The New Paradigm Of Being A Healer

By Jelelle Awen

After working with people for over 15 years as a coach/healer/teacher/facilitator, I so feel how we cannot actually heal another person. We cannot do the inner work for them. We cannot fix or solve or even really KNOW what their highest path is. We can commit with presence to provide a bridge for them to their own inner discoveries, yet ‘reading them out’ and ‘giving them the answers’ is old paradigm.

There is a new paradigm of being a healer that is revealing itself as we move more into 5D New Gaia frequencies. This new paradigm is about doing/being your inner work PRIMARILY so that when you are offering healing frequencies to others it is because you are in joy, abundance and goodness in your own life. Not despite your own unhappiness, pain, suffering, etc. do you serve others to overcome it and to make yourself feel better. Yet, rather, you are in overflow and offering your soul gifts from that place of embodied self love and self worth. Those who have compartmentalized their service to others by being in disintegrity in any way will eventually no longer draw others to them to serve. Many ‘healing practices’ and spiritual teaching offerings are struggling to draw people as they are invited to go to this Next Level of purification within.

The new paradigm offers that, as a healer, you are your OWN healer first…..continually going through your own deep dive, shadow integration exploration and, so, can hold that space for others to do the same. You are a guide and a mirror for their Higher Self…..a mirror, not ever a replacement for someone’s own soul’s wisdoms.

So many abuses, manipulations, distortions, etc. have come from 3D/Lower 4D healers/teachers/gurus that have been fused to undigested karmic lifetimes of being dominant, ‘all knowing’, claiming to be the embodiment of the Divine while not actually doing the shadow clearing and emotional healing work that allows for an embodied emotional maturity that recognizes EVERYONE as a Divine spark. They have been allowed to teach from a place that isn’t authentic or representative of how they treat others in their ‘personal life’. Many of these abuses are now being exposed as ALL of it is being purified to return back to true and authentic service of love….which is always a ‘with’ reality and not an ‘against’ or ‘over’ others.

YOU are the healer of your own inner world and the manifestor of an outer world that matches that healed state. YOU are actually the space holder that can provide the digestion of trauma that parts of you from this lifetime and other lifetimes most need. Any healer or teacher that offers you any other perspective than this one is still moving through the Lower 4D matrix of fear-based control and undigested abusive power dynamics.

During 1:1 75-90 minute sessions over zoom and in person in Victoria, BC, I and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators set the stage for you with our experience and lived in relationship to the SoulFullHeart process. We support you to discover how it can help YOU to heal yourself. YOU connect to support systems that have always been there for you, such as Star Family and Divine guides, even if you haven’t always been conscious of them. We offer when it feels like a specific part/aspect is coming forward and then collaborate with you to discover that part and the traumatic scenes it may be stuck in/looping in OR timeline bleed through that is happening.

We take a wholistic and systemic view of your life…..ALL areas of it…..emotional, physical, mental, financial, spiritual, environmental and social. Nothing gets left behind or out of the exploration and YOU discover the gifts of not leaving any area (or part of you) behind.

Sessions are $100 CAD (about $77 USD) with me for women over 30. Bridging sessions with Raphael Awen and Gabriel Solais (for men and women) and with Kalayna Solais (with women) are $77 CAD (about $55 USD). More information about sessions here:

I highly recommend taking in my 33 day video series called Deepen to get more sense of what sessions are like. Each video offers a teaching about SoulFullHeart and a guided meditation. The full playlist is here:

Jelelle Awen

Photo taken by Raphael of me sitting by a ‘Grandmother’ Cedar, over 1,000 years old on the west coast of Vancouver Island

3 thoughts on “The New Paradigm Of Being A Healer

  1. Yes yes! We have the Power to heal ourselves! Our Brothers and Sisters Mirror us… Helping to sharpen our skills. Helping us to know within what it is that our Soul requires for optimal alignment with the Source Within/Without. So that we may flourish and continually Bloom like the everexpanding Universe. Vibrating on High with a sound all our own…The Star Spirits Rejoice at our New Frequency! And the healing has begun

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