The Temple of Light Inside YOU


YOU are a Temple of Light.  A shining beacon of endless possibilities and radiant Joy.  A creative force borne from, and made of, the same powerhouse Love groove that emanates and permeates all of Creation.

YOU are the Mountain of Rising UP.  UP toward the heavens when so much has kept you down.  This down time has been the breeding ground for your readiness to Rise.  To move beyond what you thought all there was to join in the communion of All That Is.  

YOU are the Way of the Cosmic Heart.  The true destiny of your human experiment and exploration.  Feeling yourself as one among the One.  Feeling the cries and the ecstasy of each other’s triumphs and tragedies. Holding your own self needs while sending out waves of compassion and gratitude.  

YOU are the Galactic Epicenter of Desire.  A channel of Pure Love that seeks more and more and more.  In each moment, for each moment.  That stretches from the base of your feet to the far reaches of ever expanding ocean of consciousness.  You are that fire.  

YOU are a Child of Gaia.  Bestowed upon you to steward Her BEing into the new realm of collective consideration and consecration.  You are the keeper of this promise to be in harmony with Her as You.  

YOU are the Offspring of the Star BEings.  They are your ancestors.  Your Divine guides and partners.  Your ticket the the University of YOU.  They are aching to meet you.  

YOU are all that you are NOT.  Not the hate.  Not the smallness.  Not the pain.  Not the fear.  But it is all part of the sacred AM.  For you would not truly know the essence of YOU without it.  
Enter your Temple in every moment.  Let the light come into your BEing.  Let it blow the soot off your crystalline lovelight body. Let it permeate and radiate within then without.  Let it rise up into the starry depths of the cosmos, out into the hearts of those around you.  You then will feel the essence and beauty and power of the greatest force of all….your Sacred Humanity.

Gabriel Heartman is a facilitator, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at

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