Life Beyond The Veil

By Raphael Awen


At the edge of your life as you know it, there is a thin, but effective veil that contains you. Not all of you actually lives within the veil, but having awareness of this fact is largely prohibited by the veil itself. It’s as if life-as-you-know-it is all there is. For all but a select few, this pearl of great price will not be discovered in a given lifetime even though it sovereignly belongs to every single one of us.

The veil is like one of those space-age non-material kind of materials that can go invisible and can retract and expand as necessary in its containment function. The material lives not as some external boundary, but lives inside of you. It is held in place by every relationship agreement that you form with life, people and energy.

Try as you inevitably will, and desire as you will, this containment will not let up easily. It is designed to withstand even the most formidable of efforts. In fact, effort alone cannot penetrate it. It won’t let up until it knows that it knows, and you know that you know, and it knows you know, that you are truly ready to discover and go on to experience life beyond this veil. It lovingly begins with tastes and confirmations and many processes to make you fit for a life as you don’t know it and can only come to know by slow awakening.

Within the veil, you have become skilled at life as you know it. Your proficiency at the many work arounds parts of you employ to be living a part-life is truly a work of great attainment. It’s more than tempting to remain there. For most, even an inkling of a missing something is held at bay by the containment vessel. Your skill at life as you know it is dear to you. It’s made a half life safe and even rewarding. You’ve made a home away from home. What could be of any more value than that?

Life isn’t out to conspire against you. It doesn’t want to rob you of any treasured security. It actually wants to afford you a whole new relationship to security and a truer kind of safety that lives beyond the veil. But it waits as if there is all the time in the world, because in fact, it does have all the time in the world and is willing to spend that in your awakening process to life beyond the veil.

Life beyond the veil doesn’t promise to be easy or that there will not be other veils; that you will be somehow be done once and for all with veils and painful awakening processes. The unknown part of you that lives beyond the veil already knows this and is both urgent and patient in communicating with you. It knows you need all the time you need and that all of it is just as sacred as sacred can be.

When you are truly ready, you will repeatedly and consistently make many excursions beyond the current veil capping life as you know it. These excursions will be to confirm, further awaken and acclimatize you to deeper exposures to life beyond the veil.

If wonder, reverence, and awe is winning and possessing the day for you and nothing on this side of the veil can keep you from pressing through it, then you are already in process of moving through the veil. That’s why life as you know it feels so strange and familiar to you at the same time. You are in a profound birthing process.

I’ve been through a few of these ‘rending the veil’ life processes and I offer assistance to help people feel themselves more self-lovingly in order to be with themselves on their journey. I do that through presence, focus and dialogue together with someone and aspects of them when they are ready to claim that for themselves. It’s not an offer of friendship though I am known to be very friendly. You are not out seeking another friend. You are seeking (if you are) a space-holder who can assist you in holding your you-space through a profound soul and life transition. Why attempt it alone when you don’t have to?

I so welcome hearing from you and learning of your story. My sessions page is here if you’d like to know more.

I honour your awakening beyond the veil…

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.

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