Eclipse Energies Message: Ascension Is An Inside Out Process

Note: Stunning photo of the partial lunar eclipse last night at the Tor in Glastonbury, UK taken by Mike Jefferies Photography (without editing!)

By Jelelle Awen

We are launched NOW into the next six months as what was activated during the eclipse windows expresses itself in our lives. Ascension is an inside out process. The eclipse energies are offering that it is the INSIDE OUT that leads to the feeling sense of self love/worth/goodness/bliss/joy/magic.

The inner process is the feeling, healing, clearing, releasing, surrendering from one part of you to another. The inner process is holding space for ALL this to occur with much love and compassion for yourself. The inner process is becoming aware of and healing timelines/lifetimes where common soul themes and patterns play out over and over.

The dedication to this inner process requires safe space to be made for it. Sometimes that means needing support on the outside whether in space holding/teaching/mirroring of how to BE in it and where you might go next. You might need bridges provided by others as modeling for where to go inside yourself, as I feel that we ALL do at certain phases in our journey.

The safe space during the intense inner process may mean relationships are settled into that don’t totally resonate fully with your soul yet are needed for a time/phase (like if you are being supported financially by a partner who can ‘do’ a 3D job/career when you no longer can or ‘business partners/collaborations’ that are needed for a time to launch yourself). These kinds of relationship configurations are rumbling now though as the inner baking starts to light fires on the outside, bringing sometimes sudden life changes and abrupt endings/completions.

It has to feel safe enough on the inside for major life changes and leadership expression of your soul gifts to truly align with your higher timeline. Parts of you feeling like they are ‘home’ no matter where you go on the planet. Parts of you feeling like there is peace and love inside even if there is conflict or difficulty or challenge on the outside. Parts of you feeling like you won’t be persecuted or ‘shut down’ for expressing your soul gifts.

Making changes in your life IN ORDER TO shift the inside rarely seems to work. The outside in approach is what we’ve been conditioned to in 3D. “If only our outside circumstances are more abundant, more ideal, more this or that….then we will be happy/self loving/feel self worth, etc.” This is the 3D way.

I see this so often in sessions, where parts of people (especially the inner masculine) is very focused on outside changes/goals/plans that this part is convinced will make everything better somehow. The suffering/pain will be ‘solved’ by the outside circumstances shifting. We bridge to this masculine so that THEIR pain can be felt at the root cause of the undigested trauma where it stems from. This allows any actions/visions/doing to be aligned with health and healing, not as a compensation or avoidance of feeling deeper pain.

The Divine reminder is this: We can only experience on the outside what we have manifested in FEELING EXPERIENCE on the inside.

Much love to you as these eclipse energies settle in deeper and we prepare now for the powerful Lion’s Gate Ascension Christmas on 8/8 in which we receive a true feeling sense of Heaven INSIDE on Gaia!

Jelelle Awen
1:1 sessions available to explore the inner places that need love and attention to manifest an outward life that reflects this:

Jelelle Awen is Co-Creator/Teacher/Facilitator/Ambassador of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For more information about 1:1 individual sessions with her and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators, virtual group transmissions, four day gatherings in Victoria, BC, writings/books, and videos, visit


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