Energy Update: Class 3 Solar Flare Offering Upgrades,Body Symptoms

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: Been feeling BIG impacts on your body lately that have been shifting your sleep patterns, energy levels, period cycles (for women), hormones, headaches, discomfort, etc? Also emotional reactions, heightened emotions? I’ve been experiencing this intensely for myself over the last week and am just emerging out of it now. These symptoms can be related to and amplified by a significant Class 3 solar flare that burst from an increasingly active sunspot on the sun’s surface a couple days ago.

This flare has created high solar winds and a large CME that hit Gaia’s atmosphere today causing G1 level storms and sparking colorful auroras (pics of the flare and the auroras from

Solar flares can be hugely activating in terms of lifting veils, DNA upgrades, light body activations and more. With the intensity of these magnetic frequencies, our physical bodies release densities and toxicities on the cellular level (as they need to). This has been occurring for most of us regularly and ongoingly in response to the sun for the last ten years, but it is amplifying now as we move into a more active solar spot and flare activity cycle for the next seven years.

We NEED these upgrades and activations right now as the Matrix agenda continues on with its latest war narratives. We need the sacred masculine energies from our sun as streamed in from the Great Cosmic sun to heal the wounded masculine hijack. We can trust the bigger need for these solar upgrades as connected to our ongoing Ascension process.

Not forcing or efforting your body into anything right now (even pausing on your regular work schedule or exercise routine if needed) is important during these upgrades. Sleeping as much as needed, even if much more than usual. Surrendering to what can feel like major inactivity and even purposelessness to allow what needs to happen on the soul level is important as well.

How are you experiencing these solar activities?


Jelelle Awen

1:1 sessions to integrate and digest these upgrades and feel your next steps in the Ascension process are available with me and other facilitators. More info at

This is a guided meditation video to connect and clear ALL of your Ascension chakras which can be helpful during these upgrade periods:

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