Living From Our Gifts


By Raphael Awen

Are you living from your deepest gift expression in the world? If not, would you like to be?

These questions have been a deep, ongoing, and significant process for all of us at SoulFullHeart. And If that desire is up for you too, I invite you to join in and track our journey. All of us have taken significant and guided steps over time to let go of careers in order to pursue our deeper heart and soul based career, and I feel we could help you walk that out too.

Below, I re-share a Facebook post from a few months back where i’m transparent about what’s going on for us around money. Our money timeline is already showing signs of significant shifts from the time of this post, and we are eager to land more on this new timeline!

Here’s that recent post:

The five of us, who currently make up the main backbone of SoulFullHeart, have been squeezing the last drops out of some old, tired and dated laptops, 2 tablets and 2 cellphones that date back as far as 2008. Beyond scuffed, they are dented, cracked, and even burnt, yet they are our current beloveds. These current beloveds go in and out of repair shops, and each other’s hands during a given day to work out logistics and work schedules between us. It has felt humbling to have let go of old money generating careers where these needs simply would have been taken care of by going out and replacing them long before they arrived at the state our current stuff is in. It has really ‘pushed up’ a whole new level of relationship to material things and our trust in the universe (or lack thereof).

What I’ve felt guided to do, in holding this desire and need, where the money isn’t yet here to go out and buy new stuff, is to creatively visualize the new stuff. This involves window shopping on line and REALLY FEELING into what it is we want and getting specific. And it felt important and it was part of the guidance as well to NOT be budget minded in this creative visualization. Now, I can be very happy with a second hand hand me down, but for this creative visualization, I was and am being asked to feel that even though we feel like at times we are experiencing a lack or a scarcity, that there is ultimately no lack or scarcity in the intelligent and abundant universe.

A big piece to feel in that is that if I am experiencing something like our current computer lack, then that experience is what the abundant and intelligent universe is abundantly giving me to experience at the moment. However, I am also convinced that I’m being asked to learn my way through to a new level of manifestation at the same time, and trust that the new will arise in perfect timing that I am also a part of effecting. The universe and I both are learning through my desire and my lack.

So, the online shopping, of the non-budget variety, after many options and needs considerations, has led us to settle on 5 Macbooks, most current versions, along with the current IPhones, and plenty of accessories. Then beyond the online shopping has been to go to actual stores and physically touch and handle these new beloveds which I’ve also done and continue to do.

Then, I also was guided to the ‘Akashic Bank!’ Who knew, huh?…not far from the Akashic Records building in Golden Earth is the most beautiful structure and surrounds that I related to as the Akashic Bank. It’s connected to the Universal Allness – Source of All that is. It was a tearful and fearful awe and reverence moment to feel this upstream source connection to all that is. Here, in this building, I was reminded that anything we desire here in this 3d dimension comes from Gaia! Every last bit of it…AND that there is no lack. If I obtain something beautiful, that does not mean less for anyone else…in fact, the opposite is true…if I learn how to draw abundance, I open the doors for others to do the same in the process.

I even imagined a brown clad UPS delivery guy stepping out of some alternative timeline showing up in my neighborhood looking for my address with a bunch of boxes for me.

He hasn’t arrived just yet, and if it comes in a more native way, or over some steps at a time, I do feel I am being asked to cooperate with the universe in holding deep desire and creatively visualizing the outcome.

It has felt at times scarily close to some edge to be living into these new ways of relating to needs and desires. And that edge is really a perceived edge that’s found in our deepest abiding and budding trust in a new way of relating to love, and abundance. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt more held and loved and less anxiety about money and needs than I have now, even as some of our needs feel more acute than they ever have.

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6 thoughts on “Living From Our Gifts

  1. Beautifully spoken, Raphael !!! I am with YoUS!!! Also inhaling the “ropes” that are here, available to draw all that I*WE could ever want or need. I AM standing in a sustained vision of intention, while also adding to it every possible moment of conception!! wow! what a bundle of mumbo-jumbo! but I know YOU ALL KNOW what I’m saying.

    I chose the most difficult, arduous path of anyone I’ve known. I was awakened in 1972. In the process of my awakening, I was taking up, out, and beyond the beyond, filled with more LOVE than was possible to contain. Then, I was dropped back down inside the dark matrix, contracted so rapidly I lost my breath, all the while, sobbing and screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Then schwooshed back up, out and beyond, filled with even more LOVE, expanded beyond description, then contracted back into the matrix of separation and duality. In all, this happened 4 or 5 times.

    My life from that point on drastically changed. Saturated so much LOVE, KNOWING, TRUST AND FREEEEEDOM, I knew this was where I was meant to BE. I know you can imagine my surprise, despair and abject fear when I was ‘pushed’ off the edge, felling, falling into the deepest depths of darkness in the bowels of the catacombs of UN-consciousness.

    On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 3:18 PM, SoulFullHeart Way Of Life wrote:

    > Raphael Awen posted: ” By Raphael Awen Are you living from your deepest > gift expression in the world? If not, would you like to be? These questions > have been a deep, ongoing, and significant process for all of us at > SoulFullHeart. And If that desire is up for you too, I inv” >

    1. Thank You, Raphael ~ Thank you for sharing y*our compassion. Yes, I completed that portion of my mission in my 44th year since awakening. When I was awakened, I became ONE with all lifetimes occurring simultaneously.So for me, it had more to do with energy and consciousness and re-weaving realities. I am now in my 45th year, and being guided ~ pushed is more like it ~ to come out in the open with all I have been learning and have experienced about energy and consciousness, on behalf of the Greater Good.

      I also wrote to Jelelle re: her message about “Offering Love on the Frontlines … ” We have both experienced some beautiful synchronicities along the way.

      I have written, I think to Jelelle, about how deeply connected I feel with SoulFullHeart. Our tracks are different, but our inner knowings and out-pouring in the world are very similar.

      Sharing Many Blessings of Gratitude for US ALL as WE share our unique piece of the Cosmic Pie.

      1. Glad to feel your heart and calling percolating in resonance with ours! I feel a wave of support too for your guidance to serve in your calling. I wonder if you feel any draw or guidance to going deeper with us in a sessions space together, because that opportunity and timeline is available too, It’s a whole deeper level of magic and process…

  2. Just now getting back to reply. Thank you for your invitation. In this moment, I’m needing to pay more attention to moving/doing/BEing very slow and PRESENT in each momentMOMENT!!! I’d very much like to interact with you more ~ I’m also needing to be very cautious about adding anything more to my prEssence NOW. I’m needing to cut out the chaff ~ I’ve been searching/asking for several months now ~ and there doesn’t yet seem to be anything that’s ready to leave. I’ll definitely remain in touch with YoUS ! Hmmmmn ~ I feel you all being at the top tier of my vibrational response ~ this gives me an identifying level to go by. Thank US!!!

    1. Glad to feel what’s percolating for you Joie. I know how connecting with us can be very alchemical, so I respect deeply that you are feeling everything as you go and I welcome that deepening connection as well when it sacredly arises for you.

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