You Are Your Own Saviour and Saboteur

By Raphael Awen


You are your own saviour and saboteur, both.

What it feels like and looks like and is like to be doing your life as you…is all created by you. There is no ‘other’ of any kind to blame or to credit for the life you live. Not mate, not friend, not parents, not god, nada.

Your life evolved through and by your choices. Even the wounding experiences you experienced were not random, or the act of some malevolent power greater than you. You as a soul choose and allowed what would play out in your life.

You choose this journey of coming to terms with your own greatness, and included every detail that would form your growth path, your awakening path.

Your deepest pains and challenges can either be used to weave a victims’ claim together in surrender to the fear of your own greatness, or they can be the stuff you were sovereignly given, by your sovereign self to manifest in this domain your true essence.

Staying small is also a great act by a great and powerful being. Rising to your greatness in your awareness is also an equal expression of your greatness.

The universe is quite ambivalent to your choice, supporting you whichever direction you choose, because it can’t save you from anything. It can’t choose anything for you. It follows your lead.

You are your own universe. Totally magical. Totally powerful.

Can anything matter more than finding, feeling and healing whatever challenges stand between you and this great truth. Choose life, choose love, choose carefully the help you need.

Your choice and your desire are your most powerful allies.

I would be so honoured, along with my beloved, Jelelle, to serve you through any transition points you are making. We have both walked this path and continue to. Life has changed for us in unimaginable ways, and never stops changing.



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