SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: The Sacred Ground Of Being Popped Into And Out Of 5D


This week’s museletter features Gabriel Heartman’s digestion of calls for help in regards to the pain felt after being popped in and out of 5D frequencies.  It is a set of circumstances that we have heard of before and it felt important to feel it through the SoulFullHeart lens and give it a larger context as well as a compassionate look at why souls may have chosen to go through such an intense experience.

“Now, how it got to be this way can be easily, and understandably, taken as it being done to you by someone else. You could ‘blame’ a negative entity or a teacher/healer’s etheric malpractice happening to you.  Once you have submitted to the status of victim, you have lost your power.  So, first thing, you must take power back.  Realize that this is all being conducted by the Higher Self, not as a punishment, for love doesn’t punish, but as an opportunity to reclaim the buried and lost parts of yourself before taking off into deeper conscious territories of experience.  This is a big one to let in and be with for it grants the courage and conditions to make the next steps.”

We continue our journey into developing a clearer path for the SoulFullHeart process and our writings are beginning to wrap around these clarities.  The importance of the healing of the 3D Self and Emotional Body has felt paramount to the continued maturation of our hearts and souls into higher consciousness.  Included is the very first SoulFullHeart Experience live stream recording that will continue every other Sunday, the next being today at 11:11am CST via Facebook and YouTube. In the recording Raphael and Jelelle Awen talk about the foundations of SoulFullHeart and the parts work process as it pertains to emotional healing.

More teachings, reflections, and digestions from the hearts and souls of Jelelle, Raphael, Kalayna, and Gabriel are on tap for your Sunday morning pleasure. Recordings of writings, the last group call with teachings and meditation about feeling your 3D self, and information on our future live stream events are part of the menu. They are all free for the letting in from our desire to continue to shed light and healing love across the globe.  If you find our weekly compilations a value add to your spiritual and emotional health we are always honored by any donation you feel compelled to offer in exchange. You can go to the following links to make any love donation:

Thanks again for taking in our passion purpose and desire to serve love! May your Sunday be real and heart opening.

Here is the link to the museletter:



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