To The Part Of You That Protects Your Heart

By Jelelle Awen


To the part that protects our hearts….This is written to the part of us that I believe we all have who is our guardian and protector. They do their jobs so well and we would not make it through life without them….AND this is an invitation for them to begin to rest and so that we can let in MORE love:

To the part of us that protects our hearts,

Will you let me thank you? Will you let in my gratitude? Will you lower your shield a moment so that you can let in my appreciation?

I want to thank you for existing. I want to thank you for coming in during the moments when life was the hardest, when there was the most pain, and when there was the most struggle.

I want to thank you for creating a bubble to ward off energies that would have harmed even more and for transmuting the harsh things so they landed softer. I want to even thank you for the numbness that descended at times so that life could be navigated.

I want to thank you for stepping in when there were no others to protect me. No one else could have cared as much as you have nor been so dedicated to your duty.

I want to thank you for every moment that you have spent in vigilance, watching over, not letting down your guard, not falling asleep on the job. I want to thank you for soaring the skies and the multiple dimensions and for being at the side of my childhood bed.

I want to thank you for all of this, and……..I want to invite you too into something new.

This something new is a relationship where you get to rest more. Where you get to trust more. Where you get to experience love for yourself. Where you get to help open the heart and not just guard it.

This something new is a relationship where I show up to hold my life as an authentic self and you get to help me. You are on my team, yet I am the leader now. I wasn’t there before and I am sorry, but now, I am arising and I have desires.

I want to open my heart to let in others. I want to flow with love and surrender to that flow and wherever it takes me. I want to dance with the currents of change and allow them to sweep me somewhere new.

I want to dance to the music of love without self consciousness or worry about what will happen next or your worry about if I will get hurt.

I am asking you to start resting even as I acknowledge how much you have done for me and that I need you on my team. Always. To help me set healthy boundaries, to help me defend myself if needed for my own safety or self love, to negotiate the rate and pace as I delve into heart and soul terrains.

I need you for these things and you need me to love you. This is new for you, but I feel your needs for love and rest. I am extending my open arms and heart out to you and I am inviting you to collapse into them when you are ready. For the first time, I am here and I can hold you now.

To the part of us that has protected our hearts….thank you and….it’s time to start letting go.


This is usually the first aspect that we work with and connect with in our SoulFullHeart Sessions with people as it is negotiation with this protector energy (also manifesting as a controlling energy) that allows for deeper access to the inner child and more suppressed aspects and energies. Through connection in sessions, journaling, dialogue, energy healing, the protective part differentiates from YOU as the arising authentic and embodying higher self.

This differentiation can lead to SIGNIFICANT changes in how you experience life, relationships, and love with much more openness, trust, and capacity to let in. The protector often presents itself as masculine and as a knight or warrior. They can have karmic ties and binds to other lifetimes and energize or appear as etheric guides or guardian angels. They have different ‘weapons’ too, sometimes swords, sometimes energy shields (or both). Identifying how your protector uses weapons and in what situations (and WHY) can be really helpful to understanding when, where, and why your heart feels ‘opened’ or ‘more closed’. It is amazing how universal this energy IS as we have so needed it to navigate 3D life here.

A way to connect with yours is to write a letter to it/him expressing similar to what I did above and anything else you feel about how protective energy shows up in your life. Then, wait for a response and write it down from your protector. You can then begin a dialogue back and forth on paper (and eventually outloud) to get to know each other. In SoulFullHeart, we provide dialogue questions for you and also help to differentiate and identify this energy, which can be challenging to separate or defuse from. It is also the feeling ground of space holding with an open hearted facilitator (who has differentiated from their protector and other 3D aspects) which helps to heal and transmute this energy.

More about sessions here:

More about the SoulFullHeart awakening and healing process here:…

The audio of this here:…/to-the-part-that-protects-our-hear…

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.




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