Holding Space For Our Pain So It Can Move And Heal

I am making space for my pain today. Does this sound strange? I guess, from a certain perspective, it IS strange. From a third dimensional perspective, pain is to be avoided, numbed out, covered over. Pain ‘gets in the way’ of what ‘needs to be done’, so it is usually not allowed any space at all. Whether that pain is sourced from the body, the emotional pain body, the mental body, the spiritual body….in the 3D perspective it is all just wrong and needs to be cured, drugged, or gotten rid of some how.
Yet, in my experience of awakening and ascension into higher consciousness frequencies, pain is something to be honored, something to be held, something to be digested, something that is a sacred aspect of the process until it isn’t anymore. In this honoring and space holding, the pain can provide to you messages about what and where it is coming from. It can identity its root origins to your core woundings.
There is so much information in pain. Information about our heart struggles, our body shifts, our soul challenges. Most of our pain comes from suppression of the pain we experienced in the moment, it comes from lack of digestion, lack of ‘being felt’ in the moment. So, it collects and pockets and is stored at a cellular level in our DNA. Life situations and circumstances and relationships trigger this pain and we are ‘alerted’ to it. If we respond to this alert with love and curiosity, then we have the opportunity to actually heal the pain at its root and this creates the end of suffering.
Holding space for pain is not the same as suffering over it. “Suffering over your suffering” is when the pain is amplified and dragged out and mulled over and stuck to…’fusion’ we call this in SoulFullHeart. The part or aspect of us that holds the pain is ‘fused’ to it and we BECOME the pain rather than hold space for the pain to be felt and moved. Our higher self and Ethereal guides can beautifully hold space for our pain and they want to. They know that with love and care that going into the pain will lead to going THROUGH it. And this has been my experience over ten years and in serving others. I have not experienced nor experienced with others that anyone has gotten STUCK in their pain when they have been willing to feel it, but rather moved through it and only able to feel what they could handle to feel anyway.
The pain I am holding space for is related to my body and experiencing painful menstrual cramps for twenty years now. I have tried many herbal and energectic treatments. I have come at it from many angles. I feel now that this pain lives in the cellular memory of my body, in the DNA, and is wanting to shed and let go as I move into inhabitation of more of my light body. So, I will be with it, listen to it, and feel it. See where it wants to take me and where we can go together. With so much joy and love coming into my field lately, I can feel more easily where this pain is part of the ‘old’ and is ready to let go now.
What we resist, persists…..including our pain. What is yours trying to tell you? Are you making space to listen to it or are you avoiding it? Often it is trying to tell you of changes or of soul stories or of heart woundings that need your attention and love. Often it is trying to tell you of unfulfilled desires or dreams or purposes. It is offering the end of suffering and when loved and healed, another place for which love can enter in.
Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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