SoulFullHeart’s Monthly Money UPdate for November 2017


By Raphael Awen

The 5 of us lived comfortably this month on $740 USD per person!

This is a product of an ongoing deep reboot with our relationship to money and career.

I know how crazy $700 a person sounds for a comfortable enough living arrangement to Western ears, as we used to live in Canada on much more.

We are very much looking to increase our income to enter some new timelines, and even return soon to Canada, and that will take some new money flow for sure, but I can’t tell you how great it has been to pull the plug on an old relationship to money. Some years ago, Jelelle and I (2 of us as opposed to 5) used to live on 10 times that amount while longing to put our deeper sense of calling first in our lives.

We very much can feel this new money timeline arising, and we wanted to document it and share it as we go, on a monthly basis with these Patreon posts as a way of transparentizing our own ongoing shifts in our relationship to money out to those we serve to help foster people’s own similar shifts.

Here’s a look at our money flow for this month: November, 2017.

(all figures in US Dollars)

$3,701 – Total Revenue for November (which was just over the recent 7 month average of 3,543).

Revenue breakdown as follows:

$2,271 – Gabriel and Kalayna’s English Teaching through VIPkid.

$202 – This month there was a bit of money from some online work gigs through UPwork that Kalayna and Raianna did with a little help from Gabriel and I.

$1,032 – Sessions Donations are back on the way up as a new wave of people are responding. We ask for a minimum donation of 55 USD per weekly session.

$140 – Group Call Donations for our one Group Call this month. Minimum donation is 11 usd to participate.

$42 – General Donations through Patreon and Paypal. We received one new monthly supporter this month for $25 usd.

$14 – Book Sales of Jelelle’s Books

On the Expenses side of things, we have:

$685 – Total Rent for 3 living spaces

$30 – 2 Zoom accounts for Sessions and Group Calls

$91 – Bank Service Fees and Payment transfer fees

$8 – Netflix

$75 – Internet – Total for 5 modems (where else can you get internet for $15.00?)

$97 – Monthly payments on 2 new laptops

$10 – Website Hosting

$996 – Total fixed expenses!

The rest ($541 per person) goes to food, clothes, a tiny bit on fuel, a bit at Starbucks and our wish list for home and recreation, etc..

We would be so delighted to receive your monthly support on Patreon at:

or you can make a one time donation (as often as you’d like) through our Paypal here:

Thank you for feeling this with us and thank you for your support!


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about Weekly Sessions, Live Streams, Videos, and Community.

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