Solar Storms/Flares Amplify Bliss AND Mess States: SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter

It’s the release of our weekly museletter! Offering ALL of our writings, videos, events, healing offerings, and audio blogs for the week!  Go here to read.

SoulFullHeart Co-Create, Teacher, and Author Jelelle Awen shares near daily writings about the Ascension energies coming in this mid-March period prior to the Equinox through Solar activities such as flares, storms, and winds. These energies may be impacting you in many ways and this week she offered perspectives and a video to help you navigate them. These energies are ultimately a gift to accelerate the awakening process, to bring in emotional clearings, to amplify whatever needs attention, and to clarify manifestation of your Highest Timeline.

As Jelelle states in the featured writing, “This activation and amplification during this March is definitely being offered as a GIFT. A beautiful GIFT from the Divine to bring us into our next places of awakening, both personally and collectively. A GIFT to bring us into states of remembering and letting in and letting go….to recode and ‘un’code the programs and conditionings that no longer serve us. Feeling these energies AS a gift (rather than a punishment or to promote more suffering) can help with the letting in and riding out and surrender to them.”

We share our uniquely individual yet collective voice representing the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life through many beautiful digestions in writing and video this week from SoulFullHeart Facilitators Gabriel Heartman, Kalayna Colibri, and Raphael Awen. Plus, there is a touching contribution from SoulFullHeart facilitant Raianna Shai.

Many of these writings have been turned into audio blogs for you to either listen to or read along with our voices. We also offer podcasts of our audio blogs, livestreams, group calls and teachings for you to take in wherever you are! Available on SoundCloud or iTunes under SoulFullHeart Experience.

We share about some events we have coming up to bring in frequencies of Unity Consciousness and more support to navigate the current energies. Join us for a free livestream on our SoulFullHeart Way Of Life Facebook page and our SoulFullHeart Experience Youtube channel on March 18th to talk about these ascension energies and to respond to your questions and comments. Also, you can join in on our free Unity Meditation call on March 21st to tap into and share Equinox energies! Read more here: 
or here:

Jelelle is also now offering private, one on one 90 minute sessions with her over zoom to bridge to your awakening process, locate where you are, and your highest timeline manifestation. More information here.

We love to share our offerings with you and would enjoy to receive whatever heart donation in the form of money you feel that resonates with our offerings. You can go to our donation page for more info on how to donate:

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of SoulFullHeart Way of Life! If you’d like to receive these museletters directly, you can subscribe on our website at:

Here’s another link to this week’s museletter:

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