Free To Be 2: Navigating The 3D Matrix Collapse To New Earth Transition Six Week Group Call Experience Starts May 20!!

By Jelelle Awen

In mid-March, I could feel the shiftings that I had been sensing on a 4D level (especially in the 4D AI Matrix/Reptilian level) for a couple of months start to manifest in our world. This was when businesses started to close, schools sent children home, non-essential travel was discouraged, and life as we had known it for so long went on pause. As it became increasingly clear that this was a significant global awakening event (far beyond just a restriction due to a virus), I felt the call to offer a shelter in the storm during the beginning phase of it. I felt there would be much to digest and feel about what would be disclosed during the detox to 3D life.

That shelter took the form of a weekly group call series over Zoom that we felt guided to call “Free To Be.” I put together the topics for each group call in about ten minutes, letting my soul download what would be needed in a loose way that would also allow for meeting the needs of the moment as we went along. Raphael Awen, my beloved mate and co-creator/teacher/facilitator of our SoulFullHeart process, showed up WITH me for those six weeks, trusting that the structure, the content, and the participants would flow and find their way.

We were amazed when the call generated over $2,300 CAD in an unexpected and very welcome revenue for us through the offering of completely optional donations. The donations ranged from $5 to $160 depending on what people could afford to give during this time of pressed income earning and economic shutdown. Over 66 souls signed up to join us on this journey, to either attend live every Wednesday at 10:00am PDT or to receive the recording and listen when they could.

For six Wednesdays in a row, we gathered in our ‘zircle’ to connect in an organically formed community together. Raphael and I offered expansive teachings from the SoulFullHeart paradigm and process, plus sharings from our personal processes and experiences during sessions with others. The presence of the Divine Mother and Divine Father was felt throughout the series, showing up mostly in the form of Yeshua, the Magdalenes (Mother Mary, Mary, Anna) and Kuan Yin. The guided meditations during every call were rich visualization journeys and high frequency Divine love energy transmissions, providing an invitation to go deeper within, bridging to parts and Metasoul aspects from other lifetimes that needed connection and comfort, plus necessary digestion of all the shiftings going on in the collective and in our personal lives during this event. We bridged to the inner masculine/Protector, the part of us that is most involved in our relationships, the Reptilian Self, aspects in other lifetimes, the Gatekeeper, and much more.

Every call we had at least 30 souls show up with us, which felt like such a blessing to feel their virtual presence contributing to the Unity Consciousness vibe. There were active sharings and conversations on the chat, and individual sharings during the calls from those who felt moved to do so. The energy amongst the group was supportive, empathic, compassionate, and resonate….a true balm to the contentious energies moving through in so many interactions right now! We formed a community during these calls, with many choosing to share more about their experience on our SoulFullHeart Facebook group after the calls. Eventually, we also started offering follow-up discussion group calls with SoulFullHeart Facilitators/Collaborators Kalayna Solais and Gabriel Heartman to allow more digestion of what was happening during the calls and a more intimate space for connection. You can read more about the Free To Be series here:

It was clear about halfway into the first series that we wanted to offer another one. It felt like an abrupt cutoff to a shared experience that was offering so much to all of us! So, out came the next offering from us during what feels like the next phase of this transition….reopening. Free To Be Two: Navigating The 3D Matrix Collapse to New Earth Transition is our new six week group call series, again occurring every Wednesday at 10:00am PDT (Vancouver, Canada time). The series starts on Wednesday, May 20th at 10:00am PDT and runs until June 24. There is more info about Free To Be 2 here:

We are offering this second installment of our Free To Be Group Call series experience as a bridge to becoming more aligned with your Higher (5D) Self during this time of 3D/4D Matrix collapse during this Coronavirus event and beyond it.  Through this Free To Be Two series, you will feel empowered to think about and feel through the practical steps to walk out at this time, including a focus on money transition to soul purpose livelihood. You will also feel the social area of your life and connect to the ‘black sheep’ and socially rejected part of you who wants to step out into their truth in a new way. You’ll receive more sense of the 3D Matrix/Cabal collapse that is going on in order to unplug from it and deeper galactic support/activation from your star family. And finally, you’ll realize your potential to BEcome an Ambassador of Love and 5D Bridge into the New Earth to others and other parts of you as well.

You can attend the calls live with us and you will receive the recordings to keep and listen to later if you want to or can’t make it live. You can donate to join us at any time with ANY amount that you want to offer after May 20th and we will send you the recordings of those group calls you might have missed. You do not need to have attended or listened to the six group calls from our first series before coming to this second one. Although, we do highly recommend listening to the recordings from the first Free To Be series.

You can offer a donation to attend and receive the recordings of the Free To Be Two Series; to join the follow-up discussion group calls every Saturday during the series; and purchase the recordings from the first Free To Be series at our shop or via: If offering via paypal, please provide a note letting us know what you are purchasing.

We are excited to see where this next Free To Be journey takes us and to connect with those of you drawn to join us! We look forward to connecting deeper with you!

If you have any questions, please email Raphael Awen at or send him a message via the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life Facebook page:


Jelelle and Raphael Awen, Kalayna Solais and Gabriel Heartman

We are now offering a free consultation call for 30-45 minutes with SoulFullHeart Facilitators Raphael Awen or Kalayna Solais for you to learn more about the SoulFullHeart Process, what happens in sessions, mutually determine if the process is a fit for you at this time, and if so, which Facilitator to meet with in sessions. More info at

“I could sense that the ‘Free To Be series’ was going to be a huge portal for me and my parts, I knew I was being invited into BIG shifts if I was ready to jump in. Sometimes there is only a sense of something that draws or calls you in, a knowing, this is going to be HUGE. The topics of each week somehow felt like they were designed to support me through what was next, the Divine knowing what was coming even as me and my parts did not. I did not want to miss the opportunity of expansion that I know continuously comes through the SoulFullHeart process, or being in the circle of BIG Souls that it draws too.” Deva Yasmin, Free To Be participant, SoulFullHeart Collaborator -Read rest of writing here:

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