Energy UPdate: Interplanetary Shock Wave Moved Through On 5/26

Energy UPdate: A shock wave hit Gaia yesterday around 11:00pm UT, which was an unexpected event. The CME-like disturbance caused the density of the solar wind around Earth to abruptly quadruple, while the interplanetary magnetic field doubled in strength. Minor geomagnetic storms are possible on May 27th as our planet passes through the shock wave’s wake, according to
Also, Gaia is turning again to align with the ‘hole to make us whole’ in the sun’s surface, which means more increase in SOULar winds and geomagnetic storms the next few days as well.
You may have felt the shock wave in your body/energy field/emotional body yesterday? These shock waves are similar to a tsunami moving through….a lot of photonic light and plasma all at once. They also feel similar to a SOULar flare. I was already feeling the importance of grounding as the Gaia resonance has also been spiking lately too….grounding in nature would also support the experiencing of this shock wave afterglow with more possibility to integrate it.
I have noticed a heightening in anxiety/tension, sadness/depression, hopelessness in the emotional body parts of people and the soul coming up and through the last couple of weeks in sessions. It can feel almost like ‘starting over’ in your healing process to feel when these emotions come up seemingly triggered by this-life circumstances.
There is a more accelerated unanchoring from 3D energies going on this year and this month. These feelings of anxiety come from distrust in the Divine bigger picture, supported by 3D conditioning. The feelings of depression/sadness/heaviness are so often about not being connected to your soul purpose service of love here, not initiated by 3D into it.
ALL this is necessary to come up and out though….in order to receive the light of your love and NEW initiation into higher frequencies. These SOULar energies support the inner strength and bravery necessary to go on this INNER journey. They activate your personal cosmic sun connection to activate your sacred masculine in particular. To invite any overly protective masculine to ALLOW you to hold the feminine heart space for this feeling and healing. You are no longer a child, even if your Protector still sees you as one.
The Divine Feminine is HERE too, offering Her womb space of compassion and forgiveness to support the masculine to forgive himself and move into his strength. Her womb space in this moment is the planet itself, constantly calibrating to a higher frequency and emitting that frequency to all of us to take in and receive.
Take care with MUCH love of your inner masculine and all aspects during this time of shock waves and heightened energies! Receive and let in the inner and outer support systems that you most need to continue to unanchor from 3D and move into your higher timeline ones.
Jelelle Awen
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4 thoughts on “Energy UPdate: Interplanetary Shock Wave Moved Through On 5/26

  1. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

    ALL have been happening in my tree house! One physical aspect after another is breaking down/apart ~ one ‘reason’ is to go slower & slower & SLOWER!!! and in that, grounding by connecting into Mother’s Crystalline Heart Core Center (which is also bringing our crystalline matrix into greater clarity). Another ‘reason’ is, in that breaking apart, cleansing each of those areas where programming has been held.

    I began feeling the Mother’s shift 3-4 days ago. Yesterday, my eyes were unable to focus ! two realities. I feel it was an outer manifestation of the inner vision of New Earth Ascending. The left eye (soul) is also half closed. I kept buying into the old programs of self-criticism, self-judgment, fear, lack of ‘control’ … I remembered how, maybe 20-30 years ago, I’d get an intense migraine whenever there was an earthquake, volcano, hurricane, etc. Then I left the migraines to just receiving a hard jolt in my body, then could see where on the planet it was occurring.

    As is most often the case, Jelelle, I am so grateful for yOUR perceptions, for yOUR descriptions, and, for me, validating what I know but am still being timid to put forth.

    Thank YoUS!!! WE * ARE * ONE * HEART


    On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 8:50 AM SoulFullHeart Healing wrote:

    > Jelelle Awen posted: ” By Jelelle Awen Energy UPdate: A shock wave hit > Gaia yesterday around 11:00pm UT, which was an unexpected event. The > CME-like disturbance caused the density of the solar wind around Earth to > abruptly quadruple, while the interplanetary magnetic field ” >

  2. This event very likely was induced by UNPRECEDENTED Comet C/2017 K2 (Panstarrs) due to reach perihelion in December of 2022. It appears that K2 has stimulated the sun out of its previous state of profound quiescence which began in earnest in 2012 in accordance with the Mayan Calendar. This has been confused with a normal progression of Solar Cycle 25 which is anything but normal. Presently their is a lockdown on information concerning K2 by officialdom. Curiously, swiftly upon the heels of K2’s discovery the world was hit by the pandemic. It would appear that the dark forces now dominating Gaia are moving to circumvent the cosmic shift that is now upon us.

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