Energy Update: Schumann Spike For October 2

By Jelelle Awen

Spike in Schumann/Gaia resonance frequency today!! (which you can see as the white section in the graph below)..You may have felt it in sleepiness, tiredness, being ‘out of it’ without necessarily a good reason why. I know that I did with surges of more energy and then just plain tired in moments only able to take in music and rest. These current spikes don’t seem to be connected to a geomagnetic storm or high SOULar winds. However, geomagnetic activity IS coming with high winds and plasma waves from coronal holes on October 4-5th and October 7-8th, according to

These surges in energy influencing Gaia’s vibration are becoming more common as Ascension continues. The period of time that they are lasting is getting longer too….into three and four hour long stretches and more. Just as OUR frequency is going through flux and changes into 5D, Gaia is inviting us to come along with HER as she shifts and changes too.

BEing self loving during these surges feels so important. Recognizing that they can cause feelings of irritability, flatness/dullness, restlessness OR drowsiness. Or even a range of emotional moods during a few hour period! Aches/tensions/pains in the head, shoulder, and neck area are common too as those chakras (crown, third eye, and causal) are all upgrading and becoming more sensitive to energy.

These energies can also create a sense of feeling ungrounded as the grounded frequency of Gaia that you are more used to is changing. You are probably becoming more sensitive to these shifts too…..often feeling them before they are verified by a graph or reading.

Go within to connect with your HIGHER HEART home vibration AS it is also linked to your PERSONAL SUN and GAIA chakra frequency. This can create a much more expanded sense of self….from the galactic to the very human….from the transcendent to the very grounded. THIS is sacred humanity arising in this now….with Gaia leading the way!

Here is a guided meditation I offer to connect with all these chakra vortexes for cleaning and activating:

Jelelle Awen
1:1 sessions available with me and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators….more info here:

Jelelle Awen is a Parts Work/Metasoul & Galactic Aspects/Sacred Union Teacher & Facilitator, and Ascension Guide. She is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life awakening/healing process and community. She has written four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Visit for more information about bridging and ongoing individual/group sessions over zoom with her for women and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators with men and women, events/retreats, videos, books, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

2 thoughts on “Energy Update: Schumann Spike For October 2

  1. Thanks for posting about the Schumann resonance. I was wondering why I had such a bad headache from just two moderate geomagnetic storms. We’re getting hit from all sides! Ugh! And thanks for the heads up on the next geomagnetic storms.

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