Energy Update: Geomagnetic Storms W/Schumann Rise Prep For 11:11 Portal

By Jelelle Awen

Featured Image: Kevin Palmer took this picture from Parkman, Wyoming of auroras last night and a meteor

You may have felt the SOULar energies ‘blow in’ overnight bringing geomagnetic storms….and the intensity of them in dream time…..or found it difficult to sleep. Also feelings of irritation, miscommunications in relationships, sadness and sorrow can be triggered from these energies.

They are started to subside more now, according to, “Earth’s magnetic field is quieting again after a night of storming. G1- and G2-class storm conditions were observed on Nov. 4th and 5th when a high-speed stream of solar wind made contact with our planet’s magnetic field. The show’s not over. Although the storms are subsiding, intermittent Arctic auroras remain possible tonight as the solar wind continues to blow faster than 500 km/s.”

As usual with SOULar winds, there is great opportunity for activation if you can steady into the energies and ground them through your ascension chakras from top to bottom. I offer a guided meditation here for doing that:

The Schumann/Gaia resonance frequency has been spiking in the last 24 hours as well. Sometimes the SOULar winds and the Gaia frequency seem to relate to each other and sometimes not. These spiking energy waves feel connected to the 11:11 gateway portal coming up soon. I feel there are powerful opportunities during these ‘magic number’ gateways and this one really does feel next level in our processes.


Raphael and I will be offering a livestream on Facebook on Sunday, November 11th at 11:11am PST (Vancouver Canada timezone) to answer and respond to your questions and comments about the ascension process, emotional process and Metasoul karmic healing work, and co-leading a guided meditation as well to connect YOU to the codes available on this day! Hope you can join us! We will be posting it afterwards on our SoulFullHeart Experience Youtube Channel and you can join us live on Facebook:

LOTS of self love during these times of higher energy waves. Physically, emotionally and even mentally self aware of how parts of you are responding to them. Grounding WITH Gaia is SO good right now….find and walk near and sit near waterways of all kinds if you can. Or take a bath with Himalayan and epsom salts. Yoga and light stretching is also really good for grounding these energies INTO your body. Without that grounding in, this is where the most intense aches and pains can manifest!

Jelelle Awen
Do reach out if you need/want support, guidance, empowerment and next level clarities during these intense times! 1:1 sessions available with me and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators! More info here:

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