The ReLOVEution Of Our ELOVEution

The world stage is churning. Bubbling. The emperors’ clothes are fading and we are beginning to see what lies behind the Wizards of Oz. As this process continues to unfold itself right in front of our very eyes, a grasp at old tactics of fear and disinformation will find their way to our once-conditioned ears.

The old power structure is losing its grasp and the final act of this long drama is in the beginning stages. What this world will look and feel like a year from now is anybody’s guess but what is for certain is that it will be “truth is stranger than fiction” compared to our old way of experiencing what is normal.

This pole shift in consciousness will have a huge affect on those that have yet to awaken to what is and has been happening for centuries. Even to frame it in linear time doesn’t quite have much impact on this Now. What has been illusion based on control and fear is now approaching an event horizon. It is sunsetting. The light of Gaia’s higher climb is creating a bifurcation. A fork in the road that still leads to the same place, just in a different route.

What is happening “out there” is a mirror of what is happening IN here. Your own inner wizards of Oz are possibly kicking up some old stuff to bring you down to a lowered frequency. Your inner protectors, punishers, and gatekeepers are sniffing the new timeline of Love that is rising ever so persistently. Their relationship to Love is a volatile one and if you are not conscious of them as separate to you then it can feel like mayhem is going on inside. They have many reasons for this need to keep you in a lowered frequency as what has seemed to be “safer”. It is one that is the most known even in its suffering.

As this rising continues, I expect more people to feel an inner urgency that they just can’t put their finger on. An emotional and spiritual roller-coaster. From a SoulFullHeart perspective, these are parts of you and not what you would consider “I”. These are 3D parts that have “this life” wounding and metasoul lives that are in other timelines feeling the same rumblings. Those that are on the front heartlines of this reLOVEution have been doing the inner work needed to assist in this epic phase of our eLOVEution.

There are those too that are now waking up and feeling the rumbles within. The path for some is to fight and inform. For others it is going IN, letting go of the old, and preparing for the new. Helping the growing numbers make a self-loving transition into the Golden Age of Golden Earth. SoulFullHeart offers a transitional bridge, through the parts work process, that helps to self-propel you into your Golden Self. It is a unique in its depth and breadth.

If you find yourself in very turbulent times and are wanting to feel a different way of relating to what is happening inside and outside, check out our website for a deeper feel into what we have to offer. If your Higher Self is pinging you, we have a free 30 minute intro session to see how we would serve you if it felt like a path for you.

These are extraordinary times and it requires extraordinary courage, vision, and leadership. SoulFullHeart is on the cutting edge of that. You are on the leading edge of it. It is time now to move into a new gear and let the vestiges of the old be honored and felt with your compassionate heart. It is the way of the Sacred Human birthing from the scared human into true love ambassadorship.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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