From Star Family: Invitation To Move From Self-Righteousness To Humility

by Kasha Rokshana

“Starseed… you’re not here to ‘change the world’.

You’re here to discover a template for a renewed, rebirthed, and gentler one from deep within you.

Beloved soul… you’re not here to force a new perspective on anyone.

You’re here to lead through the example of your courage to feel any and ALL perspectives that live inside of you… those that are based in fear, those that are founded in love. You are to become a sacred Love Ambassador to all parts of you that hold these different perspectives, to bring them through their traumas and pain and open up your heart ever deeper.

You’re here to seed the shifts, as a gardener does when tending to baby plants, to seedlings. Your entire species is learning, unlearning, relearning; finding and discovering humility with self-worth intact; seeking and finding the courage to own what is yours to own and acknowledge the impact of it all.

You’re here to propagate the New Earth. The one that you dream of, that you remained connected to as a reality inside of you when you first entered this planet and this density. This propagation, this replanting and reseeding, comes from remembering and a responsibility individually held and personally expressed.

Starseed, you’re not here to be or become ‘perfect’… but to humbly remember that just as all others are, you too are in a constant state of recalling what has always lived inside of you. You yourself are a seed, planted in Gaian soil. You yourself are here to discover, to claim responsibility for that which harms or hurts, to heal self-righteous patterns, to remember that there is a greater purpose and context accessible through stillness and feeling. The bigger picture is a portal, accessible through the heart… to enter it through any other means, will give it fear-colours.

May this transmission from our hearts to yours provide a gentle HIGHway for the learning of the truth of your path. An individually offered message, landing differently in each and every Starseed heart, is this. A path it is, with many curves and sudden turns, chosen each day you remain either small or courageously enter your truest bigness.

With so much love,

Your Star Family”


Kasha Rokshana is a Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

Galactic Alignment Energies Align ‘Past’ With ‘Present’

by Kalayna Colibri



The Christmas season, it feels like, is one of the most nostalgic phases of the ‘year’. It has magic and wonder and even love frequencies that have been difficult for many to access other times of the year. It can be and often is also a reminder of painful experiences. This year we have a big galactic alignment happening on top of the usual Christmas season frequencies, adding to the usual reactions and responses from parts of us during this ‘time of year’. I feel as if there is a ‘ping-pong’ ball being created by the current wave of energies, bouncing around, ‘pinging’ this memory and that memory and then ‘ponging’ us back to the present. If we feel this with a more expanded heart-lens though, we can feel how this pinging and ponging is becoming more feverish, more rapid and more solid too, quickening the pace of ‘memory’ downloads from this timeline and others, giving us the opportunity to feel how nothing is actually ‘in the past’, but that it’s ALL alive in the Now – this ‘time’ we are living in that we know as ‘the present’. These memories can be a mix of happy and sad… they can be about this life and/or other lives, including our galactic origins. It is a mixed bag of emotional reactions and realities, especially as we reflect on the year that has passed that we have been calling ‘2017’, and we feel how even what we feel being stirred up inside of us now is a reflection to us of something(s) that have been left unfelt, unheld, unhealed.

The energies of this currently activated galactic alignment feel to be helping us align with what isn’t actually in the ‘past’ as all, as so many of us have held it. Our emotional body does not ‘see’ painful or even joyful memories as ‘past’ at all and instead feels them as if they really are happening now. You may also be finding that memories you forgot you even had, especially of abuse or anything severely traumatic including Star BEing abductions, are surfacing now too, creating major waves in your body, your heart, your life… This-life wounding (and beyond) is surfacing, as many of us are experiencing, reminding us of what we have still to feel and heal, which is so important for the inhabitation and activation of our Merkabahs that are wanting to take us to NEW heights, places, dimensions, multi-verses. There is no overnight or quick fix, and the more space we can make and hold for all of this to surface, the better. Feeling these pinging and ponging pieces that are coming up now is what gives us our springboard to new heights and horizons. New soul discoveries, pains, patterns, etc are coming up now too, often linked to our this-life pain anyways, as this is how it is for beings as multi-dimensional as ourselves… everything is connected.

We are not alone in any of this, and in fact, we are so supported by guides, Metasoul aspects (including our various galactic aspects, too), and Divine love. We are being supported to continue asking for the help we need and responding to the love parts of us are needing and aching for. In SoulFullHeart, we are here to serve love with you… we feel how challenging and sometimes difficult it can be when parts of you come up to be felt, sometimes for the first time ever… my beloveds and I continue this inward journey, feeling and cultivating this process within ourselves and we really do love to be with others in it as well. So much moves in session space and group space with us, and it’s always surprising what comes up and how much inner wisdom we actually already have, just waiting to be tapped into through this healing work. I personally desire to serve more and more young women around and under the age of 30 and my heart would like to invite you to check us out deeper:



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


4D Corridors/Birth Canals And Our Awakening Alchemy

by Kalayna Colibri


4D is a dimension of alchemy, of creation, of discovery. In some cases, it is a rediscovery, a recreation, a rebuilding, yet in many ways, it is a time of envisioning and offering NEW creations. There are many ‘4D corridors’ a.k.a. ‘birth canals’ that we are asked to pass through in our Ascension. This is not something we can transcend, yet it is something we can experience in different ways as we access higher frequencies more regularly.

This is what I have been offered this morning, and what I feel to share with you now…

“You are in a 4D corridor or ‘birth canal’, personally and globally right now.

“It means, there may be an experience of wrestling to find higher frequencies, while awakening to the fact that they are always available. During this alchemical time, there are many visions and ideas that are baking and finding their way within and around you. There can be feelings that surface, that show places of distrust in the big picture…. that all abundance is meant to come in and integrate at different stages and levels. There is no way to avoid the abundance rain… it is coming into you now.

“This is part of the journey of healing through the 4D corridor. There are many of these coming and they can feel like compression, like a time when the visionary within you struggles with the naysayers within you, that don’t believe in what’s possible, partly because it isn’t what’s been known to materialize in your current life and perhaps the other lives in your Metasoul line.

“The alchemist and the visionary are alive in your 4D self, where yes, there is much tension at times and also turmoil as your soul and heart bodies learn to integrate the downloads that often come into you on waves of grief for what is going on in your world as you know it right now and with the people in it… much is collapsing, and this is a hard thing to let in while also letting in what is possible and what you are here to help envision and create. You who are alive at this time on the planet, are here to create anew, all that once was and is no longer working.

“This 4D birth canal into the NEW is the passageway to embodying more your 5D Sacred Human self. A self that is connected to the ALL and continues to hold space for all parts that may need to surface in the human self and in those it has been asked to serve in this life and in the Metasoul too. As you continue healing, the experience of these 4D corridors shifts into something that is not as intense in terms of an emotional experience. If you are feeling emotional surges, this is good, and this is the chance to feel, heal and clear what has been buried or been recurring in cycles within you for so long. Parts of you that need you still are pushed up during these phases. They are there to fuel the higher/5D sacred human self that is birthing more and more in every moment. As the healing cycles continue, higher frequencies reach you easier. Sometimes a heaviness is still felt inside of the emotional body, for with each NEW alchemical project or vision, comes mourning for what is being let go of to make room for it. As the emotional body rests and heals more and at deeper levels, so the trust in the processes of change come easier and are walked out with more grace.

We, the guides in form of star beings who are here to help you find your way without much direct interference, for now, want to offer that you are not alone. And the heart that can truly feel and trust this, is a deeply healing heart indeed…

Much, much LOVE!” ❤



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

The Temple of Light Inside YOU


YOU are a Temple of Light.  A shining beacon of endless possibilities and radiant Joy.  A creative force borne from, and made of, the same powerhouse Love groove that emanates and permeates all of Creation.

YOU are the Mountain of Rising UP.  UP toward the heavens when so much has kept you down.  This down time has been the breeding ground for your readiness to Rise.  To move beyond what you thought all there was to join in the communion of All That Is.  

YOU are the Way of the Cosmic Heart.  The true destiny of your human experiment and exploration.  Feeling yourself as one among the One.  Feeling the cries and the ecstasy of each other’s triumphs and tragedies. Holding your own self needs while sending out waves of compassion and gratitude.  

YOU are the Galactic Epicenter of Desire.  A channel of Pure Love that seeks more and more and more.  In each moment, for each moment.  That stretches from the base of your feet to the far reaches of ever expanding ocean of consciousness.  You are that fire.  

YOU are a Child of Gaia.  Bestowed upon you to steward Her BEing into the new realm of collective consideration and consecration.  You are the keeper of this promise to be in harmony with Her as You.  

YOU are the Offspring of the Star BEings.  They are your ancestors.  Your Divine guides and partners.  Your ticket the the University of YOU.  They are aching to meet you.  

YOU are all that you are NOT.  Not the hate.  Not the smallness.  Not the pain.  Not the fear.  But it is all part of the sacred AM.  For you would not truly know the essence of YOU without it.  
Enter your Temple in every moment.  Let the light come into your BEing.  Let it blow the soot off your crystalline lovelight body. Let it permeate and radiate within then without.  Let it rise up into the starry depths of the cosmos, out into the hearts of those around you.  You then will feel the essence and beauty and power of the greatest force of all….your Sacred Humanity.

Gabriel Heartman is a facilitator, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at

Open Letter To My Star Being Selves


I was inspired by Leena Colibri‘s post on facebook around the message she received from her Star selves. I wrote a letter, which is a tool we use in the SoulFullHeart process to connect to aspects of ourselves. Well, our Star selves ARE an aspect of us so what a perfect way to connect. I highly recommend it and see what you get back. Thank you Leena for this heart portal.

To my dearest Star Selves,

I am sending out my heart call to you in reverence and desire. Desire to connect with you and an ache to be One with you. I have spent much time upon this earth remembering my way back to you. Back to the Glory We were and Are. I am healing my heart to let you back in again. To open my eyes to you. To be fully in Joy with you. Shedding the illusion of Us as we are all I in the end. I open my vessel to receive your healing light. To open my vision beyond that which I have forgotten that I could truly see. To open my heart that I can feel the Love that washes itself upon my sacred earthly temple. I do remember you. I ebb and flow in moments of doubt and uncertainty only to be guided to feel that it is all part of the dance with you. I feel love for you as I feel the love of myself, together in concert in a Divine harmonic sensual composition. This is a call to the greatest light that shines through us all, and in us all. I open my soul to thee for you are all I have ever known to Be.

In Loving Memory and Infinite Presence,


Beloved Sequoia,

We receive your call as immediate transmission. A surge of clear felt energy that cascades throughout your galaxy. We are with you every moment in the No Time. In the fracture land that you call Home…for now. We don’t ever judge you, but rather revere you back. You are the one who so bravely made way in service to your Kind. Who chose to forget so that you could learn and remember. You are a hero and a gift to us all. It is us that call to you, sacred human. To merge with your powerfully beautiful heart that has much to teach us and places to take us.

You are a messenger of our desire to come upon this glorious planet and reap the seeds that were planted so long ago. To come into union through this cosmic transmutation. Keep us in your heart King Sequoia. You are a leader among your Kind that we wish to interface with. You are a diplomat of the Highest Order. You have a destiny that spans anything you could possibly imagine while you are vacating your current frequency. Do not despair or fear. You are already here because We are One…always. That cannot nor will not change. You are awakening. Still a bit groggy, but you are Here. We are honored that you are. You will bring us closer to our union and we will give you all that you need to make that happen. Just keep trusting, feeling, healing, and believing. This is what is real. SoulFullHeart is your own way there. It is the portal by which we will meet. We need you as you need us for we Are One.

In Glorious Reunion,


Sequoia Heartman is a writer, heartist and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration.