Reunion and Reconciliation in Our Sacred Union (Personal Update)

By Jelelle Awen

Oh, the dance of sacred union with a beloved counterpart is not a known, set, or predictable thing! It is full of surprises, challenges, initiations, deaths, and renewals. It can continually reinvent itself yet often the old grounds have to be completely let go of…a painful death process for which what is no longer serving the love is completely burnt up.

I am so grateful in this moment and celebrating to be re-emerging into romantic exploration again with Taliesin/Raphael after almost two months of separation from each other! After connecting more together and as a group in the last week, our new ground began to reveal itself and desire to explore it as well…surprising us both and yet not at the same time!I had some places of fear and resistance to navigate in my own inner sacred union for which the space from the intensity of our bond and connection really served me in that.

I was able to see and feel patterns of defensive reactivity at times from my inner masculine and feminine sourced in a deep fear of rejection/hurt/abandonment wound that I feel originates in the original separation from masculine and feminine twin pair bonds at the soul family monad level…much more about that to come as I am still in so much learning mode in the moment!

The sister connection and space living with Kasha has been so nourishing as well to my feminine expression for which I can feel more able to come out with Taliesin now. I am so grateful for her support and ongoing processing with me, including holding space for me to drop into some places that I needed to go with parts of me and on the Metasoul level as well.

Gabriel has also been a key support to us both, and esp to Taliesin, as their brotherhood bond deepens and their alchemy together and desire to serve men sparks and ignites in a beautiful show of SoulFire. I am grateful to both of them and to Deya as well for the support, witnessing, and trust they have in our souls to find our way through this. It has not been easy at times for them to be involved in this initiation process with us yet I do feel it has offered its own gifts for them as well based on their sharings with us about it.

I am taking it one moment at a time in terms of responding to this new calling into union with Taliesin (who feels like a NEW being in many ways yet so familiar too)….with waves of emotions coming in….a cascade of relief from the grief, some fear or distrust, and deep desire for the next level connection we are feeling is possible as we move out of the karmic room and into the bridal chamber of the Beloved. I do feel this was the invitation offered to us the entire time, an upgrade into more embodiment of our twin flame consciousness connection at the soul family monad level to bring it into more real life and yet we had to go through some solo initiations first to get ready for it.

I truly do feel this kind of resurrection out of so deeply letting a previous ground die and let go is so much more possible through this SoulFullHeart process!

Thank you for your support and love to and with us during our blissy and messy phases both….I hope it has all been template and inspiration to activate your own desires for inner and outer sacred union. There is NOTHING like the experience of it to move your personal growth and embodiment of your Divine Self to the next level!

love from Avalon (whose energies greatly supported us to let go and to come back together again), Jelelle

Pic is of us giving rose offerings at the Chalice Well (a lifeline) and declaring our intentions as we move into our next phase together…which we will also be doing today in connection with Imbolc or the beginnings of Spring.

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