Moving Into Unity Consciousness: No Longer Needing To Contend, Prove, And Judge

By Jelelle Awen




Some things came up in the interview that Raphael and I did yesterday for the youtube channel Nature Of Reality that I felt to expand on more here. We were asked a few times to make distinctions and clarifications, to get specific in a detailed way related to ascension, sometimes with an energy being invited to prove what we were saying or a ‘how do you know?’ related to what we were offering about reality.

You can listen to the interview here:

While some specific distinctions and delineations can be useful, there can also be a lot of intense energy caught up in defining and proving….there can also be a lot of contention too between different viewpoints within spirituality, wanting to argue against this or that perspective with much labeling going on. It feels to me like the mind wanting this definition, the 3D self and the unaware (or fused) ego, rather than to be in the unknown and also parts of people that are in a battling place inside and so projecting that on the outside.

To argue against anything, to contend is lower vibrational energy. This doesn’t mean that we agree with everything and have no personal opinions. We ARE and BE in our inner truth that comes from our hearts and souls and offer it to others to resonate with or not. We INVITE, not contend. We allow our reality to BE and invite others into it. Others either resonate or they don’t yet we don’t feel a charged reaction or a need to defend or contend or prove if they don’t resonate.

Being able to feel this sense of self worth and self containment, this sense of OKness without contention, has arisen inside us primarily through the parts work process we have engaged with where we respond with love to any energies and aspects that want to contend and be against, that want to fight from within us. We feel and hear them, connect with them INSIDE and negotiate with them and with love the fighting energies move and settle out of frustration or need to fight and into love. This is an inner process though that changes how you feel and relate to others on the outside, which is the only way that anything changes of your outside experience.

I also offered a few times in the interview that EVERY phase is sacred within every soul’s journey. I don’t resonate with using the word ‘sheeple’, for example, to describe those souls engaging in the 3D consciousness journey because it immediately cuts off love in how it is held. It contends for something AGAINST others, rather than feeling that those souls are where they need to be and that it is a sacred place they are in. A place that I have been many times as a soul and spent some of life in during THIS life. I don’t judge my inner ‘sheeple’ as I LOVED this part of me and worked and connected with her for many years in order to have my soul consciousness come in to offer her a new possibility of awakening beyond what she had been conditioned. Because this inner love of my ‘sheeple’, I can invite others into experiencing something MORE from a place of true self love.

There is much comparison in spirituality too….amongst who is more awakened or enlightened and who is not and why. I don’t feel to engage in this energy either as it creates separation and fear, it feels like it comes from unhealed inner punisher again, an energy that judges without love. Discernment WITH love invites others into resonance and then lets go if they don’t and yet STILL loves them even if not able to be in relationship with them. Also, when we are coming from true self worth then we don’t feel the need to compare to others around where they are ‘at’ in their spiritual journey in order to prove to ourselves that we are further ‘ahead’. We can feel the sense of BEingness about our reality and, again, invite others to share in it and serve love WITH them if they feel that we can as they become more empowered in self love WITH us.

I do not hold absolute truth about anything that I offer or teach or share, yet rather arising sense of possibility inside of myself, an arising timeline really, that I offer with a clarity that just resonates inside of me in the moment. It is not THE truth as I feel there are infinite truths, infinite possibilities playing out in every moment. I offer A truth…….usually a different way to see or feel something, hopefully love-based, coming from someone who has spent many years deconstructing and deconditioning from so much of what we have been taught as reality, offering a new reality and alternative to what has been based in fear.

Even as I am offering this, I feel love for the souls that need the contending, the defining, the proving…as, again, it is a sacred aspect of their journey. I had my phase of this too, especially related to awakening to the conditions of suffering in 3D reality of so many people and animals. There is a phase of being outraged and advocating for change and, on a certain timeline, it seems to be necessary. I am in a different place now where the outrage has been replaced by a sense of trust that it is all playing out as it should, no one is a victim in a higher soul sense, and it is all held by and offered by love finding its way back to love.

Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation…more information here. Visit for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.


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