SoulFullHeart Avalon Updates: Issue 4

Moving pieces in the collective are still rumbling through at this time and it’s so important to continue to cultivate your inner “Shelter In The Storm” through it all… in this issue, you’ll find new writings and sharings that relate to this and more and a new video with excerpts from the latest group call transmission lovingly filled with Golden Earth/5D energies, led by Raphael and Jelelle.

Jelelle and Kasha are pleased to announce that their next women’s call tomorrow, November 29th @ 5pm GMT, will be centered around Magdalene Activations. They offer more about what this means based on their own processes and what they would like to offer/transmit to you through this call in this issue.

You can find the latest Avalon Update here:

Sending much love to you from all of us!

~ Love, The SoulFullHeart Community

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