. The former karmic compensations and obligations are not hooking in the same way that they used to or if they are, it is revealed sooner so we can advocate/set boundaries/whatever is needed.

As we let in the fresh water of NEW realities, there is an oil that can come up of trauma, pain, residue from being in the previous energies of suffering…especially on the emotional body level. This oil can make it feel like the NEW is not real, bringing a hopelessness and despair up, deflated feeling, for parts of us. Yet, if we respond with love and hold space for these feelings and bring the NEW to these parts of us then they can let in the new reality too.

It also takes time for parts of us to trust the goodness is real, that love is real, that the suffering cycles really CAN complete. This is not a mental reframing exercise or offering spiritual beliefs or platitudes. Yet, this ground of being able to trust and actually let in goodness comes as we feel and digest and bridge with love to these parts of us in real time with open hearts.

We are being inviting to move beyond bypassing anything at this point or trying to ‘make yourself feel better’ or judging ANY reactions/feelings within you as bad or wrong. Being WITH the feelings and reactions with love as your Divine Self creates a deepening trust and surrender ground of healing and transmutation.

Trust the oil that comes up as temporary and necessary. Trust the goodness that comes to you as lasting and a reflection of the goodness that YOU are.


Jelelle Awen

Free intros and 1:1 sessions are available with me for women, with Kasha for women, and with Raphael or Gabriel for women and men to support you in becoming this loving spaceholder to all parts of you. More info at

We also have two sacred union activation group calls coming up! One this Sunday July 17th for women with Kasha and I, plus another on Sunday, June 24th with Raphael and I. More info to join us and receive the recordings at

Karmic Persecution and Obligation Coming Up For Healing

By Jelelle Awen

Karmic persecution and the flip side, karmic obligation, are coming up for healing right now! The experience of being persecuted is very familiar to those of who have spent many lifetimes awakening, being healers/teachers, leading new edges of consciousness forward and been ‘ahead of our time.’

We trip the Matrix programming, we create anomalies, we offer new codings. The response to this from the ‘mainstream Matrix’ can be fierce, unkind, painful, and even life threatening. Reconciling and healing this soul wounding can cause us to draw more of these persecution experiences this life. This usually manifests in relationship struggles and conflicts, particularly with birth family members, in romances, and in friendships where they are more anchored to 3D consciousness still.

Parts of us can feel quite hurt, rejected, abandoned by these repeated experiences of condemnation and judgement from those who claim to love us. I have felt how deep this wounding can go so many times in sessions and within myself too. The heart of our inner child is blocked by the Inner Protector in response to this, shielding them for future hurts (or so they hope.) The light of our soul bigness shining can be dimmed too, hidden ‘under a bushel’ for a time that feels safer.

Karmic obligation is another side of this dynamic where your soul aspects and parts have taken on responsibility for these family members, friends and mates even when you no longer resonate with each other and even when there is judgement and harm/abuse from them toward you. Instead of feeling the pain of this, parts of you feel responsible for them, you take care of them, you become the ‘holder’ of their pain at the cost of your own growth. Parts of you feel guilt if you experience joy and love because they cannot in the same way.

These karmic binds are important to feel and be with as there is a healing opportunity to complete them…now more than ever! To go deeper than the triggers and reactions to how people are treating you (or not treating you) and into the emotional body and soul field. To explore the dynamics going on within you from one part to another that mirrors this same persecution/victim dynamic (such as between the Inner Punisher and parts that feel shame.) To go into your soul field to discover the soul themes playing out there lifetime after lifetime with these same souls.

In these explorations lead by curiosity and an open heart, you discover forgiveness and compassion…for yourself, for your soul aspects, and for them. This is what allows for completion of these karmic binds as the polarity they create is no longer needing to be experienced for your growth. Only authentic, felt out and emotionally digested compassion allows for this completion…not affirmations or mental analysis or spiritual beliefs.

You (and parts of you) may be giving still much focus and energy to the reactive experience you have during these relationships….rather than turning inward to explore WHY these dynamics are happening. Going directly to the source of them within your soul field and emotional body is possible now, rather than just looping over and over. Gratitude for the gift these other souls have provided you in this experience arises as well from this ground.

Going into these deeper grounds is, yes, now more possible than ever. The veils are so thin, the walls around our hearts are weakening, and our defenses are getting so tired of holding up any more blocks. The ache to move back into Oneness again is getting stronger and stronger! Any frequencies within us of separation are being illuminated, brought up, and amplified….seeking wholeness by receiving and becoming LOVE.


Jelelle Awen

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