Offering Love On The Frontlines: Connecting With The Reptilian King And Donald Trump’s Higher Self

By Jelelle Awen



Love ambassadorship calls me to some ‘front lines’ to visit, to serve, and to offer possibilities of love. I am infused with crystallized (higher frequency) violet flame energies with St. Germain, who I’ve been connecting with lately as a Divine guide and template for being a love ambassador on a galactic level. I usually avoid taking in mainstream news energies, yet I was informed through a brief scroll in my FB feed about the recent bombings in both Syria and Afghanistan by the U.S. government. I can feel the energies of these bombings off gassing into the grids of Gaia and the fear frequencies that emanate from them. (That one of the bombs is known as ‘the mother’ because of its size feels like a very unfortunate irony). I am not too surprised when I am led by St. Germain, Archangel Metatron, and Mother Mary to a space ‘above’ the decimated land, bomb sight, in Afghanistan.

Moving into this space, I feel immediately that the higher self of Donald Trump is lingering there, drifting around, feeling very distressed. I can feel the distress immediately, the incongruence in the soul field that is created through acts of violence, even as it is part of the soul’s journey to play it out and to serve in this role sometimes. I ask the higher self of Donald Trump why he felt the need to bomb others, to kill. “Because he believes THEY were killing. THEY needed to be stopped. This is how he and the others felt to stop them,” exclaims the Donald Higher Self (who I will just call “DHS” from now on…only later realizing that DHS also stands for Department Of Homeland Security!).

“The only way to stop fear or to move fear or to stop the fear expression of killing is through love, not through MORE killing,” I say to DHS, who of course (BEing a higher self) agrees and resonates with me right away.

“I feel this, yes. I KNOW this as a higher dimensional BEing. But, he, 3D Donald Trump, doesn’t know it or remember it. He is scared and, deep, deep, down, parts of him feel small, unworthy, and young….like a little boy playing with BIG toys. He does these things….using these big weapons, because he feels so small and wants to feel bigger. But he is not used to going along with killing. He has gone from firing people who don’t do a good job to…..this….” DHS answers.

I nod, feeling an energy of forgiveness and compassion flow through me to DHS and ALL the others like him who energize the timeline in 3D and moving into transitional 4D with the wounded power playout of the wounded masculine from unfelt emotional pain bodies and not yet awakened souls. DHS takes in the energy of forgiveness and feels touched by it and begins to cry. “How can you offer forgiveness to anyone who has taken life, who is leading killing as a response to more killing?”

I feel Mother Mary come through me then, as a more embodied aspect of me through the many moments of receiving forgiveness waves from Her, going into the deepest places inside of me together of core unworthiness, soul karmic binds, shame feelings, and feeling forgiveness as Her constant response.

I respond, “ALL BEings are worth forgiveness as ALL are worthy of love. Forgiveness is a high frequency of love. Although forgiveness can be given and offered, it can only be received and let in by a healing heart and emotional body with self worth to let it in…….balanced by an awakening soul that is able to feel genuine remorse for their killing and fear-based actions.”

DHS takes this in and seems relieved by it, “I will try to communicate this to lower Donald during his dreams, sometimes he can receive guidance from me during that state.” He fades away, seemingly grateful for our time together.

I am brought then to the other ‘frontlines’ between the Reptilians and humans that are still polarized to fear and ‘battling’ each other with supposed light-based frequencies. I have been here before, which I describe in this writing about Leaving The Battlefield To Move Into The Lovefield.:…/leaving-the-battleground-to…. This time, I feel the powerful energy coming from the Reptilian representative, who is a high ranking ‘official’ it feels like in their hierarchy (as they are still hierarchal-based.)

“I am king of my kind, yes. I wanted to meet you,” he says to me when I come to stand near him. He is a beautiful Reptilian, very tall with iridescent scales that shimmer and glow. He has a regal energy, much more used to leading mass groups then the DHS. And he is actually there with me as he is a fourth dimensional BEing. “I can feel that you offer new possibilities to my species and how some of them are turning toward and drawn to these possibilities.”

I imagine that on some level I ought to be afraid of him as he is very powerful and could ‘attack’ me with that energy, yet I feel just filled up with love for him. He seems to feel that and offers me no resistance or any lower-based frequencies. I show him a picture of the tropical planet that is being offered as a refuge and sanctuary to those Reptilians who choose to leave Gaia, for those who choose love, as I write about here:…/a-time-of-great-choosing-f…/

I have traveled to this planet with my Reptilian guide/aspect Shana and it offers a natural setting of peace and tranquility for them to start over. “Why would we be given this after all that we have done to humanity for so long…..enslaving you, imprisoning you in our 3D matrix, feeding off of your lower energy emissions?” He asks me.

I again feel the Mother Mary energy within respond to him, “You cannot do anything to another BEing that is not in their agreement on a soul level. You have done the lower frequency, fear-based things you have done, yes. Yet, you have BEEN these frequencies through collaboration WITH the human species. It has been a sacred aspect of both of your journeys for it to play out as it has between you. You mirror the shadow side of humanity and they mirror yours. You are now being offered an opportunity to choose love and to move out of and beyond fear. You are given this choice because you have ALWAYS been given this choice and ARE always given this choice, moment by moment…..whether to choose love or whether to choose fear. There is nothing you can do or BE that will remove this choice from you as it is represents the Infinite Love that you ARE as a fractal from Divine Source. It cannot be withdrawn, it can only expand.”

I feel the Reptilian taking this in, receiving these truths, remembering something he has forgotten about his love essence and also DHS drifting back in the space to receive this message as well and pass it on to his 3D Donald. They both move away from me now as I continue to offer waves of love and forgiveness to them and they receive what they are able to let in.

My heart feels a bit heavy from visiting the energies of these ‘frontlines’, yet, because I have offered love and forgiveness to two leaders of these ‘battles’, I can feel a sense of peace and accomplishment. I can feel how the waves of love are rippling through the collective unconsciousness web of ALL, touching and being let in by those who are ready to receive them. By those who are ready to choose love and remember who and what they really ARE as Infinite Love.


I highly recommend a piece of writing by Gabriel Heartman about the wounded masculine and healing the heart of man as inspired by this one:

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine facilitator, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and teacher of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

6 thoughts on “Offering Love On The Frontlines: Connecting With The Reptilian King And Donald Trump’s Higher Self

  1. Oh My Goodness, *Jelelle* ~ no WONDER I feel such a strong connection with you!!!!! ~~~ I am known as *J’aelle* in the Realms of Angelic prEssence. I know *Metatron* as my Grandfather in the Omni-versal Isness of All That IS (he once escorted me to our Home Universe so I could see it), and by Lord Kalnor, one of *Metatron*’s downline prEssences in the Galactic Realms. My “Mother” essence is Mother of All. She once took me onto the Rainbow Bridge and showed me the mechanics of how we co-create our realities here on Earth. She also showed me how we play out our daily soul “duties” when she would drop holographic slides in our holographic projectors. You, *Jelelle* are the first person with whom I’ve shared many of these inner activities ~ the first embodied aspect who I KNOW KNOWS. Thank US soooooooo much!!!

    Around 2000-2001, I had a deep experience of assisting some of the Draco’s from 3D, into a light tunnel so they could return Home (lots more to the story, but I don’t need to say more now.)

    In March of 2016, I experienced a case of fibromyalgia that had me screaming out loud night and day for almost a month. With some energy healing assistance from another ONE, I was able to quiet enough to go deep into the tissue structure in my buttocks and down my hamstrings, wherever this pain was emitting from. Eventually I was taken into a *Reptilian* Kingdom. I watched them for awhile. They wanted to return to their Home but didn’t know how to leave this plane of contraction and separation, also knowing they had played a large part in creating this condition.

    My heart became filled to overflowing with such immense Compassion, I could only bask in it with inability to have a single thought. It expanded to also envelope this group of *Reptilians. *I could only watch/observe as *Mother of All *began to speak: “You have completed your assignment here on Earth. You have done your job well. You helped to create the illusion of separation and duality we needed here. You did everything asked of you and more. WE thank you for your service.” At first the *Reptilians *gaped ~ they had never before received praise and so much LOVE for just BEing who they are. As they began to let it all in, including the LOVE, they simply melted into “no-thing”.

    Well, Jelelle, that’s one of my stories for this moment!!!

    Sharing Much LOVE and Many Blessings of Gratitude for ALL THAT WE ARE. ONE HEART Joie J’aelle RoundStar Mother of All

    Nikanisitook~Mitakyue Oyasin~UBUNTU~In Lak’Ech~Aloha~Namaste

    On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 7:52 AM, SoulFullHeart Way Of Life wrote:

    > Jelelle Awen posted: “By Jelelle Awen Love ambassadorship calls me to some > ‘front lines’ to visit, to serve, and to offer possibilities of love. I am > infused with crystallized (higher frequency) violet flame energies with St. > Germain, who I’ve been connecting with lately as” >

  2. WOW…yes, beautiful synchs there and validations of the energies that came through from Divine Mother toward the Reptilians….if She has offered that to me so many times, why would she NOT offer the same to every BEing? They may not be able to let it in, and many can’t yet, but doesn’t mean it isn’t constantly offered as in our soul essence we ARE love after all. Yes, I DO get it and live it. I’m curious if you feel there is something I could serve for you in spaceholding? Don’t have a clear intuition around what that might be yet am pretty constantly feeling to invite that these days as it is WHY I am here and I have a community of like-hearted souls that is growing these days and maybe you are to be part of THAT too? We offer group calls too, which I believe you know, but more about all that here:….much love, Jelelle (the ‘soul name’ similarities ARE amazing, it’s making me wonder if this energy (which I feel represents “I” “She” “Of God”) is an archetype in some ways, a feminine ray of embodied sacred femininity….SO awesome!

    1. Thank YoUS Jelelle, for y*our loving offer to hold space. I think because I chose to bring LOVE so deeply into separation consciousness, with the exception of a 5-year period, I’ve had to learn how to anchor & ground the frequencies that I am bringing through, as well as re-weaving those of separation back into our ONE HEART. During those 5-6 years from 1998-2004, I participated with 2 different triads, meeting daily with OUR Rainbow Council of Love & Light. (When I use ‘caps’, that’s my way of recognizing OUR ONENESS.) Sometimes the Council gatherings came to where we were meditating (at least that’s how it seemed), but as we became more proficient, we would find ourselves in a huge round space, with Council and multitudes of observers. Our website, The Rainbow Bridge Coalition, was the vehicle we were given to share those messages from Council as they came through, and as suggested from OUR Council gathering on that day.

      My sense about ALL being able to receive and/or ameliorate the darker, constricted frequencies, is that ultimately, yes, I also believe that anyone is potentially capable, but it is not in everyone’s job description while here on Earth at this moment of pre-awakening/pre-ascension into our WHOLE-I-NESS. To be able to both give and receive from our vast LOVING ONENESS of ALL THAT I AM ~ ALL THAT WE ARE, that must also include being able to navigate through the deep caverns in the catacombs of duality’s contractions of darkness. For me, this has required a practically insane (44 years after my awakening) amount of traversing the heights and depths of the 3D to ???D consciousness. This ultimately, when I surrendered to each step of the journey, became my training as a shaman, a priestess, a goddess, a Rainbow Warrior for LOVE (not in any way affiliated with the Rainbow Gathering) ~ a comedienne, a bitch, a broken-winged crow …. and then observing HOW to bring all into ONENESS.

      My sense for me, in this NOW moment, is that all that agony and despair I endured, as well as experiencing states of such exalted awareness of BEING LOVE, prepared me for assisting others during this NOW moment. I believe many are awakening, rubbing their sleepy eyes from the Big Dream, are also unsure how to get from t’here to HERE. I’ve been shown an image of ALL OF US on a ladder that extends forever in both directions, with the ONE on the top rung reaching down for the next, the next ONE reaching down for the next, etc.etc. When I said to you in my previous reply, how much I appreciate you doing my writing for me, I truly meant it!!! It is all I can do/BE, to respond, as guided, to the many requests for MORE. In truth, I’m overloaded and overwhelmed beyond my earthly capacity, yet I feel keenly how much I desire to assist. I would imagine you all are also experiencing a sense of urgency, to bring as many into GRACE as much as is humanly possible. In fact, yesterday, when I shared “Offering Love On The Frontlines … “, two other people had written their version of the same message, and one other had also posted Y*OUR message ~ and this was just within my circle!!! I’m observing the synchros spinning faster and definitely more frequently.

      Another image I’ve seen is of a wagon wheel, with the hub sending a circular array of spokes out to the rim, with the rim and all within then becoming a hub, with spokes radiating out in a circle, which in turn becomes the hub, etc. etc. (I’d like to write about this in “the book”) The moment I felt the depth and breadth of my resonance with SOULFULLHEART … even y*our group name, your name, Jelelle, I knew I was atONEment with YO*US. I so appreciate your invitations. I’m at a point where I’m ready for my next “Earth-place”. I’ve lived in my current environment ~ an Assisted Living Facility ~ for 5.5 years, which is the longest I’ve resided in any one place since the ’70’s!!! I’m being guided to organize and refresh the many notes I’ve been writing for the past 20+ years, to put them in a publishable format, and get “the book” out! For now, It’s titled, “MOONWALKING AROUND THE SUN”, (All Rights Reserved 2017). I don’t believe it would be possible for me to write soulfully in this current environment. I also require a lot of physical assistance.

      I’ve hearted about whether or not SOULFULLHEART is where I’m meant to be ~ I haven’t received an answer one way or another. I LOVE the group process. I love sharing our thoughts, our ideas, bouncing off each other, our inner guidance, our desires, and all that is geared towards the very best possible outcome for ALL. I’ve lived in 3 different groups along the way, where conflict resolution came about during meditating/praying in a circle (being part Indigenous Native First Peoples circles are very meaningful to me), with each person stating their desired outcome into the circle. No discussion. Then we’d meditate/pray together, surrendering our personal outcome, then each asking for a resolution that served the Highest Good for All. Every EVERY time we surrendered to this process, the suggested outcome would come through several of US, and would usually being nothing we had previously considered, but it DID serve the Greater Good.

      So, for me, I’m seeing our sharings, here, as part of our exploration about my/OUR next step. I want only what is for the Greatest Good for All Concerned ~ nothing less.

      Unfortunately, I need to stop now. My eyes are hurting and my mental synapses are beginning to fry … as in I’m tired! I am so grateful for our communications and the depths we are able to share. I look forward to more. I M U R WE R 1

      I’d like to share with YoUS two of many musical offerings that are meaningful to me ~
      THANKFUL ~ Josh Groban
      GRATEFUL: A Love Song to the World | Empty Hands Music | nimo feat. daniel nahmod

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey Joie and where you are now and where your heart and soul are going and feeling. These things usually seem to unfold at a rate and pace that they are meant to. Feels like you’ve had a lot of experiences related to spiritual circles and groups and ideas that have formed from that….some of which I think we could resonate and some that wouldn’t. I think the only way to kNOW is to join us for a group call if you want or even better a session to feel the energy through more, if that is where you are guided and feel drawn. We question A LOT of preconceived ideas about reality and ideas that people have about WHO THEY ARE through parts work and I’m not totally sure that would resonate with you as you seem to be in a place of much sense of where you are in service and how and why…we are offering a specific path and way of BEing and seeing the world. Reading our website more will reveal that for you and the doorway of a session is the best way to see if it fits too!

    1. Just wrote this to Raphael ~ Just now getting back to reply. Thank you for your invitation. In this moment, I’m needing to pay more attention to moving/doing/BEing very slow and PRESENT in each momentMOMENT!!! I’d very much like to interact with you all more ~ I’m also needing to be very cautious about adding anything additional to my prEssence NOW. I’m actually needing to cut out the chaff ~ I’ve been searching/asking for several months now ~ and there doesn’t yet seem to be anything that’s ready to leave. I’ll definitely remain in touch with YoUS ! Hmmmmn ~ I feel you all being at the top tier of my vibrational response team ~ this gives me an identifying level to go by. Thank US!!!

      Jelelle ~ I can guarantee you that I’ve pretty much let go of all preconceived notions about EVERYTHING!!! I’m not adverse to discovering if there are more, but my present path is pretty solidly tempered, chiseled and honed. I’ll definitely give some time to your website. I’ll get back with you if/when anything stands out. With much LOVE AND GRATITUDE for US ALL!!! J’

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