Energy Waves Inviting NEW Alchemy From Inner Work

by Kalayna Colibri

So many energy waves coming in recently that are wanting to give us more energy for dreaming, intending, and taking action steps too towards what it is we most want. There’s an invitation into a deeper trust within too. A trust in the goodness that waits on the other side of even some painful processes of having to say “no” to what we don’t want and/or completing with different jobs or relationships that just aren’t aligning with who we are becoming anymore. It’s been about a week or so, it feels like, of harvesting from seeds sown long ago, yet also planting new ones in new soil.

As Gaia’s frequency continues to rise up as reflected in all of these recent spikes in the Schumann resonance and so on, this seems to be laying new ground for us to stand on in many ways! We have NEW opportunities to plant ourselves in that are more in alignment with our soul purpose work and NEW motivation to keep moving on and moving through whatever difficulties are arising. This may even show up as NEW ways to lean into others for support too or to begin offering support to others in a more active and engaged way, whatever that may look like for you. You get to choose the nourishment of co-creation and collaboration with resonant others if it feels like time for you… and you get to wonder why it may not feel like the phase for this for you personally and check in with your parts to see what resistances may be there around it.

This sense of new ground arising is a result of ‘composting’ the ‘old’… dedicating your healing within and shedding layers that no longer feel like you as parts of you let you feel them and move more into health than injury, more into dharma than drama and a healthy integration into your unique expression of wholeness and ‘I’-ness. This has been an intense and churning process often times, just as new compost must be churned and in some cases, burned, in order to integrate into the new soil and add nutrients and life to it. There’s nothing in the multi-verse that can ever disappear, just change state. And so, your pain has the chance to be recycled and added back in as an expression of the renewed you – more alive, more present, more trusting, more genuinely loving, more human, and more spiritual too.

Perhaps it’s time for your new soul soil to be laid and planted in. Energy waves moving through are inviting you to feel what you REALLY want and to be with the process of its manifestation, in all of its ups and downs, challenges and easy flow too. ❤

Much love! ❤


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Power Of Creation Through Words

By Raphael Awen

I’m feeling how our thoughts take on the power of our words.

The words that come off of our lips and tongue are literally a waveform of vibration that go on to manifest according to the seed of those words. The root word of The word ‘language’ is ‘lingua’, which roughly translated means ‘flapper’. Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, this same root word is present in the word, ‘lingham’ which is another waveform flapper that probes and beacons into the world to create new realities that didn’t exist before.

Both of these ‘flappers’ or waveform generators need the fertile ground of the feminine dance to actually create new worlds, but this feminine is the abundant ground of desire and feeling, that readily takes this sleepy power and alchemizes it into a waking reality, regardless of our awareness of it or not.

What all this means has something to do with the fact that you are creating a whole lot more than part of you has been willing to recognize. And what’s getting more intense, is that this subtle power has moved even more intensely not just to the creative power of our words, but also of our thoughts. Our words are seeded by our thoughts, and our thoughts arise from parts of ourselves and their reality.

What we are invited to feel is how our thoughts are all the waveform vibrations of specific parts of ourselves, that make up what we’ve thought of as ‘us’. You are a make up of parts and those parts each have a signature waveform vibration of relating to reality, and when you tune in this waveform, you give them the gift of feeling felt – a rich feeling of landing in a warm heart.

Now, this waveform vibration of thought is no longer just manifesting haphazardly and running amuck in our lives. We get to filter with the heart of our emerging Higher Self awareness each of these thought waveforms and love them, feel them, transmute them into new waveforms to manifest according to our Higher Heart.

What thoughts flowing through you are asking your attention and love?

Raphael Awen

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Experiencing Abundance From Within To Draw It On The Outside

By Jelelle Awen

It’s interesting how abundance can work in your life. How it can seem to sneak in at times, as if on a slow drip line that builds up over time. Or, it can gush in on a wave that invites you to ride it, glide it, surf it, and, ultimately, surrender to it.

And, abundance can take so many forms….whatever your energy is going toward, whatever your desire is wanting to draw, whatever you are most needing. The main sense that something is coming from abundance, though, is that it is being offered to you from and with LOVE.

This Lion/Lionness gateway and the upcoming partial SOULar eclipse tomorrow invite you and parts of you to feel into your relationship to abundance as these energies offer a bounty of NEXT level light and love. To feel what receiving this love abundance means to you….what is resisted and what is embraced.

During this Cosmic Christmas gateway, I am experiencing many gifts of abundance… intimacy as the five of us spent a few days together eating/talking/shopping and living, increasing service draw and resonance through SoulFullHeart, and, also, a new place to live for the next several weeks. For two years, Raphael and I have lived in a very simple, older, Mexican apartment. It is in a wonderful location, close to the ocean/shops/restaurants with an ocean view. Yet, it has bars on the windows (as is typically here for security), no ability to be truly sound proof, is falling apart in many ways, etc. And, it has been all we could comfortably afford while transitioning our money earning the last few years from a 3D-based painting contracting business to SoulFullHeart & transitionary and flexible teaching English online. And before this place, we lived on a remote, off-grid ranch for close to two years and in an RV before that.

We humbly surrendered to living in this simple place WHILE we dreamt of physical abundance and beauty. Day after day, we would both energize this during our meditations and talks together….WHILE discovering appreciation for the simplicity that we’d been given and understanding the deconstruction that was going on. We came to feel how the generation of abundance needed to happen from WITHIN primarily, from one part of us to another. To strip away the entitlement, the expectation, the normalization, the focus on materialism that happens in 3D life in order to get to the arising gratitude and appreciation that comes when you have let go of everything and are truly in receiving mode.

Then, just last week, we drew an opportunity to stay in a beautiful apartment that is literally just 100 steps from our old one. Yet, it is VERY much a different timeline, with panoramic ocean views, beautiful surfaces, and a very attentive landlord. Going back and forth between the two living spaces has felt like traveling between two timelines…..the old is collapsing as the new is being built and lived in.

I have had some process around this transition, including feeling my masculine aspect named Julian who tenderly felt like he had ‘failed’ me by living in such simplicity and ‘squalor’ (his word) for the last five years. And this part of me feels afraid of our new transitory lifestyle, where we feel to respond to service and offer retreats/group circles in different locations around the world in the next year. I felt his tears, shared them with our community during Lion’s Gate, and then felt his heart open and expand to become in collaboration with me to manifest and activate the next and the next. I invited him to feel how all the internal work we had done was NOW showing up on the outside too and, therefore, we could trust that it would most likely sustain.

Whatever YOUR abundance manifestation looks like, it is ultimately less about how it shows up externally as it is about how it FEELS on the inside for you. Abundance within feels like much less polarization between parts of you and much more unification. It feels like goodness, joy, and acceptance/embracement of the moments and movements that are less than that. Ultimately, though, and most importantly…it feels like LOVE.

Jelelle Awen
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Your Manifester Isn’t Broken

By Raphael Awen

The hard part of ‘becoming a manifester’ isn’t the obtaining of some magical alchemical highly-hidden esoteric ability.

It’s something much more mundane.

It’s the self responsibility to see and admit that you already are this manifester, just maybe not of the kinds of realities a part of you was hoping to manifest.

You already fully are the creator. You don’t need to work on that to get it going.

What you can work on is the willingness to assume response-ability for that reality.

What am I,…what are parts of me,… creating in my life as powerful manifestations….?

Why? When? How? With whom?

Make a full-on quest of these questions.

Add in a bunch of love from your Higher Self as you explore these parts of you. They hold your present manifestation power and creativity. If you bridge to them with your opening and curious heart, you can get them on board with creating entirely new realities that never existed before.

Now, the courage you gained in your quest becomes called on in order to adapt to the challenges of the new super abundant reality. Higher timelines are not without challenge, and this is why the universe needed you to start right from where you were without skipping any grades.

I can help you with this process. If you’d genuinely like help, I’d so love to help you. Check into a bridging session at the link below with myself and let the quest begin.
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The Law Of Attraction: Being, Healing, Receiving

by Kalayna Colibri


Yesterday, I was sweetly asked by someone to share my thoughts on the Law of Attraction, based on a Facebook post I reshared from last year. The original post was a very short letter to the Universe, declaring only a couple of things I really, really wanted… one of them was a new laptop, the other a new cellphone and the third was a sacred union romance. I haven’t typically been someone to create vision boards or set goals or even write letters such as this one. I remember that when I wrote it, I was riding high on an influx of energy from having spent quality time with beloveds the day before. We in SoulFullHeart love to feel and talk about our desires and to feel the possibilities alive in them, though of course we also feel the trailing edge reality around this for parts of us who are fearful or anxious about ‘not getting what they want’.

When I reshared this year-old post, I did so to celebrate that these three desires actually DID come true. It was very sweet to feel this for several reasons, one being that for most people who earn much money, buying something like a new laptop or phone wouldn’t take them a whole year to manifest. In fact, the way so many still live is for instant gratification, trying to satisfy needs, wants and desires as soon as possible, so that the journey to actually living these desires out is as short as possible. It becomes a medication for the parts who actually feel that nothing will ever be enough for them, especially when what they really want underneath the desire for ‘things’ is love… the second reason is what this post proved to a part of me that doesn’t always trust in the Universe or the Divine or even me as the one who is holding and feeling her. Yes, it may have taken about a year to see these desires to fruition in my life, yet they did arrive and the work to bring them in happened both intentionally and unintentionally, meaning that without being directly dedicated to ‘finding’ or ‘accomplishing’, I focused my work within, as I always do. There isn’t anything we can truly control when it comes to getting what we most deeply want. Money, it feels like, can offer the 3D self a false sense of control, as do books and practices like ‘The Secret’. It really isn’t up to you to manifest what you feel you want most in your life. And it isn’t the fault of parts of you if it hasn’t manifested yet, either. So much of this is simply not up to us, and that is VERY humbling to let in…

When I went into meditation with Kuan Yin this morning, I asked her to feel the Law of Attraction with me. She had me feel my mind and my heart, both. I realized that my mind focuses on logistics and doesn’t FEEL the desire so much as thinks long and hard about how to ‘make’ it happen and all of the obstacles or problems that may ‘get in the way’, including money, of course. My heart, however, feels the desires, feels the possibilities, and gets lit up by them or doesn’t. I feel it’s the ‘lit up’ feeling within, that sends out beacons of possibility and draw and also gives the sense of what is most deeply desired, versus what is only a whim or vague possibility. The energy we hold around all possibility is a big part of drawing it to us… do parts of us or Metasoul aspects feel despair about wanting a sacred union romance? Do they feel as if they will never get what they want in a material or emotional way? Are they trying to transcend these trailing edge feelings and wanting to only feel that it’s possible? We draw mixed experiences to us as needed, to help us see and feel these parts more and more.

Perhaps it’s a matter of ‘gestation’ rather than ‘manifestation’, as Kuan Yin offered to me that ‘being’ your way and feeling your way to your desires is really the only path to bringing them in, at least when it comes to the deeper ones. Drawing in a sacred union romance is about BEing, giving space to parts of you, healing your way to it. Finding yourself a new cellphone or laptop can feel just as magical as letting in a romance if the time is taken to be and feel your way there and not necessarily ‘take action’ or ‘set goals’. The same could be set for weight loss or money-earning. There is so much to be and be with as we become… as we continue to shift inside of ourselves through the inner excavation process of deep feeling that we offer in SoulFullHeart.  As we do so, the steps unfold and alignment happens in an organic, flowing, flowering way, especially in these days of ramped-up Ascension energies, where this is becoming the reality more and more easily as our energies continue to move upward.

Attracting or drawing what we most want, begins with feeling the wants, working our way to feeling what’s real about them and what deeper desires could be underneath them, helping us detach from the outcome in humble surrender. We are brilliant co-creators as arising sacred humans, work consciously and unconsciously in tandem with energies in the multi-verse inside and outside of us, and those around us who fill us up with love while we offer and BE the same to and with them. If it’s really about love underneath it all, then love is what needs to be present in our hearts, in an ever-deepening way through our healing, in order to truly reach those heights of BEing that we feel called to bring in, in whatever form or fabric that takes in our unfolding 3D-5D reality consciousness. ❤

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Living From Our Gifts


By Raphael Awen

Are you living from your deepest gift expression in the world? If not, would you like to be?

These questions have been a deep, ongoing, and significant process for all of us at SoulFullHeart. And If that desire is up for you too, I invite you to join in and track our journey. All of us have taken significant and guided steps over time to let go of careers in order to pursue our deeper heart and soul based career, and I feel we could help you walk that out too.

Below, I re-share a Facebook post from a few months back where i’m transparent about what’s going on for us around money. Our money timeline is already showing signs of significant shifts from the time of this post, and we are eager to land more on this new timeline!

Here’s that recent post:

The five of us, who currently make up the main backbone of SoulFullHeart, have been squeezing the last drops out of some old, tired and dated laptops, 2 tablets and 2 cellphones that date back as far as 2008. Beyond scuffed, they are dented, cracked, and even burnt, yet they are our current beloveds. These current beloveds go in and out of repair shops, and each other’s hands during a given day to work out logistics and work schedules between us. It has felt humbling to have let go of old money generating careers where these needs simply would have been taken care of by going out and replacing them long before they arrived at the state our current stuff is in. It has really ‘pushed up’ a whole new level of relationship to material things and our trust in the universe (or lack thereof).

What I’ve felt guided to do, in holding this desire and need, where the money isn’t yet here to go out and buy new stuff, is to creatively visualize the new stuff. This involves window shopping on line and REALLY FEELING into what it is we want and getting specific. And it felt important and it was part of the guidance as well to NOT be budget minded in this creative visualization. Now, I can be very happy with a second hand hand me down, but for this creative visualization, I was and am being asked to feel that even though we feel like at times we are experiencing a lack or a scarcity, that there is ultimately no lack or scarcity in the intelligent and abundant universe.

A big piece to feel in that is that if I am experiencing something like our current computer lack, then that experience is what the abundant and intelligent universe is abundantly giving me to experience at the moment. However, I am also convinced that I’m being asked to learn my way through to a new level of manifestation at the same time, and trust that the new will arise in perfect timing that I am also a part of effecting. The universe and I both are learning through my desire and my lack.

So, the online shopping, of the non-budget variety, after many options and needs considerations, has led us to settle on 5 Macbooks, most current versions, along with the current IPhones, and plenty of accessories. Then beyond the online shopping has been to go to actual stores and physically touch and handle these new beloveds which I’ve also done and continue to do.

Then, I also was guided to the ‘Akashic Bank!’ Who knew, huh?…not far from the Akashic Records building in Golden Earth is the most beautiful structure and surrounds that I related to as the Akashic Bank. It’s connected to the Universal Allness – Source of All that is. It was a tearful and fearful awe and reverence moment to feel this upstream source connection to all that is. Here, in this building, I was reminded that anything we desire here in this 3d dimension comes from Gaia! Every last bit of it…AND that there is no lack. If I obtain something beautiful, that does not mean less for anyone else…in fact, the opposite is true…if I learn how to draw abundance, I open the doors for others to do the same in the process.

I even imagined a brown clad UPS delivery guy stepping out of some alternative timeline showing up in my neighborhood looking for my address with a bunch of boxes for me.

He hasn’t arrived just yet, and if it comes in a more native way, or over some steps at a time, I do feel I am being asked to cooperate with the universe in holding deep desire and creatively visualizing the outcome.

It has felt at times scarily close to some edge to be living into these new ways of relating to needs and desires. And that edge is really a perceived edge that’s found in our deepest abiding and budding trust in a new way of relating to love, and abundance. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt more held and loved and less anxiety about money and needs than I have now, even as some of our needs feel more acute than they ever have.

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Throwing Caution To The Wind: Uncovering What You Really Want

By Wayne Vriend

You may want a better job, or a more reliable car, or a car that says you are really cool, or the latest smart phone, or some new clothes, or a new friend, or your spouse or mate to change in some way. But if you were to take a look at whatever it is that you want and to ask yourself if there is a deeper need underneath the surface want or need, what do you think you might discover?

As you ask this question, try not to judge the the surface want or need as either vainly superficial or justifiably necessary. This way of judging your needs, both approving or disapproving of them, is all part of hiding from the desires and needs that are at the root of them.

Maybe the deeper want or desire is something like hunger for approval from others, or being noticed. Maybe it is a sense of self importance that you are craving. Maybe it goes deeper still to a need to feel Divine approval or love. These are all real human needs. I like being noticed and feeling that my life is important, and being approved by others I respect feels really good too.

What you and I really want is our lifeline in a sea of drowning humanity. Your deeper desires are keys to who you are at a deep level.

I’d rather feel genuinely important than rely on a physical object like a smartphone or a car, or an emotional object like my role or status in society, that does such a poor job of affording me any consistent feelings of self love.

Genuine human need is what underlies vanity and even hideous barbarism. All of us would behave the same way if our needs were being unmet in the same way, and if our present life and past life experiences were similiar.

So, what is that YOU really want?

It’s hard to know isn’t it? If you knew what you really wanted, you wouldn’t stumble along pursuing lesser wants whose fulfillments seem so short lived, and oftentimes cause deep hurt? Would you?

Most people do what they have been enculturated to do with this “problem” of desire. That is to kill it, or control it, or to manage it, so it doesn’t cause problems and pain.

We’ve made desire itself to be the bad guy. But the truth is that the very essence of being human and being alive is to have wants, is to desire, and being the most alive is to have the strongest wants and desires. What condition is your ‘wanter’ in? Dead people are people who no longer need or want anything.  Dead people don’t look longingly in storefront windows and they can’t be sold sex, or ice cream, or a career.

I sincerely believe that the root problems of our aches and pains in life, physically, emotionally and spiritually can be traced back to having a wanter that has been neglected and is in poor shape. Just as it requires a healthy metabolism to shed the weight your body no longer needs, so it requires strong healthy desire to let go of the things that you need to, and are ready to, in order to make room for the new things you really need and desire.

Maybe the definitive expression of vulnerability itself, is to feel the need for something that you don’t yet have access to, or control.

You have to in fact work to get it. You have to do the work of drawing it to yourself. This isn’t actually as hard as it sounds though. Doing work that is fun is what you did as a child without realizing it. You called it ‘play’ in fact. You gave all that you had in terms of time and effort and resources to get what you wanted, and you did it for the fun of it. Your parents may have questioned the appropriateness of your passion, or feared you ending up in a pile of disappointment, but not you. You went all out. You couldn’t live with yourself if you didn’t. Any hurts you encountered along the way, you were sure to recover from. You threw caution to the wind.

So what happened since then? You were told a host of things, in language and tone that was foreign to you, such as: ‘that isn’t really a responsible way to live; money doesn’t grow on trees; you need to care not just for yourself; work should come before play; responsibility is being grown up.’ You were told a whole bunch of things designed by nearly dead people with nearly dead wanters who needed to dim the light of your wanter; who in fact needed to sacrifice your alive reality on the altar of their dark deadness. They needed you to tone down in order to not feel the pain of their chosen deadness. They needed you to live as a medication to their deadness. Hence the gospel of putting others needs before your own.

What happened is that you just had the permission to be childlike in this way robbed from your adult reality. I’d like to see it given back to you. I’d like to be around more people like you who ache to return back to this authentic way of being human. Humanity is depending on people like you to take back what you had, what is in fact native to you, but that you lost.

This is the harder work, but it too can be done with all the seriousness of a child at play, with Divine help and guidance, and with deep and lasting rewards that no man can ever take from you.

If my words resonate with you, and you know that getting help with this kind of a life change is part of what you really want, I’d be honored to help you. I’d get to have a lot of fun helping you and uncovering the parts of you that hold your deepest desires. But only if that is what you really want! The deepest cost isn’t the time, or the money, or the effort. The deepest cost is enduring the process as well as finding the willingness to let go of what you in fact don’t really want, but are only presently attached to.

I know of no greater bravery, and I see its’ potential in you!

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