Forgiving Yourself And Others: SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of February 13, 2017

By Jelelle Awen

A LOT of writing is coming for me lately and through me lately, I’ve been sharing these writings here…..along with the wonderful writings of Raphael,Gabriel, Leena. These posts can float on by on the facebook or blog stream. So, we’ve collected together, pooled together, this week’s SoulFullHeart writings, videos, and upcoming events in one place, which we call a ‘museletter.’ A pool to dip into providing Divine inspiration in the form of words and energy. The latest article by me featured on this week’s one is below and please visit our website and enter your email or email us at if you would like to receive these in your email.

Forgive them their busyness,
They know not how to be.
Forgive them their violence,
They know not how to act.
Forgive them their blindness,
They know not how to see.
Forgive them their lack of conscience
They know not how to feel remorse.
Forgive them their judgment,
They know not how to discern.
Forgive them their numbness,
They know not how to feel.
Forgive them their hatred
They know not how to love.
Forgive them their greed,
They know not how to receive.
Forgive them their destruction,
They know not how to create.

This message came to me through ascended teacher Mother Mary in 2010 after I was attuned to remember Reiki energy or Christ consciousness energy. I was struggling at the time, in recovery in many ways from leaving a spiritual group, soul family, that I was deeply connected with and felt was my soul work. I chose to leave, yet the very sudden loss of connection with the group pushed up deep feelings of rejection, hurt, frustration, and rage. Such an important process, such an important crucible for me to have experienced.

During this time, I was struggling with forgiving my soul family in the group who would no longer be in relationship with me. I was especially conflicted about forgiving the leader of the group, my former spiritual teacher, and surrogate father who had ‘kicked’ me out with very harsh energies. These edges in my emotional body and in the aspects that held them needed soothing, comfort, and love.

Mother Mary visited me and offered waves of soft blue and pink light. She embraced me, reflecting to me my purity and innocence. She offered me these words of forgiveness to extend toward those who I perceived had hurt me, an extension of the words spoken by Yeshua as he died. And, more than anything, she encouraged me to embrace them toward myself and the parts of me that had been so drawn to the group, had done harm to others, parts of me that were like the formerly beloved spiritual teacher. I was also awakening to the difficult realities of the 3D world and the abuses on so many levels going on related to the planet, animals, toward other human beings. She was offering forgiveness energy toward all the ‘perpetrators’ of these abusive frequencies too.

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