Equinox Energy Update: Finding Balance and Trust In The Midst Of UPHeaval

By Jelelle Awen


The EQUInox passage happening….an invitation for balance in a phase of seemingly extreme upheaval in Gaia’s weather manifestations and some personal inner chaos too to push up the most tender and core wound levels to be felt and healed. How do you find balance in the midst of such a collective and personal time of transition and shifting consciousness?

Coming into balance has a changing definition during this phase of the ascension process then it did before. It isn’t about just finding calm, peacefulness, centeredness, not being reactive, suppressing all ‘negative’ emotions. It isn’t about just meditating away your tensions and anxieties and fears. It is about integrating what got downloaded to you during the total eclipse in August (and with ALL the intense energies in August) that offered your highest timeline service of love here…integrating this download WITH the reactions that come up in response to this from your emotional body.

You are being given tastes, glimpses, dreams, senses, synchs, new connections, resources, transitions, death AND rebirth opportunities to embody this new timeline choice point by choice point. You are being offered external shifts that are ‘happening to you’ and yet really are happening WITH you on the soul level IF you hadn’t proactively made some of these changes yourself. Experiencing seemingly random ‘weather events’, for example, can offer this opportunity in a catalytic and powerful way (in collaboration with your soul/higher self) that parts of you may not allow you to make otherwise.

Balance in the now comes from the return to a sense of trust and surrender even when (and ESPECIALLY WHEN) your life is in upheaval. Even when loss is much more common than gains; even when you are saying ‘no’ more than ‘yes’. Even when material things have been taken from you; even when what you previously thought was your soul purpose work has fallen away; even when your most beloved animal companions have left you (which seems to be happening quite a lot right now!); even when your previously comfortable relationships no longer work for you and need to complete. When it seems as if the highest timeline dream is farther away than ever AS the old collapses around you, and yet somehow you return to trust that it is ALL right in the bigger picture. You feel how what is being lost is only making room for the new to come in. You are experiencing the necessary void before the new manifests.

The anchors to 3D life seem somehow more obvious than ever in this phase. This can leave you feeling like you aren’t as ‘far along’ in your awakening as you previously thought you were. The 3D anchors of your 3D self are meant to be MORE in your face so that they will receive loving attention from your heart. Sometimes they become painfully obvious as the tug and pull becomes more conscious and the suffering that they cause or the undigested woundings that still need to be felt become more clear. This is about making way for the higher timeline reality, so the previous traumas need to be triggered to be felt some how and in some way. What has been able to be avoided or transcended or diverted no longer can be. Balance is discovered in holding space for the process of feeling it all, reliving it with the 3D parts of you that are experiencing it.

Balance sometimes looks like trusting that you are being guided even as you are more lost than found…..somehow feeling secure even in the jumping off of cliffs into the unknown rather than clinging to what has been known. Turning away from consciousness states that feel good and high in order to ‘go down’ to be with what most needs your attention. We are being invited to TRUST what is happening to us as we align with what we are here to BEcome and live out as we continue to move into the new together……finding a NEW kind of balance from within as connected to Divine Source.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.

Holding Space With Loving Presence For Your Most Tender Processes

By Jelelle Awen

It seems to be about the tender feelings and processes lately…going into the vulnerable places, the previously hidden nooks and crannies of our emotional and soul bodies. If you are feeling a lot, things you haven’t felt in awhile or at a deeper level or brand NEW textures that come from a core place within, the invitation is to go within and accept with love and curiosity what wants to come up and be felt. The high vibe cosmic Divine frequencies coming in since the beginning of the year and especially the last couple of months water us with love so that we CAN be with our pains and our vulnerabilities. The high makes room for the low; the up allows for the down.

I am feeling this too and have been holding space to feel the root cause within me of a seemingly universal wound around being unwanted and rejected by 3D life AT birth and even in the womb. I have been reliving my first weeks after birth and being with in loving presence my baby self. I was six weeks premature, so my first experiences of 3D life were spent in an incubator, under artificial lighting, in a clinical hospital environment without my parents around. My baby self was touched very little by human hands, yet I am remembering how spirit guides and Mother Mary were lovingly around as my soul made a choice whether to leave or to stay. It was very tempting to leave and I felt the textures of that in my emotional body recently, the visceral feelings of it, which years of parts work process have given me access to as I have cleared out and healed much else that I have experienced here within my 3D self.

I surrendered to this emotional healing journey as I know and trust it will bring the gifts of deeper incarnation here, a fuller choice to BE HERE NOW and will serve the ascension process of bringing my sacred humanity/higher self into my human body. Thank the Divine for parts work and the SoulFullHeart process that allows for a bridge to the unknown/emotional body/unconscious mind and the constant self permission/support of my beloveds to go where is needed within me.

So much can be used to avoid feeling, as you’ve been trained in 3D living to distract, divert, and disconnect from your feeling states and emotional body. Your beloved spiritual practices and even the constant care and feeding of high vibe frequency states can be used this way. Often this is a protective part of you that is using spiritual vibes to bypass or avoid going into uncomfortable feeling states. This part of you may not feel that you could ‘handle’ to feel your own pain or to relive the places again that remain undigested in your emotional body. Negotiation and connection with this Protector inside of you as a separate part of you, such as what we offer in the SoulFullHeart process, invites this part to JOIN you in the healing exploration, to reveal to you what needs your love and attention.

You have this tremendous capacity to feel it ALL as is contained in your sacred human heart, a fractal capacity expression from Infinite Love Divine Source. Huge potential within your heart to act as your own midwife, parent, and healer. The depths of compassion, forgiveness, and responsiveness that you can feel toward YOURSELF are limitless………as are the gifts that this self love alchemy gives you every time that you are willing to go within to offer your love where it is most needed.

We now offer a free intro session to give you a sense and taste of the SoulFullHeart process that empowers your capacity to hold and respond to yourself, negotiate with the protector and other 3D aspects, and receive loving support along the way.

Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.

How Ready Are You For What You Want?


By Raphael Awen

You can have what you want. That’s not actually the question.

The bigger question is about being ready to have what you want.

A part of you may readily say ‘oh, believe me, I’m ready! I’m so ready, I’m getting both depressed and impatient waiting to have what I really want.’

But this is only taking into consideration one part of you. Other parts of you can be just off your radar and actively resisting you (or what we call ‘you’) as they are not interested at all in these big changes ‘you’ feel you are so ready for. This resistive part of you is not something you can control, but it is something that you are responsible for, and something that you need to become responsive to.

Then, there is also another aspect of you, that is probably also just off your radar and that is your higher self. Your higher self may have chosen a preferred path of difficulty and going without something that another part of you deeply desires in order to learn and grow through a difficulty. It wouldn’t actually be a growth crucible without this tension between what ‘you’ want and don’t want. Your higher self is also something you cannot control, but it is something you are responsible for and that you also need to become more responsive to.

You are not a victim. Your life as you know it now is shaped by you, and the life you will come to know in the future is also shaped by you.

Your life as it is right now, warts and all, is perfect in the midst of imperfection. You are perfect while growing and learning. All the angst, pain and confusion is sacred. You had so much heaven that you needed to dial up hell in order to grow. Your soul loved the heaven it knew, but it also wanted more, and it knew the path to more was though the tension of less.

Consciously letting go of reaching for peak experiences and instead welcoming your awaiting valley experiences is what your soul may be asking of you. You may have very much needed your awakening experiences that happened through the peak experiences to let you know what is possible and what awaits you. But now, your soul wants you to let go of what a part of you may be be in danger of becoming quite addicted to, in order now to more consciously connect to what you actually came here for.

Whether conscious or not, you can’t escape growth. Growth is built into the DNA of the universe that you are a part of. While you can’t escape growth, you can accept your awakening to what is, and even the need to mourn the loss of your deep night’s rest in the 3D fusion of unconsciousness.

Now, as you are awakening, you are offered a conscious choice that your path up, is a path down. The downward path is a matter of feeling all there is to feel that you were not able to feel while asleep in 3D consciousness.

This will involve feeling crappy on a regular basis for a good amount of time. If this isn’t an option for ‘you’, then you are not yet ready for this deeper more conscious path of healing, but you can be assured, all of us will be invited and re-invited to return here just as soon and we are ready to. It is what we came here for. We came here to ascend with all of us, without any ‘lesser’ parts of us left behind being punished for any insubordination, or for just not getting the program.

Time now to look at what we’ve called ‘spiritual practices’ to feel where they are actually about transcending in the name of ascending, where they are about not feeling, rather than true healing.

We all come eventually to having what we most deeply want, with the fullest and deepest bliss that we can’t quite imagine. We are living our way to being able to imagine it as we feel and heal the parts of us still in deep pain that were covered over with our positive spirituality agendas.

Time now for a negative spirituality agenda that sees it all as sacred.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit  www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Patiently Loving Your Deepest Densities Through The Push And Pulls

By Jelelle Awen


Push and pull….wanting to love and then resisting love. Wanting to change and then resisting change. Opening UP WIDE and then closing in again. These bliss moments are of heart doors swinging open and your heart pouring out to touch ALL of life. These mess moments are the heart doors shutting and your heart retracting again in pain.

These bliss mess moments of push and pull ARE your awakening process of heart and soul. Why would it be JUST bliss when this is not what you have known here in 3D living? Why would it be JUST about the highs when this has not been the reality you’ve experienced here? And, what is really learned from only UPs with no downs?

It is during the climbs and the crawls for which you learn the most about the substance for which you are made….in contrast to that which you are NOT. 3D reality doesn’t honor the climb, the process, the journey….yet wants the results and the gifts immediately. It wants the quick fixes rather than the long term gains.

A patience for the process allows that with UPs there will come downs too and wants BOTH. Your soul can hold space for the part of you formed in 3D life to learn, to sort it out, to open up and then close down. Your soul has access to Infinite Patience in this process and understands that it ‘takes the time that it takes’ to heal and clear the ground of your deepest densities.

These deepest densities are valued by your soul, not seen as ‘lesser’ at all, but rather a precious aspect of your journey here with Gaia. Not judged by the soul, yet rather held with curiousity and much love so that the required densities and toxicities needed to fit into a dualistic 3D world can be let go. The soul helps your 3D self unanchor from what it has needed to become attached to. Your higher heart allows this process to be held with MUCH love rather than inner battle and resistance loops that lead to suffering.

With a consistent heart and soul response from you to the deepest densities of your 3D self, it can let go of the push-pull it has known so often in your life and begin to let in LOVE more and more with less and less contraction away.

Jelelle Awen

We offer in SoulFullHeart a process through weekly sessions with SFH facilitators for navigating this feeling, differentiating and loving of your 3D self while healing/growing your 4D transition self and embodying more and more your 5D (higher self coming into the body) self. We offer a free intro session for you to connect what you’ve been experiencing of awakening with how the process might serve you: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions.

During a livestream tomorrow, Sunday, at 11:11am CST, Raphael Awen and I will be offering an introduction to our process, the 3D self, how current cosmic energies are impacting this process and answering any questions you would like to ask us about this…I’ll be streaming it here on my feed and also on our SoulFullHeart Way Of Life feed….more info here:https://www.facebook.com/events/1273156469462294

Dearest Sacred Human: You Are Arising – With Magdalena And Christiel

Dearest Human,
You are arising….from the seeds of your sacred humanity, in feminine or masculine form, does your little bud grow into full blossom. Watered by self love, self worth, self connection…….your flower petals of soul and heart open wide, open UP, releasing the mysterious scents and displaying the vibrant colors of your human-ness. This organic growth process happening often without your witnessing or tracking, spring-loaded as it is to occur.

You are arising….from the deep sleep of not being seen or heard or recognized in your authentic feminine or masculine VULNERABLE powerful leadership……now BEing woken up to your soul purpose here. Transitioning from your slumbering sleeping beauty state to your co-leading reign with your BEloved mate OR alone as solo Queen or King for a phase. Your slumber has been necessary, yet so painful at times, I know, and I have been compassionate witness to it ALL.

You are arising….from the letting go of mirrors within relationships that no longer reflect your awakening self. BEing real about how you FEEL in these unions, especially those formed from previous genetic bonds, soul agreements that may be complete, and karmic binds that you no longer need. Moving on with love and grace from these bonds while keeping your heart open…..yet your soul, heart, body, and mind desires for nourishing transaction becoming more clear.

You are arising….from the tears of your inner child BEing felt finally and the little daughter or son within you receiving parenting care from you and from the Divine Feminine Mother. You are healing and integrating your 3D self aspects that had to form in order to survive the world. Your awakening WOMAN or MAN maturing through connection with the undigested trauma of those past thens….moments that still exist in the now of your emotional body that are assimilating into you. You are ripening into your emotional maturity AS you integrate the ageless wisdoms and gifts of your soul.

You are arising….from the remembering of your galactic origins and tastes of your Star BEing roots. You are being invited to speak the languages of these heritages, every syllable creating a wave form connection beaming out from your chrystalline throat and your cosmic heart. There is something ancient here and beyond time too, in the NOW you are merging with your Star BEing aspects to infuse higher dimensional frequencies into your human one to arise into a sacred form in human.

You are arising….from the essence of your purpose to serve love as you align your life to this calling. You are transitioning from DOing things as your means of drawing livelihood to BEing service of love in ALL moments. Receiving and responding to the gifts from the Universe and Divine Source that come as you serve love and let go of ‘hows’. The mind cannot be certified to serve love nor the remembrance of your soul gifts come from traditional learning or the previous self-image-based ways, yet you gain access to it as you BEcome and open up to it with your genuine and humble desire to serve love.

You are arising….We SO support this process and we are HERE to be with you in it ALL…the blooming, the growing, the speaking, the receiving, the responding, the giving, the serving, the BEING. We are HERE with so much love for you, AS aspects of you, to offer a template of NEW sacred human for you to lean into as our Divine frequencies blend with your human ones. You draw the form of us AS you that you most need and can resonate with.

Dearest sacred human…you are arising!! Claiming the love that you ARE and so BEcoming it too during this time of Re-Union and Re-membering. So much love to you from us to us and WITH you!

In love,

Magdalena, Christiel…. with Jelelle

Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.

Loving Your Mind Into Higher Vibration

By Jelelle Awen


A to B to C….linear thinking is not the most easy or natural right now. Maybe you are finding this too as our mental capacities are expanded, awakened…you could even say ‘aroused’ by the HIGH electromagnetics coming in. Our minds want to expand to context, thinking beyond the now and tracking multidimensional realities at once. Our 3D minds CAN be limiting, but I don’t see them as a huge hindrance to our awakening or get into the vibe of chasing down the ‘monkey mind’ energy as other teachers/healers offer. There can be a real crusade energy, a battle energy against the mind that doesn’t feel like it serves the enlovenment process ultimately.

Our mental bodies just naturally vibrate higher too as the parts of us that use them to filter, to limit, to suppress feeling, to make reality logical and fit into the five sense box…as these 3D-based parts of us are negotiated with by our embodying higher self then our mental body vibrates higher too (just like with all our bodies – emotional, social, chakral/energetic, physical.) We’ve been conditioned in 3D to educate our minds, fill and saturate them right up with content, and in an overly masculine way in most cases that is focused on achievement, self image-based. Yet, that ALL shifts as awakening happens and the higher vibe feminine and the higher vibe masculine heal and integrate.

I feel that resisting our minds leads to headaches esp. and the codes/information/invitation coming in right now seem to want us to expand BEYOND and not judge our minds. Pain always equals resistance to LOVE on some level. These love light energies want to move us into multidimensional experience, connect with the non-dual nature of reality too. The punisher part inside can hugely judge our minds (using spiritual ‘truths’ and dogmas) rather than allow for the self loving investigation into WHY and HOW the mind has been used to not feel and not expand into deeper metaphysical realities. The why usually leads to a very tender process of more embracement of the higher mind and the feminine/right brain side of BEing. AND the mind can actually help with this exploration, which makes it even more nourishing and allows it to progress more quickly!

Even in this now, I can’t use my mind to figure out anything very logical or practical (as I served SoulFullHeart energy during a session this morning and am still ‘up there’ quite a ways), yet I can somehow put some decent thoughts together to share with you. My 5D self is communicating now, beyond the written word, with curves and swerves and multi layers of meaning that you take in the way and means you are meant to. I didn’t even KNOW what I was going to write about or that I would write about THIS, but there you go and here we are!

Love your mental body….invite it into inner exploration to discover how and why it is used and in what ways. You could even write a letter to your mind and see what you get back. My guess is that it is probably tired, wants to rest, and actually WANTS to expand more and help you with the ongoing ascension process. This is usually the case it seems once we stop resisting and start LOVING!

This is one of the areas of life we focus on during SoulFullHeart weekly sessions and we identify together the 3D, 4D, and 5D self and what your desires/frustrations are in this area of life (along with six others). More here in this article: http://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/3d4d5dselvesquestions

Photo was taken of the sunset codes the other night. Sharing here because sunset codes DEFINITELY go beyond the mind and because this information at sunset might be easier to take in with less body pains (resistances) and if negotiated with the mind.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.

Loving The Leading And Trailing Edges Of Our Being


By Raphael Awen

What makes for the funnest fun in life is getting to know what’s on the leading edge of your being AND what’s on the trailing edge of your being, as well as the you that tends to ride the in between middle.

We all know a whole lot more about what’s in the muted muddied middle of our being: not quite sure what we want, boredom, escape, excitement? But when we venture from this not-so-comfortable comfort zone into the unexplored regions of our being where we don’t know what’s going on, and where the radar doesn’t inform us, we enter our true capacity for aliveness.

The leading edge of our being holds our latest discoveries as a soul being, being and doing human life as us. Our trailing edge of our being holds our deepest wounds from this and other lifetimes; our wounded reactivity to life; the stuff in the shadows that parts of ourselves would naturally try to hide from even our awareness.

It’s the tension between the two that makes for the juice in all of our relationships with all aspects of life. In people relationships, it is our leading and trailing edges combinations that make for our deepest co-dependencies as well as our greatest fulfillments. In our relationship with our calling, it is the inclusion and discovery of both the leading and trailing edge where that calling comes to life. It is not the overcoming of the trailing edge, but rather the embracement of it that provides for the unfolding journey of magic.

In our attempts to overcome or transcend our trailing edge of our being, we actually suppress a very necessary energy that wants to provide the necessary movements we seek and want. Parts of us want the middle. Other parts of our being want the edges. We, as an arising healthy parent to these orphaned parts of ourselves, are being invited to show up and negotiate a path in and through.

I know for instance that I feel a great calling to be an outstanding teacher. At 56 years of age, I daydream of being in demand and well rewarded to speak to large gatherings of people, speaking with a compelling charisma that transforms people and audiences to experience something they and we never experienced together before. In my leading edge of being, I can feel this reality as if it were here now. It lives in me and always has. In my trailing edge of being however, I feel a variety of resistances and hesitations about this desired timeline. If I am unable to embrace these outer regions of my leading edge/trailing edge being, I am left with a seriously muted alchemy. If I embrace one edge at the expense of the other, I am left with a weird creation that hurtles through time and space serving at best as a poor example.

What is your biggest dream? Would it embarrass a part of you to admit it? Is it okay with you to leave it de-energized in this muddied middle of your being away from the power of your leading and trailing edges of your being? What choice point is in front of you that feels like a doorway in? (there always is a doorway in if we’re willing to see it)

You’ve got a whole lot more inside of you than parts of you have been willing to admit!

When you own the leading and trailing edges of your being, you get really interesting to the universe, and you open yourself to the highest timeline possibilities for your life.

(Audio of this blog can be found here: https://youtu.be/y7nY5twy90E)

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit  www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Natural Disasters As Reflections Of Our Own Harbingers Of Change


Bracing for impact.  This is the mantra for today that circulates the bulk of the news. Irma is making herself known in the United States as She has made herself known in other island geographies. Preparations and choices have been made. Now is the waiting out and responding.  In this moment, individuals are going through their own internal emotional hurricanes, in various categories of energetic amplitude. It is in these moments that we come face to face, heart to heart with what it is that makes us human.

In this way, Irma is a harbinger, a messenger, and an equalizer. She is part of the collective and part of us individually. She triggers us into our deepest fears and our greatest strength. In the depths of the fear we come to terms with our physical mortality. The 3D Self is in a state of tumult as all of the things and relationships that it has attached to are under “attack”.  So much has been done to ensure that what was before will stay the same after.  These are the “Winds of Change” that the 3D Self spends so much energy trying to avoid. It is understandable because there is so much investment in what lies outside, and when that is taken away we are left with what hasn’t been deeply felt on the inside.

Whether we live in Florida or not, we are connected and have our own personal investment in Irma as She activates our Body Humanity.  It is as if our emotional and spiritual bodies have all been joined more consciously these days.  Even if we haven’t been watching the news, the psychic tendrils make their way in.  All of these events are wake up calls.  They remind us that we are a part of this grand consciousness known as Gaia.  We are Her and She is us.  I don’t feel She has sent Irma to punish us. That feels like a punishing God/Goddess story.  She very well may be technologically enhanced, but that too seems to distract us from what she is trying to inform us of in a larger context.

Gaia is ascending and She is inviting us with her. This is going to kick up all the ways that we have been unconscious of what keeps us in 3D.  We have chosen these experiences and will continue to until we choose to heal what it is that we are truly afraid of, that prevents us from letting in the love that wants to upend all places we choose to hide it. It is as if Irma IS Love! How is that for upside down thinking?

Any natural disaster can be viewed in this way.  As a reflection of what it is that is rumbling inside of us.  So many tension points and energetic polarity dances that can create “shit storms” inside of us.  But that of course is how our 3D self would choose to view them.  Our 4D self understands what is going on today.  It sees how this is a going on place.  A chance to feel something alive inside that wasn’t otherwise felt in the day to day machinations of 3D living.  The 4D self is taking stock of what is being lost and what is being gained on the other side.  Maybe this is the final wake up call.  The one that sets the intention to finally let go of the old and feel the loss and mourning of that to make way for something new.  Not to rebuild, but to realign.

These “disasters” are held as sacred events.  They elucidate the core of what it means to be alive and the parts of us that are afraid of deep change, even when they know it is the way to health, growth, and love.  I invite you to feel your own inner Irma’s, Harvey’s, wildfires, earthquakes, and tsunamis today.  What are they trying to offer you in the way toward living your most prized experience of life and love?  What changes are they wanting you to make without leaving your fear buried over? What do you feel like on the flip side?  This is the first step in the journey of a thousand. The blessings are there to be found.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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The Process Of Losing Returns You To Your Infinite Essence Within

By Jelelle Awen


What you are losing…it was gone in some way already. It was already not fitting you and your glorious rebirth into the new.

What you are grieving….it can not ever really be lost or gone. It is energy that is just shifting and changing vibrations into something different from you.

What you are finding….it was within your possession all along. It can arise ANEW the more you let go of the old.

What you are BEcoming…it is in your Divine blueprint. It is the seed of your sacred humanity blooming in response to the waters of love.



This process of losing, grieving, finding, and BEcoming moves at ALL levels through ALL of your life at ALL moments. The degree and depth you can feel it and let it in relates to how deeply parts of you are anchored to the conditioning you’ve received……the limitations, the fear, the us against them, the role and obligations, the habits and thoughts of self abuse and self harm. Being with, connecting with, these 3D-based energies as parts of yourself can allow more surrender, more ease and more peace, more trust in the bigger picture.

ALL this energy that is shifting in the cosmos, in the weather patterns, in your heart, in your soul, in every tear, in every fear, in every struggle, in every triumph IS for the service of love process that you are rebirthing into as a sacred human here.

The rumblings and the necessary crumblings show the true nature of impermanence of all the outward things. Returning you again to your INside…..the ONLY place where the solid foundations of your Infinite Love essence can endure and grow.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.

Energy Update: Intense Weather Mirroring Inner Storms, Activation Digestion Of Highest Timelines

By Jelelle Awen

Epic and intense solar flares, tropical storms, hurricanes, forest fires….oh, how our intimate little solar system churns and burns in this now! When I go to ‘check in’ during meditation, I see the satellite view from Gaia’s orbit of all this energetic activity….the swaths and patches of intense heat, electromagnetic bursts and pulses from the sun, swirls and twirls of the hurricanes gifted with human names. All of this activity in collaboration with us it seems and our ongoing SACRED process of 3D, 4D, and 5D death and rebirth of all our aspects of self WITH Gaia.

The total solar eclipse a few weeks ago seemed to offer us our highest timeline REALities……downloads of our highest expression serving love here through our human bodies. It activated visions and dreams of what our service of love enterprise might BE and even sense of steps to start taking toward its manifestation. It gave us a moment of unified stillness followed by sudden illumination to feel our inner terrains, and showed us where we might go next in our awakening process, where we NEED to go next…which for so many souls is into their emotional bodies.

The highest timeline activations of unity abundance during the eclipses and the Lion/Lioness gateway opening is still pushing up that which needs to be seen and felt in our emotional bodies, especially that which our 3D self is reluctant to have us relate with and our 4D self still struggles with.

Inner storms are gathering. Inner fires are lighting UP. Inner soul suns are pulsing. The degree and depth to which you feel this inner ‘natural disaster/gifts’ offering seems to relate to where you are on your ascension journey, what you have already let go of in 3D anchoring, what you have let in of higher frequencies, what you have felt and are healing in your emotional body, what your ‘role’ is in the ascension process.

It seems there is no real bypassing of the inner storms (personally OR collectively), although parts of you can delay and suppress and numb and divert. Parts of you can TRY to use the usual spiritual methods or practices to avoid for a bit longer that which just needs your heart and your attention. How long can you ignore the crying child within? How long can you transcend with bliss the soul struggles and patterns that vibrate with unfelt trauma and karma? For awhile. Yet, eventually, that which needs to be felt catches UP and shows itself in your life as loops of pain and suffering, unhappiness, toxic and push-pull patterns in relationships, sense of lack and poverty, feelings of despair and lostness. The ‘highest’ invites up the ‘lowest’ as there becomes more soul self to hold loving space for the going in.

This is the fierce side of Divine Mama love. This is the spiritual process. This is awakening. This is ascension. All this churning on the outside reflecting what has been suppressed on the inside and in our collective consciousness. This is the bliss mess storm that we are being invited to move through and out and eventually….BEyond. To enter and go into our inner storms with trust in our hearts that going through WILL lead to MORE love of self and with others….and more experience of the highest timeline life that is ALREADY ours that we get to claim a bit more with every clearing.



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Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.